first round is on me if hinge?

15 First Round is On Me If Hinge Prompt Responses That Work!

“First Round Is On Me If” Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

Yes, even Hinge the dating app designed to be deleted, is still guilty of being superficial (just less so than other apps). However, its prompts give you the chance to humanize yourself and show her who you are.

To help shine a spotlight on your personality, let’s go through some of the best responses to the “First round is on me if…” prompt.

Feel free to get inspired (or steal) the following responses.

Hinge Prompt #1: Make Her Giggle

Quite often a case of the giggles turns into a case of the butterflies.

And sure if you don’t play your cards right those butterflies will soon be dissolved by stomach acid, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The reason this response works is because it shows her you’re funny.

Gents, even more so than the size of your penis, we care about how funny you are.

If you can make us laugh you can at the very least score or phone number.

Hinge Prompt #2: Still Laughing

Making an attempt at humor’s a good idea, however not all jokes come off.

Granted, a fair number of men have made this joke or one akin to it when responding to this prompt. You could put all your marbles in the joke, or you could also reveal a little about yourself as this response does.

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