6 reasons why you should never mess with the quiet one

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I struggled with my reserved nature for a very long time, trying to develop the outgoing personality that everyone seemed to want me to have. I wasn’t able to accept who I was until I took a moment to appreciate the inherent virtues that quiet people possessed.

Quiet people often excel in traits that are overlooked and forgotten in a world that frequently values extroverted, action-oriented traits like chatty communication abilities and busyness. These qualities, however, are extremely valuable. Here are 8 characteristics in which quiet people shine.

So here are six reasons you should never underestimate the power of a quiet person:
  • The quietest folk listen a lot and may know more than other people suspect. …
  • Quiet people observe and pick up on more than others. …
  • Quietness does not equate with weakness – so don’t mess with them.

Why you should never piss off the quiet kid

Examples:     open/close all folders      Anime & Manga

  • Batgirl (2000): Cassandra Cain was originally mute, and after learning speech, she doesnt talk much. Thats because her dad taught her to talk with her fists. Heaven help you if you get her mad.
  • Exiles:
    • It may surprise Blink fans to learn that she was first introduced on Earth-616 during the Phalanx Covenant as Clarice Ferguson, a shy and reserved young woman who was terrified of her own abilities. When she managed to break free, she killed the once unstoppable Phalanx unit that had been imprisoning her along with a number of other young mutants. at the cost of her own life. The Blink from the Exiles came from a different time period.
    • Monet St. Croix debuted in the same plot and adhered to the trope. She studied Phalanx technology in silence for the majority of her first issue in order to find the impostor hiding among her fellow mutant prisoners. She then delivered a Megaton Punch to him and organized a breakout. Even more amazing than it sounds, at first she seemed to be in a catatonic state. It turned out that this was just a particularly intense state of concentration, and she was able to solve everything. look out, Phalanx.
  • The Inhumans: Black Bolt. Whenever he utters a sound, it destroys things on a major scale. That is to say, a whisper from him is on the level of a nuke.
  • The two most dangerous characters in Sin City are Miho and Kevin. Shes a badass ninja and hes a cannibalistic serial killer. Neither of them ever speak a word.
  • Spider-Man: The Spot used to be a Spider-Man villain known for being largely ineffectual and mouthing off. Then he got trapped in the dimension he teleports through. Now hes mute, insane… and probably one of the deadliest killers alive.
    • Spider-Man frequently makes jokes and insults while battling villains. However, Spidey’s silence is a sign that he is extremely angry. and that whoever is to blame will have a very bad time.
  • X-23 rarely spoke at all in her first appearance (NYX) and origin story, (Innocence Lost) and even after is a laconic girl who generally shuns the company of others. Shes also a highly-trained assassin and one of the most dangerous killers in the main Marvel Universe. God help you if you harm one of the handfuls of people she actually cares about.
  • Comic Strip

  • Lampshaded by Garfield in this strip.
  • Fan Works

  • Dark Life has Pretty. Despite his name, he is not someone you want to annoy.
  • Theodore Sturgeons short SF story “Extrapolation” was originally published under the title “Beware the Fury”, as in the phrase “Beware the fury of a patient man”. Wolf Reger is a brilliant but aloof and antisocial scientist/astronaut and humanitys future depends on his actions. When he is captured by alien invaders, Earths governments all think he has turned traitor. But he manages to destroy the alien fleet single-handled without even using a weapon.
  • In the original novel The Godfather, both Vito and Michael Corleone were noted as young men for being soft-spoken, understated, and reasonable, especially in contrast to many of their Sicilian immigrant and first-generation compatriots. They go on to become in turn the most feared “Family” heads of their generations, while still rarely raising their voices above a normal speaking tone.
  • Harry Potter: Quirinus Quirrell is the nervous, mostly unnoticed, and seemingly innocent character throughout the entire novel. However, at the end, it turns out that he has been possessed by Voldemort all along and has been trying to kill Harry all through the book. However, he was probably being controlled by Voldemort by this time as he had been taken over after trying to seek him out to destroy him in his weakened state, trying to earn some respect from his friends and fellow school pupils that had laughed at him for so long.
    • And then theres Peter Pettigrew.
    • Harry himself is actually rather quiet and introverted. He is considered to be the best fighter in his class, and he won’t hold back from engaging in combat with anyone who mistreats his friends.
  • Sarah Scout Mason of Heretical Edge is a rather tragic example. Her mother disappeared in a monster attack when she was seven and shes barely spoken since. Shes also an extremely skilled Friendly Sniper with a gun that creates portals: she does things like create fences of looping bullets to deal with super fast enemies.
  • The House on the Lagoon: Quintín reads his wife Isabels account their family history. She narrates the story of her ballet instructors Teacher/Student Romance with her classmate; when it became public knowledge, his wife divorced him and he left town in disgrace. He deduces that Isabel herself orchestrated the reveal during a recital out of petty jealousy and worries about what she is capable of doing if she were to think he didnt love her anymore.
  • One of the many pieces of advice given in Bobby Pinsons One-Hit Wonder “Dont Ask Me How I Know” is “Dont pick a fight with the little guy that doesnt talk that much.”
  • Podcasts

