10 Reasons Why Your Ex Disappeared From Social Media

I’m going to examine one of the most typical scenarios that our clients encounter today. determining the precise reason an ex would contact you before abruptly disappearing

Unfortunately, mixed signals of this nature frequently occur, leaving the majority of my clients baffled as to how the heck to make sense of them.

In the end, I’m going to contend that the main reason that many ex-partners reach out to you before disappearing is a result of them succumbing to the nostalgia principle that avoidants frequently do.

8 Reasons why Your EX disappeared from Social media

#1: They’re trying to move on.

Most people automatically assume that their ex-partner left social media in order to start a new relationship.

Social media can serve as a constant reminder of the past for some people. Every time they log on, they are greeted by posts and images from their former partners.

And it becomes much more difficult for them to move on each time they see those reminders.

They are therefore attempting to let the past go and move on with their lives by ceasing to use social media. You shouldn’t feel too bad about it because it’s an understandable reason.

1) A way to deal with your breakup

Breakups are painful, and something that occurred between you two led to your separation.

It doesn’t mean that your ex isn’t hurt when they decide to end their relationship with you. Staying on Facebook or Instagram might make his pain and frustration worse.

Both of you are experiencing the pain of grieving someone. Your ex also required time to mourn the loss and allow the wound to mend.

Your ex decides to abide by the “No contact” rule for the time being because he is aware that he shouldn’t be around you or communicate with you. They are trying to ignore you.

While there isn’t a foolproof method for getting over a breakup, taking certain steps, like avoiding social media, can really help.

2) Your ex is tired of the memories of lost love

Your ex got tired of seeing reminders of the past on social media, which is one major reason why they stopped using it.

Imagine checking Facebook Memories and finding a picture from your couple’s beach vacation from the previous year. Or encountering each other in mutual friends’ pictures.

It’s likely that the memories and dreams you once shared with your ex make them uncomfortable.

The traces of your former relationship still exist in your and your ex’s feeds in this digital age.

When the past haunts you constantly, it can be difficult to move on and heal.

So in a way, your ex-boyfriend decides to avoid social media


What does it mean when your ex disappears from social media?

Your ex may not want you to look into their business if you discover that their disappearance from social media was nothing more than them setting their account to private. However, if they can still be reached via private message, it might be a sign that they want you to notice and get in touch with them.

Is it good to disappear from social media after a breakup?

After a breakup, you should never think about turning off your social media. Actually, it’s likely that your ex will follow you on social media, so you should post and update things that will make it seem like you’re having the time of your life without him. He might be captivated by this and contemplate reconciling with you.

Why My ex reached out then disappeared?

Your ex is contacting you and then abruptly stopping because they are succumbing to the nostalgia principle and momentarily want to relive the best times of the relationship. But after they reach out, they begin to doubt themselves.

What does it mean when your ex goes silent?

Your ex may be keeping an eye on you Occasionally, silence indicates that the other person is deeply affected by what is happening. For instance, it wouldn’t be a big deal if your ex was just laid-back and casual about this breakup and life in general. But your ex is possibly experiencing some difficulty.

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