does kroger cash personal checks

Cashing checks is a convenient way to access money without going to the bank. Most grocery stores will offer this service, but each has its own policy and restrictions. Here, we’ll explore whether Kroger cashes checks as part of its Money Services and what you need to know if you’re considering using it.

Neither Kroger nor H-E-B cash personal checks, but they do cash payroll, government and insurance checks. Other regional or local grocery stores may also provide check-cashing. Visit their customer service to find out.

Where to Cash Personal Check? // How to Cash Handwritten check?

How To Cash A Check At Kroger

You can cash any of the checks listed above at any convenient Kroger store near you. Follow the steps below to cash your check:

  • Identify a Kroger shop near you
  • Have an approved form of ID. This could be a driver’s license, a passport issued by the United States of America, or a Tribal national ID, among other relevant forms of IDs.
  • Ensure you have a taxpayer ID number or provide a social security number
  • Carry the check you need to cash
  • Endorse the back of the check
  • Head to the customer service counter and cash the check
  • How to cash a check with Money Services

    It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • 1 Find your nearest store
  • 2 Bring your check and correct details
  • 3 Our team at the Money Services desk will do the rest
  • Does Kroger Accept Personal Check for Payments?

    Yes, Kroger accepts personal checks for in-house purchases. However, the store does not accept personal checks as payment for grocery pick up or delivery orders.

    Kroger will require you to provide a state-issued ID from the state you are shopping. It also accepts a driver’s license or a non-driver photo ID.

    Maximum Limit for Cashing Check at Kroger

    Kroger stores only cash checks with a minimum value of $5,000. However, the limit may vary depending on your state. Therefore, you should confirm the limit in your state before you walk to a Kroger store to cash your check.

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    What Are The Charges For Check Cashing At Kroger?

    Kroger has reasonable charges for check cashing. It charges $3.50 for checks worth $2000 and below and $6 for checks valued between $2.000.01 and $5,000.

    However, if you have a Kroger shopper’s card when cashing the check, the fees charged are lower by $0.50. You may also incur local or state taxes above the cash.

    Types of check you can cash at Money Services

    This is what you will need to bring to your local Money Services in order to cash a check:

  • The check you want to cash
  • Your social security or Taxpayer Identification Number
  • does kroger cash personal checks

    Does Kroger Cash Personal Checks?

    No, Kroger doesn’t cash personal checks. However, it facilitates cashing of the following varieties of checks:

  • Paychecks from employers: These are payments made by employers to employees for services rendered mostly as salaries or wages.
  • Government checks: These include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Social security benefits, among others.
  • Refund checks from IRS: There are income tax refund checks.
  • Settlement checks from Insurance: These are insurance settlement checks in response to claim from an insurance company
  • Business checks: These are checks issued by businesses. They may include refunds, payments for services rendered to the business, research study payments, and blood and plasma payments.
  • Cashier’s checks: These are checks issued by a bank for a specified amount of what you have in your account or the amount of cash you have in hand
  • Traveler’s checks: These are checks issued to travellers or tourists going on vacation. A bank issues the traveller’s check for the amount specified based on the amount in your account or the cash you have at hand.
  • Money orders: You can buy these types of checks at a bank, at the post office, or other financial institutions.
  • It is important to note that Kroger does not cash third-party checks or starter checks.


    Kroger Check Cashing Hours

    One of the major benefits of caching your check at Kroger is the flexibility in their hours of operations. Kroger’s check cashing services operate seven days a week and are open every day from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm.

    This way, you need not worry about being locked out late afternoon or early evening if you are committed elsewhere.


    Does Kroger cash personal handwritten checks?

    Does Kroger cash handwritten payroll checks? Kroger cashes handwritten payroll checks. The store will cash your check as long as it’s a valid government-issued check and you have the required documents.

    Who cashes a personal check?

    Where can you cash a personal check besides banks? 8 best places
    • Your Personal Bank.
    • Your Credit Union.
    • The Issuing Bank.
    • Walmart.
    • Grocery Stores.
    • Prepaid Cards.
    • Check Cashing Apps.
    • Check-Cashing Stores.

    Does Kroger accept personal checks?

    Kroger does not accept any personal checks at its Money Service or the checkout. They also won’t accept third-party checks, over $5,000, handwritten or starter checks. However, Kroger can cash your government checks, payroll checks, insurance checks, and printed checks.

    Does Kroger money services cash personal checks?

    At Kroger, we don’t accept any personal or third-party checks, so you won’t be able to cash a check for someone else at your local Money Services, unless it’s a business check for someone else. The main types of checks we do accept are: Payroll checks. Business checks.

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