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As the game industry continues to develop at an ever-increasing pace, one of the main challenges that developers face is the need to continually update their applications and games in order to keep up with the changing landscape. This is especially true for games like Payday 2, which relies on complex coding and algorithms in order to function properly. Unfortunately, despite developers’ best efforts, bugs can still slip past even the most diligent of testers, resulting in unexpected errors and crashes. One of the most common errors encountered in Payday 2 is the “access violation” bug, which can prove to be particularly debilitating to players’ gaming experience. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the causes of this bug and how it can be reported in order to ensure that developers are aware of the issue and can work to remedy it.

Payday 2 Crash Fix ! ! ! ( Crashing On Start Up)

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A posting on the Steam Forums by a developer for Payday 2 states the following:

What interested me the most was the EVGA PrecisionX bullet. Although I don’t have PrecisionX, I do have MSI Afterburner, a program that is similar to it that I use and typically leave running in the background.

After quitting MSI Afterburner and killing all of its processes, I was able to play the game for a lot longer periods of time without any crashes (probably about 5 hours in total). I could rarely go longer than 30 minutes with MSI Afterburner running without crashing. Therefore, it appears that MSI Afterburner was to blame for my crashes.

How do I open PAYDAY 2 crash logs?

By posting the details of your crash, you can help other players if your game stops functioning for a reason other than your own. txt can help Overkill and the game figure out what’s the problem.

To find your crash. In your Start Menu or Windows Explorer Address Bar, type (or copy-paste) the following:%localappdata%PAYDAY 2

Alternatively, navigate to C:Users(your windows username)AppDataLocalPAYDAY 2. The hidden folders must be set to allow this method.

Inside this file, you’ll locate crash. txt. Its contents should be copied and pasted into any crash-related bug report thread you start. Do not post your crash logs on this thread; it is only for providing instructions. Always create your own thread should you have a problem.

In order to save people from having to copy and paste this information each time, it would be nice to create a discussion thread that was similar to this one.

Issues with mouse movement near the top of the screen in fullscreen mode[edit]

Install a program to lock the mouse cursor inside the window[citation needed]
  1. Download Borderless Gaming.

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