best ways to level mechanics in project zomboid build 41 2

In Project Zomboid, the dead roam the earth, but thankfully they no longer possess the ability to drive. You discover abandoned vehicles as you scour Kentucky for supplies; they are mainly strewn about suburban areas and by the sides of roads. There are ways to enter without a key, but you still need them to start the engine. Fortunately, if your character possesses the necessary skills, there is a solution. This manual demonstrates how to hotwire vehicles in Project Zomboid so that you can get on the road right away.

To level up your Mechanics skill in Project Zomboid, you’ll want to maximize skill books. This means reading through the relevant skill books to your level before going to level up the skill directly, as this will bank up an XP modifier that can massively increase your XP per action.

The Easy Way To Grind Level 2 Mechanics | Project Zomboid

The Best Way to Get Mechanics Experience Fast

You’ve come to the right place if you want to completely increase your skill level. As stated previously, you should first grab a screwdriver.

Since none of the components on the aforementioned list require even the slightest understanding of game mechanics, they are all the simplest to remove. To level up your mechanics skill, you should:

  • Locate the “Mechanics for Beginners/Intermediates” books and read them. These will give you a boost in learning mechanics for a short time
  • Find a bunch of different vehicles
  • Right-click the vehicles and select the Vehicle Mechanics option
  • Install and Uninstall the Radio, Battery and 4 lights on every vehicle
  • Work your way through every car you can find
  • Wait 24 hours and start the process over again
  • best ways to level mechanics in project zomboid build 41 2

    You can progress to larger operations once your mechanics are around level 2 or 3. Find a wrench, remove the doors and windows from each of the cars, and then put them back on. Your character will gain more mechanical experience the more complex the job is.

    When you reach around mechanics level 4, removing headlights will almost never be worthwhile because the gain is so negligible at that point that you might as well be removing seats and installing them again.

    Project Zomboid contains a large number of skill books. That will, like any skill, temporarily increase the amount of experience you gain. Your character will gain a multiplier for all of the experience they learn during that time if they read these books at the appropriate level.

    After reading the appropriate book, the skill in your character’s Skills panel will have a series of arrows next to it. Check the below to see what I mean.

    best ways to level mechanics in project zomboid build 41 2

    These arrows next to the mechanics skill show that the character is gaining proficiency in that skill more quickly. To increase your mechanical skill as quickly as possible, reading is necessary.

    Without these, you are merely wasting your time and losing out on free experience. These books can be found anywhere that books are sold, including bookstores, gas stations, and homes with bookcases.


    One of the abilities you can develop while playing Project Zomboid is mechanics. Mechanics, deals with anything that has to do with vehicles. There are numerous different cars in the game. These also feature a fairly complex mechanics system that allows you to swap and remove parts from various cars. You can take out radios, lights, and even whole gas tanks. By increasing your mechanics skill, you will be able to change more complex car components and have a lower chance of damaging components when removing them.

    best ways to level mechanics in project zomboid build 41 2

    A certain level of mechanics is required for some mechanical jobs. For instance, you must have at least a level 6 in mechanics to repair an engine using engine parts. As you can probably tell, you will need to begin at a low level and gradually raise it.

    Best Ways to Level Mechanics in Project Zomboid Build 41

    When leveling mechanics in Project Zomboid, there are a few considerations that you should make. Each of the 10 levels, like all other skills in the game, opens a new set of crafting recipes and potential item interactions. Additionally, just using the associated items will earn you some experience points, just like with any other skill. One restriction is that you can only earn so much experience points by performing the same action repeatedly. Rebuilding the same engine repeatedly won’t get you to Mechanics level 10.

    The cap is typically overridden by simply waiting a predetermined amount of time. This means that after installing and uninstalling a car part for the first time, you can gain experience. However, you must wait up to 24 hours before you can gain experience for doing it again. The best solution for this is to amass a fleet of damaged vehicles that you gradually repair. You can continue leveling Mechanics by changing cars while the “Gain XP” notice is turned off. If you can’t find the keys, you might have to break into the cars. However, the new search mode might make that a little bit easier to manage, so try looking around first.


    How do you level up mechanics Project Zomboid fast?

    A screwdriver, wrench, jack, lug wrench, and tire pump are some of the tools you may require when fixing or destroying vehicles, according to Project Zomboid Mechanics: How To Use Mechanics. Naturally, some of these, like the tire pump, have more specialized uses, but the rest are necessary for many aspects of mechanics.

    What do you need for mechanics Project Zomboid?

    Mechanics magazines in bookstores, libraries, schools, etc. Typically, it is described as teaching you how to work on various makes of cars’ bodies.

    Where are the basic mechanics in Project Zomboid?

    Your character must be knowledgeable about vehicle repairs to repair cars in Project Zomboid. You can either choose the mechanic profession when creating your character or locate Laines Auto Manual recipe magazines to accomplish this.

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