Genshin Impact: Where To Find Noctilucous Jade

How to Obtain. Noctilucous Jade is dropped by Noctilucous Jade nodes, which are found at the base of cliffs and in caves and mines throughout Liyue

Liyue (Chinese: 璃月 Líyuè, “Glazed Moon”) is one of the seven regions in Teyvat. It is the city-state that worships Morax, the Geo Archon. Access to Liyue is unlocked after completing the Archon Quest Prologue: Act I – The Outlander Who Caught the Wind. › wiki

; many can notably be found around Mingyun Village. Like all ores, Noctilucous Jade nodes are best damaged by Blunt Attacks or Geo DMG.

Noctilucous Jade Locations – Fast and Efficient – Ascension Materials -【Genshin Impact】

Zhonglis elemental skill works really well for ore farming, as well as Klees charged attacks. Kazuhas elemental skill propels him upwards giving him an opportunity to do a plunging attack which also does quite a bit of damage for ores. Ventis elemental skill, when held, creates an updraft that Venti himself or another character can ride. Use these for plunging attacks.

Noctilucous Jades are a local specialty of Liyue. Like most of the ores in Liyue, they have a 2-day respawn timer. So these ores regenerate in two days after you harvest them. If you need a lot of noctilucous jades in a short time, we highly suggest going over to a friends world and ask if you can gather their noctilucous jades, provided that they havent gathered theirs yet.

This Genshin Impact Wiki guide details everything you need to know about how to find and get Noctilucous Jade. Used as a character ascension material, Noctilucous Jades are a local specialty of Liyue, and can be found at the base of mountains and can easily be spotted due to their bright blue-looking node.

Another way to locate these jades is through the passive talents of the characters you own. Characters like Qiqi, Yanfei, and Ningguang can locate local specialties. Ningguangs passive talent is much more suited for this one as she can locate the ore locations themselves instead of other local specialties like Violetgrass.

How to Get Noctilucous Jade

Noctilucous Jade are usually found inside mining areas like Mingyun Village. They can also be found within dark areas like underground caves and some parts of The Chasm in Liyue.

All Characters
Diluc Diluc Razor Razor Noelle Noelle
Beidou Beidou Chongyun Chongyun Xinyan Xinyan
Eula Eula Sayu Sayu Itto Itto

Like other Ores, you need to break the Noctilucous Jade embedded in the ground before you can collect Noctilucous Jade ores. Use Claymore characters to get the Noctilucous Jade fastest!

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Genshin Impact - Zhongli Zhongli

Pressing and holding Zhonglis Elemental Skill is the fastest way to mine multiple ores of Noctilucous Jade in one area!

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Klee Klee Yanfei Yanfei Ningguang Ningguang

Catalyst users like Klee, Yanfei, and Ningguang are also able to mine Noctilucous Jade easily.

Noctilucous Jade resets 2-3 server days after you collect them. If youre already out of Noctilucous Jade in your world, you can try collecting them in Co-op Mode in the world of other Travelers!

Where to Buy Noctilucous Jade

Shitous Shop Information
Genshin - Shitou MapEnlarge
Shop Location Liyue Harbor, Liyue
Noctilucous Jade Price Genshin - Mora Mora x1000
Purchase Limit 5 Cor Lapis
Refresh Time Every 2 Days at 4:00 (Server Time)

Genshin - Buy Noctilucous Jade from Shitou You can buy Noctilucous Jade from Shitou, a merchant in Liyue Harbor. Shitous shop, the Jade Mystery, is located in the town square in Liyue Harbor, close to the Teleport Waypoint by the docks.


Can you buy Noctilucous Jade Genshin?

Noctilucous Jade are usually found inside mining areas like Mingyun Village. They can also be found within dark areas like underground caves and some parts of The Chasm in Liyue.

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