How do i change my minecraft name

Changing your Minecraft username can be confusing. Regardless of the platform you’re using, this is how to do it.

Like many other gamers, I’ve outgrown my old, sometimes embarrassing usernames, so changing it is the ideal way to start fresh. For all Java accounts, Mojang started allowing users to change their usernames back in 2015. But compared to other online games, changing a username in Minecraft is a little trickier. It depends on the platform and the version. This tutorial will show you how to modify your Minecraft username on all available platforms. First off, if the account is linked to Microsoft and/or Mojang, it will be simpler to complete this. However, Microsoft started its mandatory notification for all Minecraft players to switch from a Mojang to a Microsoft account back in March 2022.

It’s also crucial to remember that a Minecraft username and an Xbox gamertag are two different things. However, the two can still be the same. Due to Bedrock versions of Minecraft being a part of the Xbox system in multiplayer mode, a gamertag is displayed above a player’s avatar. Even if someone uses Windows 10 or an Xbox to play Bedrock, this will still be the case.

Mojang has some creative restrictions on what players can do with their usernames, similar to any website with additional login requirements. Players can and cannot do the following when choosing a new username:

It is possible to change your Minecraft username once every 30 days. In addition, previous usernames will be kept for 37 days in case users change their minds and want to go back. The 30-day window during which players cannot change their names again is followed by a 37-day window during which time previous usernames are lost and can no longer be used by anyone else.

Changing Username

If you weren’t redirected to the “Profile” page then in the top right corner hover over your username and click Profile. Afterward, under Minecraft: Java Edition, press Profile Name. Once in that section, proceed to enter your new username for the Java Profile Name text field.

Change Your Username With a Mojang or Microsoft Accountadvertisement

Changing your username is easy if you happen to be playing a version of Minecraft that needs a Mojang or Microsoft Account. Heres what you need to do: LoadingPlay.

  • Navigate to the official Minecraft website.
  • Log in and load your Profile page.
  • Click Change next to your profile name.

This works for all Microsoft accounts. You must first switch your old Mojang account to a Microsoft account if you have one. Your new Minecraft username will be visible once your profile has been updated.

According to Mojang:

You will see your Username in-game when playing Minecraft: Java Edition, not your Gamertag. Only in-game and in your Minecraft account settings will you see your username for the game. You can still view and modify your username for the Minecraft: Java Edition client by visiting www. minecraft. net. Just navigate to your profile information. ” Note: You can only change your username.

Change Your Username Associated With a Gamertag

For those using a Microsoft account, changing your Minecraft username is a simple process, but using a Gamertag complicates things a little bit. Unfortunately, changing a Minecraft player’s username will require them to go through a different process, and it probably won’t be free. Heres how it works:

  • Navigate to the official Xbox website to change your Gamertag.
  • Log in and load your profile.
  • Navigate to the Change Gamertag page.
  • Check the availability and confirm your change.

The first time you update your Gamertag is free, but subsequent updates cost money (the exact sum varies by region). You must therefore be careful when selecting a new Minecraft username, or you risk having to pay for yet another name change.

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How do i change my minecraft name

How To Change Your Minecraft Username


How do I change my Minecraft username 2022?

For free, users with Microsoft accounts can modify their usernames at www. minecraft. net/en-us/profile. Go to My Games and click the dropdown box for Minecraft: Java Edition. You will be directed to a name change page after clicking on Profile Name. Enter your preferred new username and select Change Profile Name.

Why can’t I change my Minecraft name?

Understand the limitations. You are not permitted to change your name if you created the account within the previous 30 days, or more than once every 30 days.

What is my Minecraft username?

If you have a computer

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