Get & Use Honeycomb in Minecraft without Being Attacked

A honeycomb is a Minecraft item that cannot be created using a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you must locate and collect this object within the game.

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How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

In order to obtain honeycomb in Minecraft, you must use a pair of shears on a beehive or bee nest. Lets go through it step-by-step.

Find the Bee Nest

Shears are made from two Iron Ingots, which are obtained by smelting Iron Ore. Put one Iron Ingot in the middle slot of your Crafting Table and the other Ingot in the bottom-left slot.

Finding a bee nest with honey inside is the next step. Around the world, bee nests spawn at random in trees, and bees are always buzzing close by. However, even if you find one, you can’t harvest its honeycomb until it is fully loaded with honey.

When it’s daytime and not raining, bees in a bee nest will disperse in search of pollen. And the Nest’s “honey level” will increase by one each time a bee visits the Nest and then departs again. You’ll notice honey beginning to ooze out of the Nest when the honey level reaches five. This means its ready to go.

Approach the Nest and use your Shears on it. The honey level of the honeycomb will drop back to zero after three units pop out of it.

However, take caution because if you harvest from a Bee Nest, all the bees inside will emerge and begin pursuing you. They won’t stop pursuing you until they sting you, which will cause immediate damage and make you poisonous for a short while.

Immediately below the Nest, or within five blocks of it, you should light a campfire to avoid agitating the bees. Bees are calmed by the fire’s smoke, which prevents them from attacking you.

Repeat this procedure as often as necessary to collect all the honeycomb you desire. As long as there are still bees in the area, bee nests will always be viable.

How to use Honeycomb in Minecraft

There are a few different crafting recipes that involve Honeycomb.

First, you can use your Honeycomb to make a Beehive. Beehives function exactly the same as bee nests, but they can be placed anywhere. Fill the middle row of your crafting table with Honeycomb and the top and bottom rows with Planks to create a Beehive.

Beehives don’t naturally attract bees, so you’ll either need to wait for them to find the hive on their own or use flowers to entice them there (bees will follow anyone holding a flower). Each Beehive can house up to three bees at once.

Next, you can make Candles. When placed on the ground, candles provide light, but you must light them with flint and steel. Simply place one piece of String above one piece of honeycomb to create a candle.

Four pieces of honeycomb arranged in a square on your crafting table will produce a honeycomb block. This block is purely ornamental and has a honeycomb-like pattern.

Finally, creating waxed copper by combining one piece of honeycomb with any copper-based material. Your copper items won’t oxidize if you wax them, allowing them to retain their original color.



How do you harvest honeycomb in Minecraft without getting stung?

You must build a campfire below the hive (within 5 blocks) in order to harvest your honeycomb without upsetting the bees. Bees will be calmed by the smoke from the campfire, preventing an attack on you. A campfire can be made with three sticks, one coal or charcoal, and three wood or logs.

How do you harvest honeycomb bees in Minecraft?

Find a Bee Nest to get a Honeycomb in Survival Mode. You must first locate a bee nest in your Minecraft world. Hold your Shears. Next, select your shears from the hotbar and hold them in your hand. Use the Shears. Pick up the Honeycomb.

How do you gather honeycomb in Minecraft?

The foundation’s honeycomb should be carefully removed with a small knife or hive tool. Carefully remove all of the comb from the bottom edge so that the bees will start building comb from the top foundation strip when you re-insert the frame into the hive.

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