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What is

The standard name for “” is comprehensively “S Voice”. It’s a Samsung phone application. All the app package are named from back from the way we look at addresses in the console. Android apps have a special naming format represented as name. Therefore, means it is an S Voice for Android which is given by Samsung or part in the starting is something to do with security. com samsung android svoiceime is such a package which carries up the phone voice and AI related to it.

What is S Voice?

Siri, new tech Alexa or Google Assistant, etc. are all virtual assistants where you speak something and they respond accordingly. Similarly, S voice is a personal virtual assistant present in Samsung devices (inbuilt application)where you can ask about weather reports, date and time, call someone, navigate to the location, schedule something to your calendar, etc. anyone can do just by speaking, no need to do it manually. It makes our work so easy and we can do multiple tasks in one go just by using a speech recognition system.

So, S Voice( is a good feature that should be used by everyone so that you will become more comfortable with this and can perform all our tasks so comfortably.

How to use Voice commands?

Enabling S Voice:

  • First, go to your Home screen.
  • Search for your Samsung folder that is always present on your phone.
  • There you can search for S Voice.
  • Tap next after agreeing to all Terms and Conditions.
  • After that click on Start or for clarity, you can also Tap on the tutorial to learn how to use it.
  • After enabling it now you are required to use it so let’s get started with:

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