[GM Notes] Find Out What Season+ Has to Offer!

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The current season is scheduled to begin on October 12, 2022, and end on December 7, 2022.

A brand-new feature of BDO, season servers, debuted on June 17, 2020.

Season servers are created with new and returning players in mind to assist them in beginning BDO, but anyone can take part. Participating will earn you a variety of benefits that will give you a head start on gear. Additionally, the daily quests assist in introducing you to specific game mechanics without plunging you headfirst into them. Even if you’re an experienced player, playing on the season servers can still be beneficial and refreshing, but the rewards aren’t so great that you’ll feel compelled to participate if you don’t want to.

The season servers aren’t even real season servers in the first place. Only Season characters can connect to these newly added special channels. The channels have a unique icon so you can distinguish them from standard channels.

Combat EXP +100% and skill EXP +20% buffs are always active on these channels, but PVP is not permitted (you cannot flag up, but guild wars still function) unless you join the dedicated PVP channel. There is no distinction between the Central Market and Storage and other channels. Additionally, you can use any pets, fairies, tents, or maids that are already associated with your account. There are plenty of mounts and horses in your stables, with the exception of T9 horses. It’s important to note that while Season Characters can access Season Channels, only Season Characters can access regular channels.

A season character can only equip season-specific gear (such as Tuvala or Naru gear), Asula accessories, and main story quest gear. These items have special icons on them.

When completing the main story quests in Serendia and Calpheon, Naru gear is also awarded as a reward. It is also simpler to acquire and improve than Tuvala gear.

As a drop when slaying monsters in Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah, Naru gear is available.

Beginner Black Stones can be obtained from the main quest or by heating regular black stones to make Beginner Black Stones. They are also used for enhancing Naru gear.

You’ll need the new Blackstones known as Beginner Black Stone to improve Naru gear. Information about how to obtain them is shown above.

Naru gear is much easier to enhance than Tuvala gear. If you make an enhancement mistake, the maximum durability is only decreased by -2. They also require fewer cron stones to “safe enhance” (eg. 3 cron stones needed for TET > PEN attempts).

The maximum enhancement for Naru’s armor, weapons, and accessories is PEN.

After completing the Mediah questline and reaching PEN Naru armor and weapons, you can switch your PEN Naru gear for PRI Tuvala gear in your inventory window.

You must gather Tuvala Ore by hunting monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Dreighan, and Sycraia Underwater Ruins in order to get Tuvala gear. Then visit a blacksmith to exchange the Tuvala Ore for equipment (x1 for Armor/Weapons, x5 for Accessories). Monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Dreighan, and Sycraia Underwater Ruins can also drop pieces of tuvala gear.

Using Processing (L) and then choosing the heating option, Tuvala Accessories can also be heated. Heating accessories will turn them into Tuvala Ore.

You’ll need new blackstones called Time-filled Black Stones to improve Tuvala gear. These are supposed to drop from monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Dreighan, and Sycraia Underwater Ruins, according to the Korean patch notes, but players have discovered they can drop in all regions. In Valencia, Kamasylvia, or Dreighan, monsters may also drop a weapon known as the [Season] Ouk Pill of Rift.

Tuvala gear is much easier to enhance than regular gear. For instance, if you have 60 fail stacks and are enhancing to PEN, your chance of success is 35%. When enhancing to TET with 40 failstacks, your chance of success is 35%. You will need lots of Black stones though.

A new Seasonal NPC will also accept the new time-filled blackstones in exchange for items like Valk’s Cry or Advice of Valks (up to +40).

While it is possible to forcely upgrade gear from +15 to TRI using refined magical black stone, doing so reduces the item’s maximum durability by 50 each time.

By visiting the blacksmith and employing a similar-type weapon or unenhanced armor, you can restore the maximum durability.

Once the season is over, all Tuvala ore Time-filled Black stones and Refined Magical Black stones will be deleted and unable to be used in the following season.

Information about Tuvala Enhancing Rates can be found below. Refer to our failstacking guide for our suggested ideal failstacks.

Additional quests are available from “Fughar,” a seasonal NPC, and they involve doing small tasks like showing him different items of enhanced gear (such as TRI Tuvala armor, which grants Advice of Valks +40).

Advice of Valks are basically stored failstacks. If you don’t already have any failstacks, you can obtain that amount by right-clicking an Advice of Valks. You can find Valks’ advice in the pearl inventory tab. You should receive numerous Advice of Valks from Fughar’s enhancement quests to get you started on raising the enhancement level of your Tuvala gear.

The best way to obtain Tuvala Gear is to exchange Naru Gear for it. This option will give you PRI level of Tuvala that is already enhanced for you. Otherwise, you have the option of exchanging Tuvala Ore for Tuvala Gear that is not enhanced.

