Genshin Impact: How To Find the Final Ruin

In the Genshin Impact world quest “Treasure Lost, Treasure Found,” the Traveler is tasked with assisting Soraya in identifying enigmatic markings on the ruins in the Guili Plains.

This quest, like many others in Genshin Impact, aims to illuminate some of the mythology or background of Teyvat. Players who complete this quest assist Soraya, a researcher, with her work in exchange for 600 Adventure EXP and 80 Primogems.

Final ruin is located to the north of the ruin you found your first ancient stone tablets.

Genshin Impact ~ Find the final ruin

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Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
Chinese (Simplified) 宝藏归离Bǎozàng Guī Lí Lost and Found Treasure[• 1]
Chinese (Traditional) 寶藏歸離Bǎozàng Guī Lí
Japanese 帰離のお宝Kiri no Otakara[!] Treasure of Guili
Korean 귀리의 보물Gwiri-ui Bomul Treasure of Guili
Spanish El tesoro de la Llanura Guili The Treasure of Guili Plain
French Le trésor des Plaines Guili The Trasure of Guili Plains
Russian Непостоянство сокровищNepostoyanstvo sokrovishch
Thai สมบัติที่หวนคืน
Vietnamese Kho Báu Quy Li
German Schatz auf der Ebene Treasure on the Plain
Indonesian Harta Hilang, Harta Ditemukan Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
Portuguese Tesouro Perdido, Tesouro Encontrado Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
  • Chinese: “归离” should simultaneously refer to “returning and leaving” and the location of Guili Plains.
  • Where to Find the Final Ruin in Genshin Impact

    Talk to Soraya, a scholar who is knowledgeable about Liyues history and the starting point for the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found questline. Soraya can be found in Guili Plains, just off the main path, wandering the ruins.

    Players will be instructed to locate the “Final Ruins” after completing the quest’s initial stages.

    To initiate the “Treasure Lost, Treasure Found” quest, players will have to talk to the NPC Soraya, who can be found in Guili Plains located in the Guili Assembly.

    “Treasure Lost, Treasure Found” is one of the more interesting missions in the Liyue region of miHoYo’s RPG title Genshin Impact. The quest requires players to gather a number of treasures in the region before engaging in a boss fight at the end.

    The location of the Final Ruins is indicated on the map below in case you’re still unsure of where they are:

    North of the Guili Assembly, in the circular building, are the Final Ruins. The locations of the four Jade Plates that players must find in the first half of the quest can be used to pinpoint the location. The locations of the four plates on the map’s center are occupied by The Final Ruins.


    How do I investigate the ruins Genshin impact?

    Genshin Impact: How to begin an investigation into the ruins Only after eliminating monsters and checking in with the Swordfish during the new Archon chain with Kokomi and Teppei can you solve this puzzle. The Electro totems involved in the quest won’t appear otherwise.

    Where is the final ruin for the jade plate?

    You must go back to a location close to the disused Guili Assembly that you first visited in order to find the last plate. On the map, there is a dark circle immediately to the north of that region. A water-filled pit, numerous golems, and the final Jade Plate are all present here. When you activate it, golems will appear to guard your prize.

    Where are the four strange jade plates?

    You can find the final ruin using the screenshot above since it isn’t marked on your map. You can advance the quest by activating a clue mechanism found at the last ruin. The three nearby Ruin Guards will become active as a result, and if you’ve never dealt with them before, they can be a little challenging.

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