How big is an end portal in minecraft?

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1000 blocks

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The player must locate a stronghold using Eyes of Ender, locate the portal room, and activate the end portal in the end portal room in order to reach the End. The room is made up of 12 end portal frames that are arranged in a 55 square with the corners removed. A staircase leads up to the portal, which hangs over a lava pool. A silverfish spawner sits on top of the staircase.

By placing an eye of ender in each of the 12 end portal frames, the player can open the portal. Each frame block has a 10% chance of generating with an eye in it already, meaning the player may not necessarily use 12 eyes to activate it When all of Ender’s eyes are in position, the portal opens and makes a loud noise. The end portal blocks, which can teleport an entity into the End dimension, are replaced with all other blocks in the central 3 by 3 square, including bedrock and any other portal frames, as soon as the portal is activated. The player and any previous entities that may have teleported arrive right away in the End (x: 100, z: 0) after entering the portal.

One large island in The End is surrounded by numerous smaller islands that are all primarily made of end stone. There is a 1000 block-long chasm between the central island and the outer islands that is completely empty.

Both the End’s void and the starless sky are made of a sterile, static pattern. The End lacks the daily cycle, much like the Nether, and instead has a dim light that never changes.

The End has no weather cycle, so there is no precipitation, no snow, and no thunderstorms.

With a few notable exceptions, the majority of items and blocks operate in the End exactly as they do in the Overworld:

The End in Java Edition is divided into 5 biomes. If the biome is set in the Overworld, beds and respawn anchors continue to explode. All End biomes are collectively referred to as the_End in Bedrock Edition. In both versions, the sky appears as a light gray variation of the typical Overworld sky when the biome is set to “the End” in the Overworld.

Generated structures

The main island is where all players start their exploration of the End. The end portal, unlike nether portals, instantly teleports the player to the End without giving them a chance to retreat. When a player enters an end portal, any blocks in a 3-block space above the platform are deleted. The player is initially placed on a 5-by-5-inch obsidian platform with three layers of air blocks above it. The platform can generate close enough for an ender pearl to be thrown to get to the island, inside the island, or outside of it. It always generates with the player facing west and centered at (100, 49, 0)

The player can only exit the End by dying or killing the ender dragon. The central Exit Portal, which fills up at the conclusion of the battle, is surrounded by ten obsidian towers that are arranged in a circle. The dragon naturally spawns there and soars above them. Each tower has an end crystal on top of it, some of which are caged in iron bars. The dragon is healed by these crystals, but they can be destroyed by being struck, even with projectiles. The dragon suffers damage if the crystal is destroyed while it is recovering.

When defeated, the dragon travels to the portal at (0, 64, 0), ascends into the sky, and then vanishes, leaving behind bright beams of light. When it explodes, it releases 12,000 experience orbs for the first dragon and 500 for all subsequent dragons. It also turns on the exit portal and creates one end gateway (for the first 20 dragons only). This gives the player access to the Ends outer islands. Four torches and a dragon egg are perched atop the exit portal. By adding four end crystals to the sides of the exit portal after killing the dragon, it can respawn indefinitely. Any obsidian pillar blocks previously mined by the player, as well as the torches on the exit portal, regenerate upon the ender dragon’s reappearance. However, killing an ender dragon that has respawned does not cause the dragon egg to regenerate.

The “end poem” appears after the player exits the portal, marking the game as “finished.” The player then respawns wherever their spawn is set in the Overworld or the Nether and can access the End via the same portal (or another portal from a different stronghold); the End is left in the same condition as when they last left it. Every time a player enters the End, the obsidian platform regenerates, which means that any blocks or block entities placed in the 554 space on or above the platform are destroyed and changed with obsidian and air blocks.

Outer islands

More diverse than the main island are the Ends’ outer islands. A player is instantly teleported over the 1000-block void to the outer islands when they enter one of the end gateways that appear after killing the dragon. Due to the one block tall space between the bedrock blocks, entering these gateway portals with ender pearls is easiest. However, they can also be accessed by swimming through water, using a trapdoor or piston to make the player crawl, or by using a pair of elytra with skill.

The outer islands vary in size. There are sporadic “mini islands” in the spaces between the larger ones, but they are typically empty (rarely, they produce end gateways that take players back to the obsidian platform). The size of the larger islands can also vary, but they are typically 100 to several hundred blocks wide. The distances between these islands are typically small enough for players to traverse using ender pearls.

The outer End islands in Java Edition do not generate in multiple concentric rings due to a bug[1]. At 370,727 on the X and Z axes, the first ring begins, cutting off terrain generation in the form of a doughnut. It keeps going without stopping but returns at X/Z=(-)524,288. It then vanishes again at X/Z=(-)642,119 and returns at X/Z=(-)741,455. It goes on in this manner until the international border, getting ever-closer. Going far enough would make the world resemble the stripe lands of Bedrock Edition if the world border were removed.

The End is home to three naturally occurring mobs:

  • Endermen spawn naturally throughout the entire dimension.
  • When a player first enters the game, the ender dragon naturally spawns on the central island. However, the dragon can be revived by placing four end crystals, one on each side of the exit portal’s middle block.
  • Shulkers appear within end cities on the outer islands. When attacked by another shulker, they can occasionally clone themselves even though they do not respawn after being killed.