  • The Adventure Zone: Balance: Lucretia is usually the only one of the Red Robes not to speak, usually lampshaded by Merle. Despite this, she runs the Bureau of Balance, survived Cycle 65 on her own during The Stolen Century and was the one to feed the memories of The Stolen Century to Fisher.
  • Find Us Alive deconstructs this with Raddagher. Shes quiet and reserved because shes isolating and overworking herself due to trauma, and her self-isolation leads to paranoia and a tendency to lash out when pressed.
  • Stand Up Comedy

  • Dane Cook had a comedy bit where he talked about heist movies invariably having that one guy on the team who is a combination of this and Psycho Party Member. Theres always that one guy on the team too, he was a last-minute replacement. Hes not one of the original gang. But one of the other guys vouches for him. No, no, dude… trust me, this guys cool. Hes solid and hes cool. But hes not cool, is he? He doesnt really say anything ever, right? He just stands there, looks cool… and then at one point he might be like… Lets kill these bitches.
  • George Carlin didnt think much of this trope. “Its the quiet ones youve got to watch.” You know that one, eh? Every time you see a story about a Serial Killer on TV, what do they do? They bring on the neighbor. And the neighbor says, “Well, he was always very quiet.” And someone in the room says, “Its the quiet ones youve got to watch.” This sounds to me like a very dangerous assumption. Ill bet you anything that while youre watching a quiet one, a noisy one will fucking kill you! Suppose youre in a bar and one guys sitting over the side, reading a book, not bothering anybody, and another guy is standing on the front with a machete, banging on the bar, screaming, “ILL KILL THE NEXT MOTHERFUCKER WHO COMES IN HERE!” Who are you going to watch? Youre goddamn right.
  • Tabletop Games

  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • Even the Necrons’ most basic Gauss guns shoot what is essentially green lightning and can automatically wound on a dice roll of 6, despite the fact that the entire army used to be mute (and mostly still is). They resemble Space Terminators in that they continually resurrect after you believe they have been killed, put themselves back together, and advance on your position until either you or they are completely destroyed.
    • The Sisters of Silence, a little-known Amazon Brigade army of the Imperium, uses sign language as its primary form of communication after initiating initiates swear silence upon joining the order. They are still the Imperium’s dedicated anti-psyker experts, and their grenades can eliminate Daemons.
  • Theatre

  • Westeros: An American Musical: Roose Bolton gets introduced as a member of the Northern army alongside Greatjon Umber, whos the most vocal of the two about having to follow the command of the teenage Robb. After Robb puts Greatjon in his place, Roose becomes just an extra member of Robbs background ensemble until a scene in which Robb gives him command of part of his army. The second song in which Roose is seen ends with him killing Robb with his own hands, an act that indicates his quietness has been hiding a much more dangerous personality all along.
  • Video Games

  • DSBT InsaniT: Asia doesnt say much and is very polite, but she will stab you with thorns if you push her too far.
  • The Noob franchise has Ivy, narcoleptic and apparently not much more aware of what is going on when awake. But just try attacking one of her guildmates while turning your back to her…
  • This story from the subreddit, ProRevenge, is this trope in a nutshell.
  • On Strip Search, Katie Rice is absolutely the quietest person in the house, but it soon becomes clear that shes also one of the best competitors — starting when she wins two elimination challenges in a row.
  • Western Animation

    Quiet people aren’t necessarily antisocial.

    They may not accept every invitation or stay up late dancing and drinking, but they adore people. Just that they favor conversations in small groups or one-on-one settings where they can develop deep connections.

    Quiet people are curious about you.

    Introverts aren’t known for bragging about themselves. They would prefer to first take the time to get to know the other person. They are interested in the thoughts and feelings of others as well as what drives them. This might be a sign that they would rather listen than speak. Take advantage of having a quiet companion if you have the chance to have one. In this life, we don’t meet many people who will actually listen to what we have to say.


    Why do people say be careful of the quiet ones?

    The phrase “Beware Of The Quiet Ones” serves as a cautionary tale because of their propensity for cunning manipulation and deceit. A quiet person is also perceived by others as weak, foolish, naive, pitiful, and afraid.

    What do they say about quiet people?

    Quiet people are curious about you. Introverts aren’t known for bragging about themselves. They would prefer to first take the time to get to know the other person. They are interested in the thoughts and feelings of others as well as what drives them. This might be a sign that they would rather listen than speak.

    Do quiet people get angry?

    When introverts are angry, they frequently keep their feelings to themselves and conceal them from others and even from themselves. Or at least this is what most people think. In fact, this idea is more myth than reality. Introverts may attempt to repress their emotions when they become enraged.

    Is it OK to be a quiet person?

    Some of us were born shy and quiet souls who only speak to the few people we feel comfortable with, whereas some people are born extroverts and have outgoing personalities. There is nothing wrong with remaining silent and speaking only when you want to. It’s okay to be quiet.

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