genshin impact new characters in the 2 8 update and beyond

Genshin Impact Version 2. 8 was released on July 13, 2022. The patch update has new Story and Hangout quests, new Kazuha, Klee, and Yoimiya banner reruns, Fischl and Diluc skins, and a significant summer event. Check out all new features and Patch Notes here!.

Genshin Impact’s Version 2.8 update brings many new and returning events. In addition to Genshin Impact’s new character, Heizou, players will be able to encounter the characters: Mona, Xinyan, Kazuha, and Fischl in the event storyline.

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When will Update 8 be released?

Genshin Impact Version 2.8
Release Date July 13, 2022

Genshin Impact Version 2.8 was released on July 13, 2022.

Time Left Until Version 2.8
Has been released!
Server Release Date and Timezones
North America July 12, 2022 6:00 PM~11:00 PM (UTC/GMT -5)
Europe July 13, 2022 12:00 AM~5:00 AM (UTC/GMT +1)
Asia July 13, 2022 7:00 AM~12:00 PM (UTC/GMT +8)
TW, HK, MO July 13, 2022 7:00 AM~12:00 PM (UTC/GMT +8)

New story quest for Kaedehara Kazuha

The Genshin Impact 2. A new story quest for the five-star Anemo user and swordsman Kaedehara Kazuha called “Acer Palmatum Chapter: Act I” will be included in the update 8.

As soon as you fulfill the requirements, you can use Story Keys to unlock Kazuhas story quest. (Picture: HoYoverse).

We currently don’t know which aspect of Kazuha’s life the quest will reveal. But because it has something to do with Kazuha, who has a difficult past, be prepared to cry because the story quest will probably reveal more about the friendship between Kazuha and his friends.

New character: Shikanoin Heizou

Heizou is a famous detective from Inazuma. He is also part of the Tenryuu Commission. (Picture: HoYoverse).

Shikanoin Heizou, a new four-star playable character, will be available in Genshin Impact 2. 8 update. Heizou is an Anemo user from Inazuma. His normal attack abilities, elemental skills, and elemental burst attacks are based on martial arts, and he is the first male catalyst user in Genshin Impact.


What characters will be in 2.8 Genshin?

One brand-new playable character has been added to the 2 Shikanoin Heizou, who can be wished for during both Phase 1 event Banners, has received an update. The Sparkling Steps Banner, which features the 5-Star Klee, is the first of these. The second is the 5-Star Kaedehara Kazuha Banner called Leaves in the Wind.

Who is the newest character in Genshin Impact?

In the upcoming version 3 of Genshin Impact, two new characters, Wanderer and Faruzan, are formally introduced. 3.

What characters are coming in 2.6 Genshin Impact?

For the first phase of 2. 6 The availability of Ayato and Venti has been updated. Ayaka will be available for a second run for the first time following the first phase.

What characters are coming in 2.5 Genshin Impact?

The only new character in Version 2 of Genshin Impact is HoYoverse Yae Miko. 5. Inazuma’s storyline has focused heavily on the Chief Priestess of Grand Narukami Shrine up until this point, and now Genshin Impact players can add Yae Miko to their team.

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