How to Find Where You Died in Minecraft

Each and every Minecraft player has struggled with dying on a map far from their primary base. It is especially difficult if you are carrying expensive items like diamonds. You put a lot of effort into obtaining those, so losing them doesn’t feel good. However, there is a method you can use to return to … Read more

How to teleport in minecraft xbox 360 edition

Even experienced Minecraft players might not be aware of their ability to quickly teleport across the map. Here’s how to teleport in all versions of Minecraft. In Minecraft, teleporting is simple once you know how, but the game doesn’t make it immediately clear how to do it. You can play the game for years without … Read more

How do u make a cauldron in minecraft

You’ll need a cauldron if you want to contain something flammable like lava or put a specific potion inside to make a specific composition or dye. A cauldron is an essential item for those playing Minecraft because it is a fantastic multipurpose tool that can be a great asset of yours whenever you desire its … Read more

How to make a good roof in minecraft

In Minecraft, there are a variety of ways to construct a roof over a house that can be explored. Building a house with a roof is a good way for beginners to explore the creative aspects of the game of Minecraft. New players might want to construct shelters other than the dirt-block starter shelters. Players … Read more

How many ticks is a second in minecraft

In particular, if you’re a Redstone engineer, we’re certain you’ve heard the word “tick” a lot in relation to Minecraft. Let’s find out what it is and how many ticks there are in a second in Minecraft. Time moves much more quickly in Minecraft than it does in real life because there are 20 ticks … Read more

How to make a minecraft animation using blender

Blender enables artists to transform their still characters into stunning animations, whether it be through straightforward keyframing or intricate walk-cycles. Constraints are a way to control an object’s properties (e. g. Using either simple static values (like the “limit” ones) or another object, referred to as “target” (like e), g. the “copy” ones). Drivers allow … Read more

How to get an infinity bow in minecraft

In Minecraft, surviving can be difficult at times. If you’re having trouble keeping your shield, armor, or sword durable, you can use ranged attacks. But it’s not as if picking a bow and arrow as your main weapon will be simple. For instance, you’ll still need to put in a lot of effort to have … Read more

How to craft a saddle in minecraft ps3

One of the few “Minecraft” items that cannot be made is a saddle. You will need to find a saddle rather than create one, similar to the Elytra, one of the game’s other transportation-related items. Luckily, there are lots of ways to find saddles. Additionally, using one is simple once you have one, though you … Read more