Can you play Fortnite on the Steam Deck?

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney stated that Epic didn’t trust Valve’s Easy Anti-Cheat software to stop cheaters when using custom kernels on the Linux platform. As such, Epic Games said it wouldn’t update Fortnite to be able to run for Steam Deck after it launched. This video has an invalid file format.

How To Add Fortnite to Steam!

Step 2: Open Up Steam & Navigate to the Add a Game Button

Once you have Steam open, you can look to the bottom left of your screen and you will find the Add a Game button! Press that button and three options will pop-up for you: Add a Non-steam Game, Activate a Product on Steam, and Browse the Steam Store for Games. Click the “Add a Non-Steam Game” option.

Playing Fortnite on Steam – this is how it works

You are managing your game library on Steam and you want to play “Fortnite: Battle Royale”, but do not find it there? Well, you can still play the famous shooter on the platform. Just follow the instructions below.

For PC gamers, Valve’s platform Steam is a very convenient way to manage all the games at a glance. Most games, after the installation on the gaming platform, appear in the Steam game library. The games can be launched directly from there, and you can use useful features such as the Steam overlay, support for the Steam controller, and the streaming service Steam Link with which the picture can be streamed to the TV or smartphones.

can you play fortnite on steam?

Not all games are available on Steam – and “Fortnite” is one of them. That’s why there is no Steam version of “Fortnite: Battle Royale”

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Epic Games doesn’t plan to update Fortnite so that it runs on SteamOS, according to CEO Tim Sweeney, meaning owners of the upcoming Valve Steam Deck will likely have to install Windows to play the popular battle-royale game.

In a series of tweets, Sweeney said that the company doesn’t feel confident about its ability to combat cheating in Fortnite when running on custom kernel configurations. Fortnite isn’t on the Steam store in any case, but Sweeney’s comments rule out a Linux version that could run on the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck uses Valve’s SteamOS, which is based on Linux, and makes use of a compatibility layer called Proton so that Steam games compiled for Windows can run on it. Epic has made its anti-cheat software, Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), compatible with Linux and Proton, so developers that use it should be able to make their games work on the Steam Deck without issue. For now, though, Epic itself isn’t going to be one of them, at least not with Fortnite.

When contacted for comment by The Verge, Sweeney described Linux as “a terrifically hard audience to serve given the variety of incompatible configurations.” Asked whether it would be possible to enable compatibility just for SteamOS, he said “Linux is a small market already and if you subdivide it by blessed kernel versions then it’s even smaller.” It may not be worth Epic’s while to put in the work on security for what will be a comparatively tiny audience, at least at first.

Besides, it’s not like Steam Deck owners won’t be able to play Fortnite at all — there’s always the option of installing Windows on the machine. Sweeney hailed the Steam Deck as an “amazing move by Valve” when it was first announced, calling it “an open platform where users are free to install software [of] their choosing — including Windows and other stores.”

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