How do you breed horses in minecraft pe

You’re probably not the only one wondering how horse breeding works in Minecraft. Many new players are confused about how to tame and breed horses, donkeys, and mules in Minecraft, but our user-friendly guide to horse breeding will walk you through breeding each species and explain which species is best to breed in various scenarios. In no time at all, you and your friends will be riding between your towers and castles!

  1. You can breed horses in Minecraft by feeding Golden Apples or Carrots to two tamed horses.
  2. To craft the Golden Apples or Carrots you need, you’ll need Gold Ingots or Nuggets.
  3. You can also breed a horse with a donkey to produce a mule, which can’t be bred further.

Required Materials to Breed Horses

Any of the following items can be used in Minecraft to breed horses:

Steps to Breed Horses

First, you need to find two horses to breed. Horses are usually found in the Plains biome.

If you’re having trouble finding horses, you can use a cheat or a spawn egg to summon one.

We have constructed a fence to prevent our two horses from escaping because your horses need to be close to one another when mating.

Tame the Horses

Now, when breeding horses, it’s common to make the mistake of attempting to breed wild horses. You cant breed wild horses in Minecraft. Only tamed horses can be bred, and for a breeding to be successful, both horses must be tamed.

So make sure you have tamed both horses.

Use the Food Items

Use golden apples, enchanted apples, or golden carrots when breeding horses, whichever you prefer. In this instance, we’ll use two golden apples to breed horses.

You must feed each horse one golden apple at a time while the golden apples are selected in your hot bar.

Depending on the version of Minecraft, the following controls must be used to use/feed the golden apples to the horses:

  • For the PC/Mac Java Edition, right-click each horse separately.
  • You tap the horse one at a time in the Pocket Edition (PE).
  • Press the LT button on the Xbox controller for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Press the L2 button on the PS controller for the PS3 and PS4.
  • For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • One by one, right-click each horse in the Windows 10 Edition.
  • One by one, right-click each horse to access the Education Edition.

Red hearts will appear over the horses’ heads as you feed them the golden apples. Each of these horses is entering love mode.

After feeding both horses, they will turn to one another and more red hearts will keep appearing above their heads.

The red hearts will vanish after a brief period of time, and a adorable baby horse will then appear.

You will now have two mature horses and one foal.

Congratulations, you just learned how to breed horses in Minecraft!

Things to Do with Horses

Here are some things you can do in Minecraft with horses:

How to breed horses in Minecraft PE


How do you breed two horses in Minecraft bedrock?

Breeding. One needs a donkey and a horse of any kind in order to breed mules. Feed each one a golden carrot or apple to activate love mode so you can breed them. A baby mule will then be born between them after they briefly mingle after running to each other.

How do you breed horses and donkeys in Minecraft PE?

The three techniques used—pasture mating, hand mating, and artificial insemination—come in different forms. Breed registry regulations vary regarding the use of artificial insemination.

How do you get horses to breed?

Only a Potion of Swiftness or a Potion of Leaping (or both) will do. When two different horses are given the potions and allowed to breed while the effects are still in place, the offspring of the parents will inherit the parents’ enhanced stats.

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