Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes? Sam’s Club Auto Services Detailed

If you need to get your oil changed, you might be wondering if Sam’s Club provides this service. We will provide you with an answer to that query and all the information you require about getting an oil change at Sam’s Club in this blog post. Stay tuned!.

Sam’s Club DOES NOT offer the following Automotive Services: Oil Change. Transmission Flush and Fill. Brake Services.

10 Things NOT to Buy at Sams Club

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Sams Club should be your first stop for all of your car needs. You can get fantastic discounts on top-notch auto accessories, a variety of tire brands, and other items.

Stop spending too much for your tires. The knowledgeable staff at Sam’s Club can help you choose a set of new tires from well-known manufacturers like Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, and a club tire brand, as well as determine the proper tire size for your car or SUV. Locate the tire that the manufacturer recommends for your specific vehicle using the simple tire search tool, and then choose from a variety of tire types. The latest tools are used to mount tires according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and free rotation, balance, and flat repair are included for the duration of the tire. (Never fear a flat tire again!).

Sams Club sells a wide range of automobile accessories in addition to tires, such as batteries, hitches, truck boxes, and even motor oil, degreasers, and other auto fluids. Use a car wash, cleaning tools, and a spotless water system to keep your vehicle spotless, and then use car mats and a fitted car cover to keep it safe. Dont forget the electronics. Great deals on GPS units.

Almost as much as your car, your garage likely holds special meaning for you. Replace your garage’s flooring, doors, and automatic openers today. When you finally have the garage of your dreams, fill it with brand-new tools and machinery. From hammers, drills, and ratchets to cordless tools and complete tool kits, Sams Club has an almost endless selection of name-brand tools that include everything you need to fix a flat tire. Choose from dependable generators, pressure washers, and SamsClub when you need a little more power. com/termsandconditions or see a Club Associate for additional details.

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does sams club do oil changes

Locations of Sam’s Club provide members with a variety of services, such as photo printing and eye exams, but they do not provide oil changes. To verify this information, we got in touch with Sam’s Club locations in Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Arkansas. We were informed by a store representative that no Sam’s Club locations will perform oil changes.

However, Sam’s Club does offer tire and battery services — including tire installation and rotation — at some locations. You can call or visit your local Sam’s Club to schedule an appointment; you must have an active Sam’s Club membership to purchase any tire and battery services.

Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes In [currentyear]?

Sadly, as of [currentyear], Sam’s Club does not offer oil changes to its members. Sam’s Club does offer a variety of motor oil both in-store and online if you prefer to perform your own oil changes. For oil changes, customers can also go to Jiffy Lube, Walmart, or Pep Boys.

Continue reading to find out where to get your oil changed and what auto services Sam’s Club provides.


Does Sams Club rotate tires free?

Yes. Sam’s Club members can take advantage of free tire repair, air pressure and tread depth checks, tire rotation, and wiper blade installation from Sam’s Club Tire & Battery Center. Additionally, members are entitled to free tire inflation and deflation services as needed.

Does Sam’s Club offer alignment?

Of course, Sam’s Club doesn’t provide tire alignment or realignment, so bear that in mind if you choose to purchase tires from the retailer. Be sure to search online for offers and promotions before making your final purchase.

Does Sam’s Club offer roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance Sam’s Club members are entitled to free jump starts, flat tire changes, and towing (for up to 10 miles). Check your membership card to see what roadside assistance is provided.

Does Sam’s Club install other tires?

Does Sam’s Club mount tires bought elsewhere? The Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Center only mounts tires bought there. It is not possible to buy tires at one club and have them delivered or installed at a different club location.

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