hill climb racing best vehicle for each stage

Hill Climb Racing is a racing game from Fingersoft. Bill Newton, a budding racer, needs your assistance in creating his own fleet of vehicles so he can travel to various locations on Earth and beyond. You are presented with a wide selection of vehicles and racing courses, each of which has unique qualities. It’s up to you to get past each one without hurting the driver. Additionally, you can create unique cars in the garage and perform tricks in the air.

Hill Climb Racing tips: Best vehicles for each stage
  • Forest – Truck or Tractor.
  • Mountain – Tank.
  • Mudpool – Tank.
  • Volcano – Tank.
  • Beach – Hovercraft.
  • Roller Coaster – Race car.
  • Night – Tank.
  • Rooftops – Race car / Dragster.

Hill Climb Racing best vehicle for each stage | Hill Climb Racing top 5 cars | Hill Climb Racing.

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Here are my top three vehicles and a few tips for each stage.

If you want to make money, either take the fully upgraded truck to the highway and take your time with it (you can make millions per run this way, but the runs are slow), or take something like a motocross bike to the moon and just rack up the air/flips.

Most vehicles can do ok here. There are a few very challenging hills after you reach 2000 meters, with one in particular being particularly difficult to avoid breaking your neck when you land.

  • Dune Buggy 2223m
  • Monster Truck 2156m
  • Jeep 2154m
  • The trees dont really get in the way here. I haven’t invested a lot of time in this stage because I don’t enjoy it very much. Gas becomes the limiting factor.

  • Tank 3073m
  • Dune Buggy 2590m
  • Truck 1921m
  • Traction is key for this one.

  • Monster Truck 3638m
  • Tank 3051m
  • Truck 2872m
  • Again traction is the main concern. Most vehicles that travel that far are stopped by the hill at 2340 meters.

  • Dune Buggy 3219m
  • Snow Mobile 2563m
  • Quad Bike 2431m
  • This ones all about gas. The distance between gas cans increases by about 50 meters each time you reach one, so keep an eye on it and try to anticipate when the next one will be there to avoid jumping over it. After approximately 1400 meters, any vehicle without a gas upgrade will need to hit every gas.

  • Kiddie Express 18028m
  • Truck 14678m
  • Super Diesel 4×4 9047m
  • Racecar 32037m. Requires nigh perfect runs
  • Here, slower or shorter vehicles perform better because it is simpler to prevent them from flying over jumps. Once you start having trouble with traction and speeding up some hills, you’ll need to get really good at letting off the gas early and cresting the hills.

  • Dune Buggy 2876m
  • Rally Car 2431m
  • Jeep 2369m
  • This one is simply very difficult to get distance on because the moment one wheel lifts off the ground, you begin to flip. Tank does consistently well because of its tracks.

  • Tank 1253m
  • Monster Truck 1111m
  • Rally Car 1090m
  • A combination of cave and moon. timing your gas release is even more important than in a cave. Take your time.

  • Jeep 1586m
  • Tank 1562m
  • Quad Bike 1446m
  • Because of the slick surface, most hills require a running start very early in the level. You must reverse your jump and start over if you land on the upslope of one hill after jumping off another. It is preferable to ride up the hill slowly, descend it, and then accelerate to the next. Theres a hill at around 1150m that stops most vehicles.

  • Snowmobile 2351m
  • Jeep 1313m
  • Race Car 1257m
  • Like a slicker version of cave.

  • Dune Buggy 1910m
  • Hovercraft 1235m
  • Snow Mobile 1159m
  • It takes power and traction to push through the trees. I haven’t spent much time on this one because I don’t really like it. The trees do not affect the Hippie Van, but it still doesn’t seem to be as efficient as the 3 below.

  • Tank 1727m
  • Dune Buggy 1602m
  • Monster Truck 1563m
  • Vehicles that are adept at short, steep climbs and are resilient to flipping perform best on the mountain stage. When other vehicles become stuck with a tire on either side of a sharp point, the tank’s treads also handle the numerous sharp points very well.

  • Tank 2114m
  • Dune Buggy 1884m
  • Hovercraft 1434m
  • Try to jump as much mud as you can because performance seems to suffer as you become more muddy in this one. Traction up hills becomes the biggest issue. The hovercraft will skim the liquid’s surface, which is useful.

  • Dune Buggy 2266m
  • Big Finger 2142m
  • Tank 2023m
  • Jumping the fire becomes pretty important when gas gets scarce. Again, the hovercraft will skim the liquid’s surface, so there won’t ever be any long fires.