[Black Desert] Beginner Guide to Upgrading Naru and Tuvala Season Gear | 2022 Updated

3) Season Exclusive Tuvala Gear

Only season characters are permitted to use a special type of equipment called Tuvala Gear. TET (IV) Boss Gear’s stats are comparable to those of PEN (V) Tuvala Gear. There are two main ways to obtain Tuvala Gear.

Method What’s Needed How to Get It 1 Upgrade your main questline-obtained Naru Gear to PEN (V) enhancement level PEN (V) Naru Gear should be taken to the NPC Fughar, and then it should be exchanged for PRI (I) Tuvala Gear. Defeat monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita to gain access to Tuvala Ore. 1 Deliver the Tuvala Ore to a Blacksmith in a significant city or town. ② Exchange for your desired Tuvala Gear.

You will require the Time-filled Black Stones, Tuvala Ore, and Refined Magical Black Stone in order to improve the Tuvala Gear. These improvement materials are available from a variety of sources, such as monster zones, the Season Pass, and more.

Additionally, to aid our Adventurers in moving forward, we’ve improved the success rates of Tuvala Gear and Accessories in Season+! What’s Different in the 2021 Season+!].

If you’ve been following the main questline, you can use a different method to get Tuvala gear. If you have a set of Naru gear from the main questline and have upgraded it to PEN (V), you can trade it to the Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager, Fughar, for a set of PRI (I) Tuvalu gear.

In Black Desert Online, you must gather a lot of Tuvala Ore to get a set of Tuvala Gear for your season character. By eliminating enemies in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita, one can obtain Tuvala Ore. A piece of Tuvala Gear (a helmet, gloves, suit of armor, and shoes) or a Tuvala weapon can be obtained at your neighborhood blacksmith for one piece of Tuvala Ore. Additionally, you can trade five Tuvala Ore for one Tuvala accessory. You can choose to process and heat your Tuvala material in order to transform it back into its composite ore if you want your ore back for any reason.

I’ve played enough MMOs to understand that all you need to do to get people interested in your game is to release some limited edition gear. I can assure you that the majority of players will start logging hours like there’s no tomorrow if you make something available now with the promise that it won’t be available later. Speaking of Black Desert Online, the new season just started, so you know what that means: exclusive gear Here’s how to get Tuvala Gear in Black Desert Online.

Only season characters are allowed to use the unique set of character armor and accessories known as Tuvala Gear. For those who want to play the game without having to compete with all the veteran players, season characters are brand-new characters made specifically for use on season servers. One of the incentives for developing and acting as a season character is receiving special gifts like the Tuvala Gear.

2) Season Pass

Only characters from the current season can purchase the Season Pass, which is designed to aid our Adventurers as they advance through the season. The Black Spirit button to the left of the minimap gives you access to it.

You can get a Leveling Aid Box that will help you as you level up by completing the Season Pass Challenge. Every five levels from levels 10 to 50, and every level from levels 50 to 61, you can access the leveling aid boxes.

Here’s a look at two of the featured rewards.

The Frozen Tides Black Stone is an enhancement substance that has a 100% chance to successfully enhance season character exclusive Tuvala gear from TET (IV) PEN (V) when used to defeat the monster called forth from the “Rift’s Echo.” (Note: This item cannot be used to enhance Tuvala accessories. ) Complete specific main quests, dispatch specific monsters, or level up Take the [Season] Sunset Maple Leaves you’ve gathered and deliver them to Igor Bartali in Velia to exchange them for unique items!

Visit [Season Pass (feat.) for more information about the Season Pass. Sunset Maple Leaves)] event page!.

* If you complete the necessary quests in the streamlined main questline provided by the NPC Alustin, you can speak with the Black Spirit to receive the “Normal Season Pass” rewards. (Learn more about the simplified main questline below at [3. Available in the 2021 Season+!]).

Complete the Season Pass Challenges Below Upon Completing a Simplified Quest Offered by the NPC Alustin! Finish [Special Growth] Fughars Memorandum – Chapter 2 Joy of Growing Stronger Practice Like You Mean It Be Prepared! I’ll Do It My Way Finish [Special Growth] Fughars Memorandum – Chapter 3 Honestly and Appropriately I Make the Decisions You? Youre Too Easy Fly to the Sky Finish [


How do I exchange Naru gear for Tuvala gear?

You can trade season-only Tuvala gear for gear that a non-season character can wear after graduation or the end of the season. Tuvala gear from the off-season cannot be improved unless it is traded in for boss gear.

What happens to Tuvala gear after season?

While regular Tuvala gear can be used by any character other than a season character (though the weapons are also restricted by class), seasonal Tuvala gear can only be used by a season character.

Can normal characters use Tuvala gear?

You can upgrade to PEN (V) Naru gear and then switch to PRI (I) Tuvala gear using the enhancement window.

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