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Amazon Order Says Delivered But Not Received || What You Should Do

How Does Empty Amazon Packages Scams Work?

Some people manage to ship empty Amazon boxes to customers by listing items and then sending an empty box.

Of course, this applies to third-party sellers, and we recommend that you are careful about which sellers you choose to buy from.

If you do suspect that it is a scam get in contact with the seller and ask for evidence of the product to see if it was just a mistake, however, if the seller refuses to send a proof or tries to get too roundabout with the situation then you should contact Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission.

My Amazon Package Arrived Empty—What Should I Do?

Given the number of orders Amazon processes every day, it is normal to come across some delivery problems. Not only can a package be delayed or missing, but it can also contain products you have not ordered or nothing at all—an empty box delivered to your door.

If this happens, you should take the following steps:

Steps To Take Extra Tips
Check the status To make sure your order has been delivered—or that you have not received someone else’s package by accident—you should log in to your Amazon account and confirm where your package is
Get in touch with the seller If the status says delivered and you have got an empty package in front of you, you should notify the seller first
Get ahold of Amazon Once you have exhausted the previous two options, you can file a delivery complaint to Amazon directly
Contact the carrier Another sensible course of action is to get in touch with the courier company that has delivered the package to you. If the process seems complicated, turn to DoNotPay to handle the communication with the carrier for you
Use DoNotPay Access DoNotPay to request a refund from the shipping company and skip:

  • Filling out lengthy claim forms
  • Waiting for the carrier’s customer service to answer your phone call

We will walk you through each of the above-listed steps in the following sections.

What Should You Do If Amazon Sends An Empty Package?

If you get an empty Amazon package, the first thing you should contact the seller immediately and see if you can solve the problem directly, if not then the best course of action is to contact Amazon Customer service so that you can file a complaint and request either a refund or a replacement, which in this case wouldn’t technically be a replacement since you didn’t get the product in the first place.

It must be very confusing to receive an empty package, thankfully it has happened before and there is a solution so don’t worry too much about it. If you still want to know more about why this happens and some related issues and information then we encourage you to keep reading, you might find something useful!

Amazon Delivered Empty Package

If you receive an empty package, you should contact the seller directly ASAP or an Amazon customer service representative to file a complaint. Amazon will offer you a replacement or refund depending on your specific situation.

Amazon fulfillment centers are full of packages that are boxed and shipped every day, and with so many packages to work with, it’s not strange that they run into some logistical issues from time to time, including sending an empty package.

To learn more about why this happens and what to do, keep reading…


Why Does Amazon Send Empty Packages?

There are two main reasons as to why this can happen:

  • Due to Amazon’s high demand, the large number of orders can cause the employees at the fulfillment centers to make some mistakes along the way, one of them would be to forget or skip the whole packaging process while a box is being prepared for shipping.
  • It may be a scam, although it’s unlikely if the item is sold directly from Amazon since they are in control of the packaging and everything related to the box where your product is placed, but if it’s a third-party seller, there is a slight possibility it is indeed a scam. If you suspect or have concerns that this is the case, then you should contact Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission to solve the issue.
  • There may be other reasons as to why this happens but they are so few that it might not be worth investigating. Just remember that an empty package will always be Amazon’s fault and not the customer’s.

    Determine the Package Status—Make Sure the Delivered Empty Package Is Your Amazon Order

    To make sure your Amazon order has been delivered (and that you have not received an empty package from some other retailer or another person’s package), you should sign in to your Amazon account and:

  • Select Returns & Orders
  • Confirm the status of your order
  • Choose Track package if you would like to access details
  • Copy the tracking number
  • Open the shipping company’s website
  • Find their tracking tool
  • Paste the tracking number to obtain delivery information
  • If you see that the package was successfully delivered, proceed with the following steps.

    Can I Get A Refund If I Get An Empty Package?

    Yes, you can, Amazon will refund empty packages as long as they can confirm that it was an order placed by you and the status says “delivered”.

    If you don’t have proof of purchase or the status of your order is not yet “delivered” then it won’t be eligible for a refund.

    Still, it’s a possibility that two mistakes were made and you received an empty package that you didn’t order, in this case, you should report the issue to Amazon since there might be someone who did order it, even though it’s empty.

    Can I Get A Replacement For An Empty Package?

    Yes, you can, but only if you purchased it directly from Amazon, if you dealt with a third-party seller, however, you have to contact them instead of Amazon and see if you can work something out.

    You may also file an A to Z Guarantee against the seller if it comes to that, or just request for a refund directly, it’s up to you.

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    What do I do when an Amazon package is empty?

    Here is how to do it:
    1. Select Your Orders section in your account.
    2. Locate your order.
    3. Choose Problem with order.
    4. Check the problem from the list.
    5. Choose Request refund.
    6. Provide any additional comments.
    7. Click Submit.

    Why did Amazon deliver an empty package?

    Conclusion: Empty Amazon package issues

    Due to a delivery issue at the Amazon fulfillment center, customers may get an empty Amazon shipment. Customers may have also fallen prey to an empty box scam perpetrated by an unauthorized Amazon seller claiming to sell items that were not in their possession.

    How do I contact Amazon about empty packages?

    Report the incident to Amazon by calling 844-311-0406 to receive 24/7 immediate assistance.

    Is Amazon responsible for missing packages?

    Luckily, with Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee, your purchase is protected if an Amazon package is stolen or lost. Just make sure to file the claim within 90 days of the purchase date or it won’t be accepted.

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