  • Tank 2958m
  • Rally Car 2177m
  • Monster Truck 2071m
  • This ones actually really straightforward. The dunes provide nice traction heading up the hills.

  • Truck 12338m
  • Tank 5694m
  • Dune Buggy 4357m
  • The key is finding a vehicle that can climb the extremely steep inclines; dragsters, race cars, and rally cars all work well in this regard.

  • Dragster 3991m
  • Race Car 2652m
  • Rally Car 1562m
  • The following tracks didn’t get as much attention from me.

    This route resembles Highway because of the undulating hills and the lack of gas. However, traction is not as good.

  • Tank 4424m
  • Tractor 2877m
  • Monster Truck 2355m
  • The secret to this stage is to not hit every ramp quickly. Safe options include the very flat ones, such as the first few wooden ramps, and the dark ones near the edges of the rooftops. If you hit any other higher ramps quickly, you might end up between some rooftops. Unfortunately, falling down the holes does not give you a lot of air time!

  • Monster Truck 2763m
  • Jeep 2666m
  • Motocross Bike 2651m
  • This one doesn’t seem to have much of a trick. Another “traction and gas” track.

  • Tank 2746m
  • Super Diesel 4×4 2455m
  • ?
  • The swinging beams make this one tricky. The best course of action is probably to move slowly in order to observe how the beam is supported before moving forward.

  • Big Finger 1964m
  • Tank 1584m
  • Quad Bike 1564m
  • This is a tough course. You just need to take your time choosing which jumps to make at which speeds.

  • Rally Car 2776m
  • Truck 1775m
  • Quad Bike 1507m
  • I only completed this course a few times because it was so tedious.

  • Tank 4684m
  • Super Diesel 4×4 2319m
  • Big Finger 2316m
  • Also pretty boring. The presents can get annoying. I believe a tank, truck, and possibly a snowmobile would fare well. Update: BF is good here. went straight from level 45 to level 62, earning over 10 million coins.

  • Big Finger 16040m (level 64)
  • Dune Buggy 6291m
  • Sleigh 2108m
  • I use a fast vehicle, like the buggy, and the Moon stage to farm money. I continuously perform jumps of 20,000+ coins. While in the air, try to perform as many flips as you can.

    I prefer the army tank with its maximum mountain payload when riding a bike with the moon. All the other stages are personal preference.

  • countryside – tank
  • desert – tank or super diesel 4×4 (must be fully upgraded)
  • arctic – snow mobile
  • highway – kiddie express (must be fully upgraded) or super diesel 4×4 (must be fully upgraded and about 2,000,000 coins were yours)
  • cave – rally car
  • moon – tank
  • mars – rally car
  • alien planet – hovercraft
  • arctic cave – snow mobile (be careful though)
  • forest – truck
  • mountain – tank or hovercraft.
  • mudpool – tank
  • volcano – tank
  • beach – rally car or super diesel 4×4 (must be fully upgraded).
  • roller coaster – rallycar or motorcross bike or race car.
  • night- rally car
  • rooftops – police car or hovercraft.
  • Best Vehicle For Hill Climb Racing

    My preferred vehicle is the Super Offroad, and it stands out due to its versatility. You can use Super Offroad for virtually any terrain.

    You will experience the stages listed below, and the various vehicles listed below are what we advise for each:

    The countryside is one of the most unpredictable terrains, and vehicles get stuck much more frequently than on other types of terrain. To avoid getting stuck, you would want a vehicle with a long wheelbase, and you would also like functionality.

    The best vehicle for the countryside and one of the best in the game is Super Offroad. You have about 20 engine upgrades and 25 track upgrades for this vehicle. There are 15 different fuel upgrades and an additional 15 downforce upgrades.

    The only drawback would be the price, which would be approximately 23,213,500 coins to fully max out the Super Offroad.

    Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad

    hill climb racing best vehicle for each stage

    In the desert, the terrain would likely be slippery and challenging to climb. Once more, you require a vehicle with a long wheelbase, making Super Offroad one of the top options. Despite being the ideal vehicle for the terrain, the cost of ownership is a drawback.

    Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad

    The Arctic, as its name implies, is one of the most treacherous driving environments. Due to the steep edges of the terrain, you need a vehicle with a high torque. Having tracks could be helpful as well, so Super Offroad is our runner-up here.

    hill climb racing best vehicle for each stage

    You can get a Dune Buggy for about 800,000 coins, and it has excellent traction. The car’s speed allows it to produce enough torque to help you climb steep hills. It is among the most practical cars for handling.

    Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy

    The highway is one of the best options for a faster vehicle because it has fewer obstacles. Because fuel cans are dispersed far from one another, you require a fuel-light item.

    hill climb racing best vehicle for each stage

    The Kiddie Express is one of the best cars, with a potential range of 16,881 meters. The car combines stability and speed to give you a functional, quick vehicle to go as far as you can.

    Recommended Vehicle: Kiddie Express

    You won’t need something as fast for the cave, but having excellent torque and control is crucial for keeping your driver safe. The Dune Buggy is one of the best vehicles to take into consideration, even though it might be a tedious stage.

    Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy

    You should concentrate on generating as much speed as you can for the moon. It can be challenging to find fuel, which makes it one of the best dragster tracks. When it comes to picking up good speed, it is one of the most difficult stages.

    Recommended Vehicle: Dragster

    Mars is very similar to the moon, but it has about five times more gravity. Finding fuel can be challenging during one of the most difficult stages of the process. You can just keep moving forward and try to go as far as you can with the Rally car.

    Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car

    You have to deal with one of the game’s slickest tracks in Alien Planet. You might be considering the idea of utilizing speed and torque. However, it can be daunting to continue with the speed. The Dune Buggy with an improved design and powerful engine is frequently the best choice.

    Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy

    You should find people who think this is the most boring stage ever if you look online. Making any significant progress is nearly impossible due to the abundance of barriers. Because of its speed and torque, the Dune Buggy is one of the only vehicles that can move forward in this situation.

    Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy

    Forest is another track that features obstacles like trees. However, you can cut these trees, and with enough force, you should be able to pass through the majority of them. Super Offroad is the best option for this track. It has excellent stability and moves at a speed that allows for enough momentum to be built.

    Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad

    You’ll need to start and stop on the mountain track constantly. You’ll notice that there are some sections where you almost slam on the gas, and finding fuel can be difficult. It is best to drive a vehicle with fully upgraded fuel-saving capabilities. Once more, the Super Offroad is the best vehicle for the terrain.

    Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad

    For many riders, dealing with mud means the potential for getting stuck is frustrating. You need some decent speed and torque to be able to maneuver the terrain in order to avoid this. One of the most reliable vehicles for this terrain is the dune buggy. However, Big Finger can also provide you with the necessary force and power.

    Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy

    The volcano can be frustrating because of all the different obstacles, as you might expect. To make any progress, you’ll need to have a vehicle with a long wheelbase and tracks is preferred. The obvious choice for Volcano is Super Offroad.

    Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad

    Beach is one of the toughest tracks on your tank, and if you don’t have the right vehicle, you can burn through a lot of fuel. Your best bet will be to stick with a vehicle that has a large fuel tank, adequate power, and a turbo. We have found Truck to be the most effective.

    Recommended Vehicle: Truck

    One of the most enjoyable tracks is Roller Coaster, which has lots of ups and downs. It’s a practical track that lets you use both speed and skill. Snowmobiling is a fantastic option because of the control it provides. However, you could consider Rally Car as well.

    Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car

    Only a small number of vehicles have the power needed for the nighttime track. Power should be your primary focus rather than speed, and having a vehicle with a large fuel tank can have additional advantages. The best vehicle for this terrain is a tank, even though you might not be able to move through it quickly.

    Recommended Vehicle: Tank

    You will be trekking over rooftops, as the name would imply, and this presents a variety of difficulties. You want something with a large wheelbase that can generate plenty of momentum because there are numerous jumps. Big Finger is the ultimate monster truck to use. However, the base version costs 1,200,000 coins, which is a lot of money.

    Recommended Vehicle: Big Finger

    There are many obstacles in a junkyard, and many of them can be cut through with enough momentum. You must safeguard your driver when using Junkyard, so we advise choosing a car with lots of control features. Super Offroad is once again the best version to consider.

    Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad

    We struggled to choose the appropriate vehicle for the project. Hills and various obstacles may lead you to believe that Super Offroad is the best. Although Big Finger is also helpful, Rally Car’s torque and speed are the best.

    Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car

    You can reach all of the fuel tanks dispersed throughout the terrain by having a vehicle with plenty of torque and speed because Rainbow has a setup that is very similar to construction. Because of this, we think Rally Car is once again the best choice.

    Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car

    Haunted is undoubtedly a fun environment with some interesting situations. Even though it might not be particularly challenging, you should have control and speed. Dune Buggy is the best vehicle we could find for traveling more than 5000 meters. However, upgrading the vehicle more could increase the distance.

    Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy

    The Northpole is well known for its icy and hazardous conditions. If you don’t have good traction, you won’t be able to move, but the right vehicle could help you cover more than 10,000 meters. For the initial run, an ambulance is a great option, but if you want to cover the most ground, consider taking a longer route. Big Finger is the way to go.

    Recommended Vehicle: Big Finger

    Hill Climb Racing: Top 5 best cars

    Our TOP 5 Hill Climb Racing cars, which you should definitely purchase and upgrade, have been prepared for our readers’ more comfortable movement around the gaming tracks.

    1. Super SUV. Currently the fastest car in the game. It has good downforce, is simple to drive, quickly ascends mountains, and uses little gasoline. Ideal for nearly all trails, but not for those with a ceiling

    The Super SUV is affordable for its features, making it available to most players. You can travel far with it and accumulate plenty of coins to spend on other significant devices, like the Lunokhod. The Super SUV’s lack of a roof is a drawback because it makes it hazardous on some maps.

  • Cost: 1,000,000.
  • Speed: high.
  • Routes to travel: Countryside, Mountain, Arctic, Desert, Young Fighter Course.
  • Manageability: low.
  • 2. Landed on the Moon (Lunokhod). This machine’s primary benefit is its use of accelerators to enable flight. Gasoline will burn quickly. You could win thanks to Lunokhod’s Boosters, for instance, if you land on your back. In this situation, other machines will almost certainly cause you to crash, but the Lunokhod will allow you to “align” your transport by holding down the gas and brake buttons. The Lunokhod’s quick acceleration and efficiency on almost all tracks are additional benefits. Minus – high fuel consumption during flights and driving.

  • Cost: 1,500,000.
  • Speed: medium.
  • Routes for travel: Moon, Nuclear power plant, Mars, Course of a young fighter.
  • Manageability: low.
  • 3. Rally car. Although it has a convertible spoiler (which can occasionally save lives), the car looks like any other. The rally car’s speed, ease of use, and low gas consumption will help you traverse challenging terrain. It has a fairly stable suspension and good acceleration. Due to its downforce, it rises perfectly uphill and can travel up to 360,000 meters on the highway. Cons: high cost and complexity of control in the air.

  • Cost: 750.000.
  • Speed: very high.
  • Routes for travel: Highway, Beach, Roller coaster.
  • Manageability: average.
  • 4. Cross bike. Blue light motorcycle. It is inexpensive, moves quickly, and most importantly, uses little gasoline. It is simple to use, which makes somersaulting on it simple, especially back somersaults. On the Moon, a dirt bike will be especially helpful to you because you can perform numerous somersaults while riding it and collect a ton of coins.

    The risk of injury when performing tricks is the only drawback of this mode of transportation. To prevent losing, you’ll need to develop the ability to pause and slow down quickly. Be cautious when riding a Motocross bike on karts with ceilings as well because the risk of hitting the rider is increased by how easily the bike breaks off the surface.

  • Cost: 75,000.
  • Speed: medium.
  • Routes for travel: Moon, Highway, North Pole, Ghostly, Volcano.
  • Manageability: average.
  • 5. Rocket. Rocket is a white car stylized as a rocket. develops a rapid rate of movement and is capable of a smooth landing. The rocket’s capability to launch both from the ground and into the air is one of its features. Hold down the gas and brake pedals as you accelerate the vehicle to accomplish this. Please be aware that flying costs quite a bit in fuel, which is not profitable.

  • Cost: 1,500,000.
  • Speed: high.
  • Routes for travel: Moon, Mars, Alien planet.
  • Manageability: average.
  • FAQ

    Which car is the fastest in Hill Climb Racing?

    Although the McMurtry Speirling is the fastest vehicle of any kind to complete the hillclimb, the fastest electric vehicle to do so was already available.

    What’s the best stage on hill climb?

    Vehicles. Hill Climb Racing’s seventh stage, The Moon, costs 175,000 coins to unlock. Due to its low gravity, which makes flipping and getting air time easier, it is by far the best stage for farming coins early on in the game.

    Which engine is best in Hill Climb Racing?

    A twin turbo V8 engine powered by diesel is known as the Diesel V8 TT. Compared to the Diesel 4 or 6, it produces 40% more power while using only slightly more fuel, making it much more efficient. This engine may be used on the Super Diesel 4X4.

    What is the best map for money on Hill Climb Racing?

    The wiki describes the moon stage as advantageous for farming (coins) because of its predominant feature of low gravity. As air times are typically 10,000 or more, it is also very helpful for farming. That would also be my recommendation to farm coins.

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