How can I attract more brahmin to the settlements?

Brahmin may randomly appear at settlements, and will stay near their feed troughs. A pack of four appear on a small island south of Saugus Ironworks and north of Finch farm. Some wild brahmin may appear east of Starlight Drive In. Pack brahmin accompany traveling merchants in the Commonwealth.

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brahmin in settlements fallout 4?

Some players have reported that putting the bathtub-turned-feeding troughs in their settlements have led to Brahmin just appearing there and eating the food inside. It may not happen all the time, or may just be a bit of a weird glitch, but it’s always worth a try if you’re desperate to grab yourself a mutant cow for your settlement.

If you’ve been trying to increase the size of your settlement, you’ve probably built yourself a beacon. These things transmit a signal across the wasteland basically telling settlers to head to your settlement and live a new, happy life. However, there is a small possibility that sometimes a beacon can lead to a Brahmin appearing in your settlement rather than a human.

Just like the traveler who was willing to sell his dog, all you have to do is stumble upon this traveler by chance and you’ll hopefully be given the opportunity to buy the strange mutant cow. Just make sure you have the money to afford the creature. Once you’ve paid him, simply select the settlement that you want to send the Brahmin to and it’ll slowly but surely make its way there. Sometimes fast traveling and waiting can help to make the Brahmin appear at your chosen settlement.

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According to this post on the Steam Community forums brahmin increase the productivity of the settlement.

They can be used to carry caravans around and can be killed for their meat as said here. They can also be used to see dialogue actions and seemingly help boost productivity as well as said here:

Brahmin is way more important than you thought. As we know that the best way to get rich is selling purified water. But the problem of selling water is purified water is heavy. So here is another way to get rich: 1. Feed as many as possible Brahmins 2. Brahmin will produce fertilizer (in your workshop) 3. Use fertilizer (and plastic) to make Jet 4. Selling Jet

Jets weight is only 0.1 and its expensive than water.

Better to use these 2 ways together, so that you can use purified water to exchange plastic.

First of all Im pretty sure Brahmin dont just spawn in your settlements, there is an NPC walking around selling Brahmin for 100 caps, and this person can usually be found anywhere between Sanctuary, Starlight Drive-in and Abernathy Farm.

I bought a brahmin off her and had to choose which settlement to send it to. I chose Starlight Drive-in and sure enough my Brahmin was there when I showed up so I built it a feeding tub.

I dont believe its wise to buy brahmin for slaughtering purposes, I know they provide meat and leather but it isnt worth 100 caps a head. I do believe that brahmins produce fertilizer (shows up in junk in your workbench).

Also, contrary to what many believe, you do not need brahmin to establish supply lines, I think you only need Local Leader perk (level 1) to do that, and supply line brahmin spawn automatically.

I believe they also give your settlements Brahmin meat in the Workshop inventory.

After enough settlers and food troughs they will start coming in and killing them is only hurting you. Get as many as you can for they add to happiness and productivity. As well as they give you fertilizer which you can use to make ammo and jet which can be sold to make a load of caps.

I believe only give you fertilizer and count as a settler , and you can only have 10+ what every you cha is in settler .

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