Four Easy Ways to Open PLIST Files

Having trouble opening a .plist file? This versatile file format is used in Mac OS X and many applications, so it’s important to have a reliable method of opening them. In this blog post, we’ll discuss four easy ways to open .plist files, so you can access and edit them in no time.
The .plist file type is a XML file that stores application data and settings. It is used by a variety of programs, so it’s important to know how to open them. For starters, the Mac OS X Finder and TextEdit applications both come with the ability to open .plist files. You can also use a text editor such as Notepad++ or TextWrangler to open them. Finally, there are tools available that offer more features to view and edit .plist files.
In this blog post, we’ll be walking you through the four easy steps for opening .pl

How to open, edit, and save a Info.plist file on Windows!

Four Easy Ways to Open PLIST Files

The situation: You need to open a file on your computer that has the PLIST file extension. As usual, you double-click it expecting a program to launch, but sadly nothing happens. You try it again, but still nothing happens. What options do you have? Try these four simple ways to open a problematic PLIST file.

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Unsupported file types can be opened in binary format.

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Your computer tries to open PLIST files when you double-click them in a PLIST file program. The file won’t open if there isn’t a program connected to PLIST files on your computer. Download one of the most well-known applications for PLIST files, such as Property List XML File, to open the file.

four easy ways to open plist files

Typically, files with the PLIST file extension fall under the category of Settings Files. However, if it’s a different file type, it might not be compatible with any of the aforementioned programs. Take the following steps to find the file type:

  • Right-click the file.
  • Click “Properties” (Windows) or “More Info” (Mac).
  • Locate the file type under either “Type of File” (Windows) or “Kind” (Mac).
  • Your PLIST file still won’t open even after you’ve tried a different program and verified the file type. If none of these approaches worked, you might still be able to get assistance from a software developer. Find the creator of each of the aforementioned programs using the chart below, and ask for help by getting in touch with them directly.

    Software Developed By
    Property List XML File Unknown

    If the developer isn’t able to help, a universal file viewer probably can. File Magic (Download) and similar programs are designed to open a wide variety of file formats, including PLIST files. Some aren’t compatible and will only open in binary. Download File Magic now to open you PLIST and hundreds of other file types with one program!

    How to Open Plist File on Windows/Mac?

    Double-clicking PLIST files open them in an associated software. PLIST files wont open without accompanying software. Download Property List XML File to open a PLIST file.

    Install software to open PLIST file Problems with opening and working with PLIST files are most probably having to do with no proper software compatible with PLIST files being present on your machine. This one is an easy one. Select Apple Property List Editor or one of the recommended programs (for example, Text editor, PrefEdit, Property List Tools) and download it from appropriate source and install on your system. Above you will find a complete listing of programs that support PLIST files, classified according to system platforms for which they are available. If you want to download Apple Property List Editor installer in the most secured manner, we suggest you visit website and download from their official repositories.

    There may be several reasons why you are having issues opening PLIST files on a particular system. What’s crucial is that users can easily fix any common problems with files with the PLIST extension. The process is quick and doesn’t involve an IT expert. You can identify and fix file-related issues using the guidelines listed below.

    If a third party provided you with the problematic PLIST file, request a replacement from them. The file might not have been properly copied to a data storage, or it might be incomplete, in which case it cannot be opened. An error may have occurred during the internet download of the file with the PLIST extension, leaving an incomplete file. Try downloading the file again.

    Update software that support file extension PLISTYou still cannot access PLIST files although Apple Property List Editor is installed on your system? Make sure that the software is up to date. It may also happen that software creators by updating their applications add compatibility with other, newer file formats. The reason that Apple Property List Editor cannot handle files with PLIST may be that the software is outdated. All of the file formats that were handled just fine by the previous versions of given program should be also possible to open using Apple Property List Editor.


    How do I open a plist file on a Mac?

    Additionally, Xcode has a built-in property list editor that allows you to edit property list files. To use Xcode, double-click a . plist file in the Finder. Install Xcode on your Mac if it isn’t already there by getting it from the Mac App Store.

    How do I open Info plist files in Windows?

    Please follow these steps to open plist file on Windows.
    1. Install and Launch iBackup Viewer.
    2. Install iBackup Viewer on your computer after downloading it, then run it.
    3. Open Property List Viewer. …
    4. For PLIST files, click the “Open” button to view them.
    5. Change type of item.
    6. Allow editing value of plist item.

    How do I view info plist?

    3 Answers
    1. Press ⌘+⇧+o to get the Quick Open Dialog.
    2. Enter name of property list file e. g. ” info. plist ” and press “Enter”.
    3. “Version Editor” is opened, and the Property List File is displayed as source code.

    How do I open a plist file online?

    If your PLIST file won’t open properly, try right-clicking or holding the file down for a long time. Then click “Open with” and choose an application. A PLIST file can also be viewed directly in a browser by dragging it onto the window and dropping it there.

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