black desert how to turn on special deals updated 2022

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Today, we will be discussing how to turn on Special Deals in the Black Desert, updated for 2022. Special Deals are a great way to get the most out of your gaming experience and save money on in-game purchases.
We all know that Black Desert is one of the most popular and beloved MMORPGs out there, and this feature can help you make the most of your time and money. With Special Deals, you can get exclusive discounts and offers that are only available to players of Black Desert.
We will walk you through all the steps necessary to turn on Special Deals in Black Desert, and in the process, show you how to make the most of the offers. We will also provide you with insider tips, tricks, and guides for finding the best deals available.

Best UI Configuration & Remastered Settings for BDO in 2022

Patch Notes – August 31, 2022

Here are the most recent Black Desert Online update information for Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Today’s patch contains 71 updates and is approximately 0. 99 GB.

Quest & Knowledge● Improved so you can proceed with “[Balenos] Out of One’s Senses,” even if you are joined in a party. – However, no more than 2 players of the same party can proceed with the quest. ● Improved the quest requirement for “Abelin’s Secret Fishing.” Abelin in Velia says there’s no better way to test the performance of a fishing rod than by comparing it to any other rod in action. Equip any fishing rod of your choice and catch some rare fish. * Before: Equip Terrmian Fishing Rod. After: Equip any of the following +0 to +10 enhanced fishing rods.

* However, Landos Fishing Rod Quest/Event fishing rods are exempt.

Fishing Rod Thick Fishing Rod Old Fishing Rod Steel Fishing Rod Golden Fishing Rod Triple-Float Fishing Rod Balenos Fishing Rod Epheria Fishing Rod Calpheon Fishing Rod Mediah Fishing Rod Terrmian Fishing Rod

The prerequisite for the quest “[Sights of Mediah] Traces Left Behind in the Castle” has been changed to the following: – Previously: Call the Black Spirit (/) to accept the quest and complete it by engaging in repeated conversations. – Subsequently: Accept the quest via the Black Spirit (/), then complete it by summoning the Black Spirit again. The quest “The Jovial Dwarf,” which is inaccessible to some characters, would no longer display as unaccepted in the quest window. Made sure that “Chimera” and “Horn” item knowledge matches the appearance of the monsters

Added the following improvements to the [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe used in Node/Conquest Wars. – [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe strikes against Annex structures, Medium/Large Siege Towers, and Cannons are now more potent. – With the Trina Demolition Axe equipped, you can now sprint and move more quickly. – The Trina Demolition Axe’s attack motion on the LMB and RMB, as well as its damage, have been changed to the following. * [LMB] to attack 3 times, max 1 hit each. * [RMB] to attack 2 times, max 4 hits each. * [Q] changed to now grant Forward Guard. * When sprinting with your axe, press [RMB] to add a forward smashing motion. Added a new skill to Big Hwachas, which is available in Conquest Wars and Node Wars of Tiers 3 to 4. – You can now fire four arrows quickly over a wide area. * This will consume 4 Big Hwacha arrows. – The cooldown lasts for approx. 10 seconds. Enhanced the Dark Contract by adding the following Trolls and Ogres for use in the Conquest Wars. – Dark Contract: On attack 1 hits, Trolls’ stomps now apply the knockback debuff. – Dark Contract: Against Adventurers, Ogres’ jump attacks now deal 10% more damage. – Dark Contract: Ogres’ last charge attacks against Adventurers now deal 10% more damage. Resolved a problem where overlapping text about War Days and War Heroes appeared in the tooltip that pops up when you move your mouse over a Node on the World Map (M). The bug that allowed you to view the quantity of built forts in the World Map (M) territory information window even after a Conquest War had ended has been fixed. Resolved the issue where reconnecting following the application of a guild name color change would cause the settings to be reset.

● Decreased the overall number of rabbits scattered in Drieghan. Some of NPC Rao’s lines in the Blood Wolf Settlement have been improved. Resolved the prologue’s problem with the screen being too bright for a particular effect. Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground: Character moving where you couldn’t pass was fixed.

– Improved the buff description and changed the buff icon that can be obtained by using Book of Combat/Book of Life to an item icon. ● Improved so that description regarding Contribution Lv. / Points displays the same in My Information.

