How to write a review on Shein for points

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SHEIN surpassed Zara, H&M, Forever 21, and Fashion Nova to become the largest fast-fashion retailer in the US in 2021. It’s understandable why they’ve gained so much popularity because SHEIN’s affordable clothing prices, flash sales, and coupons make it simple for you to save a lot of money whenever your wardrobe needs an upgrade.

But unlike their rivals, SHEIN only sells online and doesn’t have any physical stores. Finding all the different ways to save can occasionally be a bit overwhelming; fortunately, we are here to guide you to the biggest savings

It’s expected that you can purchase SHEIN clothing for 60-80% less than regular price. Here’s exactly how you do it.

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HOW TO USE SHEIN POINTS (How to use shein points at check out)

Why can’t I comment on Shein?

If you are still unable to post a comment, the delivery date has probably already passed, which is why the platform’s deadline for adding a product review has already passed. It is best to leave a review as soon as you receive our order because this occurs three months after the delivery is confirmed.

Please be aware that depending on the operating system, the application may occasionally change. Normally, clicking the “Comment” button will allow you to leave a comment, but occasionally, this button won’t show up, so you’ll need to click the “3 dots” on the left instead.

Because adding a comment must be done from the order section of your account, purchasing a Shein product is the only way to leave one. However, since the comment button is activated as soon as the product appears as shipped, you can leave comments even if you haven’t received your order.

How to get SHEIN points for free

Listed below are some methods for earning SHEIN points without spending money.

SHEIN’s Free Trial sends you free clothing in exchange for reviews.

SHEIN has a Free Trial program where you can fill out an application to get free SHEIN clothing to try out and review. This is a great way to see if you like the fit and quality of SHEIN clothing.

There are three winners chosen for each prize, and you are limited to three applications per week. We suggest looking at how many people have already applied for each item to increase your chances of winning. Your chances of getting free clothes increase with the number of applicants.

Winners are chosen randomly, so how much or little you buy on the SHEIN website doesn’t affect your chances.

If you are selected, shipping will take between 10 and 12 days. You have 10 days from the time you get your item to write, take pictures, and submit a review.


How many points do you get for a review on SHEIN?

You can gain points by writing reviews for the things you buy. If you write the minimum amount of text required, you will get 5 points. You will receive 10 points if your review contains a picture.

Does SHEIN give points for review likes?

You will receive an additional 50 points for reviews that are deemed to be “great reviews.”

Does SHEIN pay you for reviews?

Shein provides incentives for actual customers to review their purchases in order to promote the best possible shopping experience and enable customers to make knowledgeable decisions.

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