fallout 4 merchant restock?

How To Refresh Stores – Fallout 4

How long does it take for stores to restock in Fallout 4?

It will restock every three days (unless you’ve already triggered it’s bug, which I’ll get to). You don’t have to complete the DLC to get it to restock.

Multiple merchants can be found in major settlements such as Diamond City, Bunker Hill and Far Harbor, but others can be found in unmarked locations. There are also traveling merchants who can be found around the Commonwealth.

The Sink Central Intelligence Unit does restock its inventory, but only if 3 (consecutive) days and then midnight passed while you are within Big MT, but you must wait/sleep outside of the Sink (waiting on The Sink Balcony or sleeping in Higgs Village, for instance). Waiting outside of Big MT will not work, however.

As for FNV, vendors in the main game restock Wednesdays @12 am and Sundays @12 am, so you don’t necessarily need to wait that long if that’s the route you go, just wait until the clock hits those times.

The merchant’s stock will reset each cycle whether you buy anything or not.

Waiting outside of Big MT will not work, however. Also, when it restocks, it resets its caps. This will continue once you have completed Old World Blues.

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