Through an end portal, you can send other enemies besides the wither into the End. (The wither can still be constructed as usual in the end. ).

Naturally generated

Blocks that are created by the world seed and always generate regardless of circumstances are considered to be naturally generated.

Naturally created

These blocks are not placed by the player but rather by a series of circumstances that result in natural events like calling the Ender Dragon.

When the “generated structures” [Java Edition only] option is enabled, these blocks are generated as a component of end cities.

Technical information

Name Identifier(JE) Numeric ID
The End the_end 1

The End is saved in Java Edition in the same place as other worlds, in the DIM1 subdirectory of the world save file. The End is reset when the DIM1 directory is deleted, including all player-made modifications.

Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
The End? Enter an End Portal Enter a stronghold End Portal activated with all twelve eyes of ender. 20G Gold
The End Kill the Enderdragon [sic] Enter the end exit portal. 40G Bronze
You Need a Mint Collect dragons breath in a glass bottle Have a dragons breath bottle in your inventory 30G Silver
The End… Again… Respawn the Enderdragon [sic] 30G Silver
Great View From Up Here Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker 20G Bronze
Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
The End? Enter the End Portal Eye Spy Enter the End dimension. story/enter_the_end
The End? Or the beginning? Enter the End dimension. end/root
Free the End Good luck The End Kill the ender dragon. end/kill_dragon
The Next Generation Hold the Dragon Egg Free the End Have a dragon egg in your inventory. end/dragon_egg
Remote Getaway Escape the island Free the End Throw an ender pearl through, fly, or walk into an end gateway. end/enter_end_gateway
The End… Again… Respawn the Ender Dragon Free the End Be in a certain radius from the exit portal when an ender dragon is summoned using end crystals. end/respawn_dragon
You Need a Mint Collect dragons breath in a glass bottle Free the End Have a bottle of dragons breath in your inventory. end/dragon_breath
The City at the End of the Game Go on in, what could happen? Remote Getaway Enter an end city. end/find_end_city
Skys the Limit Find elytra The City at the End of the Game Have a pair of elytra in your inventory. end/elytra
Great View From Up Here Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker The City at the End of the Game Move a distance of 50 blocks vertically with the Levitation effect applied, regardless of whether it is caused by the effect. end/levitate

The bug tracker is used to maintain issues with “The End.” Report issues there.

  • Without changing the game files, a player on Windows 10 can set their render distance to a maximum of 72 chunks (1152 blocks), making the outer islands visible from the main island.
  • The first publicized image of the End, showing an ender dragon
  • Brightened version of the first screenshot of the End.
  • Clearly displaying the end stone is a still image of the End taken from a video that Notch uploaded.
  • Brighter version of the still shot with an ender dragon.
  • Edge of the End island.
  • A narrow white stone island with a lone enderman.
  • A screenshot from above a group of hostile endermen.
  • a unique location where players can spawn in the End that is not in the air
  • A spawn platform in the ground.
  • What transpires if a player uses a bed or respawn anchor in the End
  • An end crystal.
  • A caged end crystal.
  • The exit portal.
  • Chorus trees and endermen on an outer End island.
  • The only plant life in the End is found on an outlying island that stretches into the distance. It has fields of chorus trees.
  • Often, bridges, ender pearls, or elytra are needed to travel between outer islands.
  • An end ship drifts into the infinite void.
  • A big end city with a ship.
  • A map in the End.
  • A close-up of an island in the End. Notice the extreme thickness.
  • An island’s edge with a chorus tree growing there
  • 9×9 map of the End using maps.
  • In the Far Lands, close proximity generation of end spikes, chorus plants, and an end city occurred.
  • Artificial village in the End.
  • A screenshot showing how entering the End through an end portal does not cancel fall damage, allowing for instant death.
  • End gateway generated somewhere in the End.
  • An end portal with just a few eyes of ender.
  • An end portal with all the eyes of ender.
  • The portal room of a stronghold.
  • Near the outer edges of the main End island, a group of endermen.
  • The Far Lands in the End.
  • The Farther Lands in the End.
  • Title at the beginning of the credits.
  • Quote at the end of the credits.
  • A part of the end poem.

Does The End Have An End?


Is the end of Minecraft Endless?

It does go on indefinitely. So does the End. That’s all there is to say about the overworld, according to the Wiki, “The world border is basically a giant bounding box; by default, its center lies at coordinates x:0, z:0, with a width and length of almost 30 million (29,999,984) blocks from both ends.”

How wide is the end?

Each end zone is 160 feet, or 53 yards, wide between the two sidelines. 3 yards, (the same width as the field itself).

Is the end just one island?

The End is made up of one large island and numerous smaller outer islands that are all primarily made of end stone. There is a void of about 1000 blocks between the central island and the outer islands. The Void of the End is composed of the same blank, static pattern as the starless sky.

Does the end of Minecraft have a world border?

Java Edition The world border is located at X/Z ±29,999,984. Beyond this point, chunks continue to generate, but the player is limited to 30 million blocks out.

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