does nordstrom price match

When shopping for clothes, shoes, sunglasses, or other items, you don’t want to pay more than necessary. Many people have difficulty saving money because they’re not “shopping smart.” One way you can save while still getting the look of your dreams is with Nordstrom’s price match policy!

This article explains how to purchase at Nordstrom by using its price match policy. Other than that, you will also learn when and how to go for it.

Does Macys Price Match Nordstrom?

Price Match Criteria

Before we dive into the price matching process, it’s important that you grasp the fundamental criterion involved. There are a few things to bear in mind while using Nordstrom’s price match policy.

Select Competitors

Nordstrom will only price-match with a small number of retailers. You can find a comprehensive list of everything below.

Identical Items

Only similar items are eligible for a price match. If two items are described as “identical,” it means they are the same model, color, and size.


The item has to be in stock at both Nordstrom and the competing store.

Does Nordstrom Offer a Price Match?

Yes, but it’s a bit muddy, especially when trying to figure out which stores they’ll actually price match.

This is why I wanted to write this article and set the record straight.

Does Nordstrom Price Match?

Yes, Nordstrom does price match. Not only does Nordstrom price match, but it also lets you get an online price match when you shop online on their site. You need to bring proof of purchase to Nordstrom’s customer services who will price match the item if it meets the price match eligibility criteria.


How Price Matching At Nordstrom Works

If you want to enjoy the price matching feature of Nordstrom, there is a small process involved.

  • You need to verify that your items qualify for price match. You can refer to the eligibility criteria mentioned above.
  • Find out a store associate or go to customer services and let them know that you want to price match a competitor.
  • You then need to show them proof of the difference in price. An advertisement or website will work.
  • The associate will then verify the price match request.
  • If your request is approved, you will be reduced to match the price offered by the competitor.
  • Nordstrom Price Adjustment Process

    Well, this may sound strange, but let’s make it simple. The price matching works while you are at the store and can locate an item and price match it, thus leading to a reduced price for the item. But what do you do if you have already purchased an item and find that Nordstrom marked the price down or some other store was offering it at a lower price?

    That is where Nordstrom’s price adjustment comes in. You can call it a lesser-known sibling of price match (that was for fun only).

    You need to make a price adjustment request within 14 days of your purchase. Remember that the item has to meet the same eligibility criteria as that of the price match.

    There are three different options you can use to request price adjustment.


  • Go to Nordstrom’s online page.
  • Enter your order number in the box shown on the page.
  • Enter your Zip Code in the box shown below.
  • Phone

    You can call Nordstrom at this number 1.888.282.6060.


    You can also email them your request at this email id: [email protected]

    What Stores Does Nordstrom Price Match?

    Surprisingly, I couldn’t find an answer to this question ANYWHERE so I hit up Nordstrom live chat and asked.

    Turns out Nordstrom ONLY price matches the following 10 retailers:

    1- Amazon (must be sold & shipped by Amazon)

    2- Bloomingdale’s

    3- East Dane

    4- Macy’s

    5- Mr. Porter

    6- Neiman Marcus

    7- Net-A-Porter

    8- ShopBop

    9- Saks Fifth Avenue

    10- Zappos

    Nordstrom Price Match Exclusions You Should Know About

    You need to remember that not all items are eligible for price match or price adjustment. There are some exclusions that you should know about, and here they are:

    Requests for price matching made by third parties or automated systems are not accepted.

    Designer items that are purchased at a sale price do not qualify for price match or price adjustment.

    You can avail of price adjustment on one per item.

    Items sold as part of special sales such as Limited-time sales, extra savings, and daily deals, do not qualify.

    The third-party sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart do not qualify.


    Does Nordstrom price Match brands?

    Our ability to price match or adjust sale prices is subject to the following terms and conditions: The item must be identical in color and size. The Nordstrom item must be in stock at a selected competitor and Nordstrom. We are unable to match order-level discounts, gift card promotions or shipping offers.

    Does Nordstrom Rack price match their website?

    Do you offer price matching or adjustments? At Nordstrom Rack stores and, we work hard to offer competitive prices on everything we sell. With this effort in mind, we do not price match or make adjustments, as our prices change often to ensure the best possible value, every day.

    Can you negotiate at Nordstrom?

    Despite what you may think, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Dillard’s are definitely open to haggling. Managers are open to a little negotiation, and are even authorized to go 10% below a competitor’s price.

    Does Saks price Match Nordstrom?

    Despite what you may think, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Dillard’s are definitely open to haggling. Managers are open to a little negotiation, and are even authorized to go 10% below a competitor’s price.

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