cancer man disappears and reappears?

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Cancer man disappearing

i had a relationship with a cancer man and suddenly with no reason he dissapears he stopped talking to me or asking about me i love him so much and he is saying that he adores me !!! there was something happened i got upset from him and i didnt answer him in the 1st place then tried to call him when he stopped calling but he didnt answer me back i text him that he never loved me and doesnt worth me and he was always lieing to me —- i feel like i need to talk to him and i feel that i got hastened in texting him by these harsh words what should i do ??? should i call him back

cancer man disappears and reappears?

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5. What To Say If You Want To Know Why He Disappeared

Wanting closure or feeling like you deserve some sort of explanation as to why he vanished is perfectly natural . If this is the case for you, a phone call is best but you can also feel free to communicate over text. But don’t take it too deep over text.

It will only serve to confuse you and things might unexpectedly take a turn for the worst. If you think this might happen jump on the phone with him.

Be Warned that the closure option is never as fulfilling as one wants. Especially if somewhere deep down, your secretly hoping it was all just a mistake. That he’s filled with regret and he does really want you after all.

Say he’s texted you a version of …. “Hey”, “Hello” or “How are you?”.

Your example reply: “Hey! I’m good thanks. Haven’t heard from you in a while, what have you been up to?…”

This is polite, but assertive. He knows that you aren’t going to pretend like he wasn’t gone. But with this wording it gives him an easy opportunity to let you know where he’s been.

Then when feel like you’ve gotten your answer, you can kindly let him know that you won’t be giving him another chance.

That while you really enjoyed spending time with him, you don’t see him as someone who has the emotional maturity that you’re looking for in a partner. Then set a boundary that you would prefer that he respects your request and stops all communication with you.

cancer man disappears and reappears

6. What To Say If You Decide To Give Him Another Chance

If you’ve asked yourself the questions from point 2 above and you’ve decided that you are willing to give this guy a chance. You can use the steps below.

What to say if he disappears, then reappears and you want to give him another chance:

Usually in these situations he’s sent something along the lines of …“Hey”, “What’s Up” or “How are you?”.

Your Example Reply: “Hey, I’m good, having a great week”.

Do not ask a question at this point. Just wait for his reply.

Let him reply, then to whatever question he asks you. You reply by asking him to phone you. Do not keep texting with him. At this stage it’s very important not get into a long text exchange with him.

I know that many people don’t want to talk on the phone, but don’t sweat it. Other than meeting in person, it’s absolutely the best way to gauge his sincerity and get a handle on the situation.

Him: “What are you up to this weekend?”

You: “Great question, why don’t you give me a call and I’d be happy to answer it :)”

Once you’re on the phone call you must practice clear honest communication and set boundaries with him. Be kind, but direct and assertive.

You on the phone: “Last time we were hanging out I was having a great time. And I was really enjoying spending time with you, then you just disappeared. I’m really big on communication in my relationships, and it’s really confusing when someone disappears and reappears. I’m just curious has to what’s happened.”

Then let him answer and pay really close attention to what he says.

Is he respectful and remorseful? Does he offer a statement of regret? Does he take 100% ownership of his actions? Does he have a legitimate excuse like the death of a family member?

Because honestly? There are very few legitimate reasons why a guy can’t take 30 seconds to send you a text, to let you know what’s going on with him.

Or does he offer some BS story about how busy he is? Or how he was on vacation and is just getting back into the swing of things? A version of “Hey just saw your text now”? Does he get defensive or minimize his disappearance or your feelings?

At this point, I highly recommend that you do an intuition check with yourself.

How do you feel in your body as he’s speaking to you?

Does everything check out or is there a feeling in the pit of your stomach that he’s lying or deceiving you in some way?

Be honest with yourself about him and if he really deserves another chance.

cancer man disappears and reappears

You might not want to hear this, but in my experience letting him go without any explanation at all is usually the best option. A whopping 95% of the time.

The men that disappear and reappear rarely ever give you the closure that you think you need.

You’ll never really know why in a way, that actually feels good. Because any way you slice it, feeling rejected just doesn’t feel good. No matter what the reason.

Ignore. Delete. Block. Move on. Let him go.

There can be a million excuses why he disappeared and then came back. But that doesn’t make him right for you.

It’s ok to say no, to what you don’t want, so you can say yes to what you do want.

Men that deserve your time and attention, will not ghost you and reappear out of thin air later. They won’t play games. They live in integrity. Their actions match their words. They will make sure that they communicate with you. A man that can sustain a healthy partnership with you, will treat you like a priority not an option.

Now you know what to do when he reappears after disappearing. Never settle for less than you deserve. Don’t settle for men that only give you crumbs. Look for the man that shows you that he respects you, that he values your time and attention.

You are worthy of an amazing love story!

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