Apex Legends Launch Options Commands List for Steam

Working Apex Legends Launch Options (Commands)⇓
  • -full / -fullscreen – The game will always launch in Fullscreen Mode. …
  • -window / -windowed – The game will always launch in Windowed Mode. …
  • +cl_showfps 4 – Shows FPS in-game. …
  • +cl_showpos 1 – show Name, Position, Angle, and Velocity in-game.

BEST Steam Launch Options for Apex Legends

What are Apex Legends Launch Options Commands?

Many games launched through launchers on the PC allow customizations before launch. The Apex Legends launch commands are the options that facilitate the changes in the game settings you want the game to launch.

The steam launcher provides high flexibility mainly to this game, making it a versatile choice to play. Some specific options are not available through the in-game settings, which you can customize using the Steam Client before the game launch.

Let’s shed light on the launching process and utilization of Launch Options.

Apex Legends Launch Options Commands List for Steam

Nothing comes close to setting launch options for Apex Legends on Steam when you want to fiddle with the display options like resolution and frame rates. We know, you are about to launch the game, aren’t you? If you know how to set commands and just want the list, skip to the second part of this article. Or else, have a look at the following section to see the whole process.

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List of Apex Legends Launch Options/Commands

+exec autoexec.cfg

This will execute the auto-execution file if you have put one in place. In our performance guide, we have covered more information on this.


This launch option is used to disable the Apex Legends intro video. The intro is fine for some time, but if you are a player who plays the game every single day, then the intro video can get annoying.


We are not sure if this command works anymore. This command is used to preload the textures whenever the game is launched. This makes sure that the game runs smoothly later.


The game will launch at high priority. This is the same as setting the application priority as high using the Task Manager. This might boost your FPS by a little bit.

+fps_max 0

Useful for setting the max FPS the game will run on. You can limit your FPS using this setting. The command +fps_max 0 means that there is an FPS cap. You can set it to +fps_max 60 or +fps_max 144 according to your monitor’s refresh rate.


DirectX API version of rendering a determination.

-full / -fullscreen

The game will always launch in full-screen mode unless you have set it to something else. Can be useful if you have a jumping Windows problem.

+cl_showfps 4

Command used to display FPS in-game. Not particularly useful if you already use the in-game FPS counter or some third-party app such as Nvidia Overlay or Fraps.

+cl_showpos 1

This command is used to display Name, Position, Angle, and Velocity in-game. This is a command useful for devs or guys who tweak things. Can also be used for bug reporting and stuff when asked by devs.

Here are a few commands that are posted on online forums that don’t seem to work anymore:

  • -forcenovsync: You can change vsync options this using the in-game settings
  • -dxlevel: DirectXAPI selection
  • -preload / -cl_forcepreload: Doesn’t work anymore.
  • -console: Console does not work in public builds of Apex Legends.
  • -threads (number): This launch option is used to allocate the number of thread to an application. But it doesn’t work with Apex Legends.
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