Changed and improved Buff Icons
Birthday Cake Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (60 min) Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (180 min) Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) Blessed Message Scroll (120 min) Book of Combat Book of Life AP, DP, EXP buffs purchased with Silver “Conquerors Might” buffs from completing bonus quests

black desert how to turn on special deals updated 2022

black desert how to turn on special deals updated 2022

black desert how to turn on special deals updated 2022

black desert how to turn on special deals updated 2022

● Added a button to hide Maids/Butlers from your residence. The inventory has been improved so that you can now see a detailed message when you can’t move a particular item from its current inventory slot. – When using Processing (L), the Pet UI, the Auto Arrange feature in your Inventory, etc., the notification will show up.

Items that are only available to New and Returning Adventurers are now fixed so that their status as New or Returning Adventurers, rather than the item’s sales availability, is displayed. Corrected items with permanent discounts so that they no longer show additional details about the duration of the sale.

Resolved the issue where the OTP settings and the IP Security function wouldn’t toggle properly. Resolved the issue that prevented some Steam users from linking their accounts to their Pearl Abyss IDs Enhanced the user interface for accounts whose deletion requests were made within 15 days. Modified Steam accounts with registered emails so that email verification is now required when deleting an account. Resolved the issue with Adventurers Board links from in-game that wouldn’t function if the URL contained a “#” The design of the Class Introduction pages in mobile view has been improved. ● Improved the Community page UI. Resolved the launcher bug where some category text appeared to be cut off. Made the News, Adventurers Guide, Update History, and Community post pages easier to read.

When the profile picture is not a Black Desert character, the Pearl Abyss profile picture is changed to the default profile.

● Changed and unified the following terms in English:

– Box of 1 Advice of Valks (+n) Box of Advice of Valks (+n)

– [Balenos] Surprise totale / Pris de panique Panique totale – Mémoires dautomne Souvenirs dautomne – Souvenirs de lété Souvenirs dété – Aide de voyage Aide au voyage – La fête continue > Les festivités continuent – La fête commence Les festivités commencent – Corgi, Corgi gallois

[Lahn] Resolved the awkward appearance of the chest in your character’s hands during the Cheer social action.

[Shai] resolved the problem where your character’s neck looked off when wearing the Hop Hop Troupe Helmet.

[Corsair, Drakania] Resolved an issue where other Adventurers wearing the Suns Resolve outfit displayed strangely.

The cape on [Drakania’s] Suns Resolve outfit was lengthened.

Resolved the awkward appearance of the Season Pass banner text. 30. 11. 2022.

There are a lot of items available for grabs, including Cron Stones, Collection Incense Scrolls, and more, that are just waiting to be added to your inventory:

Here are all of the available BDO codes for December 2022 on PC and console, as well as instructions on how to redeem them, because Black Desert Online discount codes are crucial for assisting you in leveling up your warrior.

Here are all of the most recent BDO codes for December 2022, along with instructions on how to use them in-game to receive rewards, to help you immortalize your character in gaming history.

Updated November 29, 2022, to add new BDO codes. No codes marked as expired. Article continues after ad.

You’ll need to have some seriously good equipment behind you if you want to overthrow your adversary country. In addition to collecting loot from your in-game travels, you can also use a variety of promo codes to replenish your inventory. Article continues after ad.


How can I use BDO coupons?

How to claim BDO codes
  1. Use the ‘Codes’ page on Black Desert Online’s official website.
  2. utilizing the ‘Coupons’ page on the official BDO App’s menu
  3. If you’re playing, press “Esc,” then “Adventurer Support” (F11), and then choose “use coupon.”

Who is Black Desert owned by?

The cross-platform massively multiplayer online role-playing game Black Desert Online and the upcoming open world action adventure Crimson Desert were both made by South Korean video game developer and publisher Pearl Abyss.

How much money does Black Desert make a year?

Black Desert’s revenue fell by 17. 4 billion won from a year-ago period and 3. 9 billion won against the previous quarter. Operating income fell 73% year over year to 43 billion won on 403 billion won in sales for the entire year. 8 billion won, off 17. 5 percent. Net profit plunged 39. 4 percent to 61. 1 billion won.

Is Drakania good BDO?

Players used to spamming dodge will need to adjust because the Drakania still has trouble moving sideways and backwards, but overall, she should be able to keep up with most other classes by this point. She has faster attacks in Awakening form than Succession form, in addition to having better movement.

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