for the future of narukami

40 Inazuma Hidden Achievement Genshin Impact 2.0 Part 1

#34 A Hollow Soul

Condition: Find Washizu’s Lost possessions

This is a time-gated achievement and it will take at least 4 days to unlock it. The achievement unlocks on completing ‘Sinister Instruction’ world quest. To start the quest go to the west of Serpent’s Head southeast waypoint at the location as shown in the picture below. At the marked location, you will find an ‘Outsider Shrine‘ next to a Samurai named Washizu. Interact with the shrine three times and then talk to Washizu. He will ask you to come back the next day for a reward. The next day you will find an exquisite chest in front of the shrine. Repeat the same steps for 3 days.

for the future of narukami

On the final day, you will have to fight Washizu after praying to the shrine. This will start the ‘Sinister Instruction’ world quest.

After defeating Washizu your next objective will be to ‘Find Washizu’s lost possession in Higi Village’. Go to Higi Village at the location as shown in the picture below. At the backside of the house, you will find two torches. Light up the torches and then dig the ground between the two torches. Digging the ground will reveal an exquisite chest. This will complete the ‘Sinister Instruction’ world quest and also unlock ‘A Hollow Soul’ achievement.

for the future of narukami

for the future of narukami

for the future of narukami

We continue our series of guides on Inazuma from Genshin Impact. Before that, we talked about 17 new recipes, passing the Farmer’s Treasure quest, obtaining blueprints for weapons and Kamisato Ayaku. Now let’s move on to another aspect of the game – hidden achievements. Unfortunately, it is impossible to learn about them through the game, so you need to try, make mistakes and get down to business again. Or read our guide and swim in primohems.

Location of Chouji in Tatarasuna

Next, you will find Chouji in Tatarasuna at the southeast of Tatarasuna Statue of the Seven. Go and talk to him.

for the future of narukami

for the future of narukami


Is there but one truth Genshin impact achievement?

Tier. Is There But One Truth…? is an Achievement in the category Wonders of the World. To complete this achievement, the player needs to complete the commission Bantan Sango Case File: Cleanup Work.

How do I see through the illusions of Tanuki several times?

The Tanuki will teleport several times and transform into a torch standing by the wall of that land facing east to the sea. To get to the next Tanuki, you can teleport to the waypoint south of the Statue of the Seven. Walk down the hill past some trees and bushes.

How many secret achievements are in Genshin impact?

This time, Tang Wen needs food to trigger her appetite again and will ask you to make Jueyan Guoba, Bamboo Shoot Soup, or Grilled Tiger Fish. Make a perfect version of the dish, bring it back to Tang Wen, and you’ll receive the “Liyue Ichiban” special achievement!

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