4 Ways to Play Minecraft PE Multiplayer

There are a few things to think about if you want to join a Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock Edition) server:

Joining A Friend’s Game

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1. Open Minecraft. 2. Tap Play. 3. Tap the Server tab. 4. Tap Add Server. 5. Enter the servers name, address, and port number. 6. Tap Save. 7. Tap a server you want to join.

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  • Playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition alone is plenty fun, but add some friends to your screen and it’s even better. Here’s how.

    Download the most recent version of the game (0 before attempting multi-player. 12. 1) to ensure that you and your friends have the most recent features; the game is $6 99 USD.

    Playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition locally

    When you play locally, you can play with up to five friends in the same world, but only if everyone is using the same Wi-Fi connection. Switch “Local Server Multiplayer” to on in the game’s settings.

    Choose whose world you want to play in, then install the game on that person’s phone. This device will now be the host.

    How do you connect on minecraft pe

    Your friends must click “play” and choose the new world (highlighted in blue) that has appeared at the top of their list in order to join.

    Get ready to dig, create, explore, or run around chasing creepers—whatever you’re into—because they’re in.

    How do you connect on minecraft pe

    How To Play Multiplayer In Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2022! (Android, IOS, Xbox, PS5, Windows 11)


    How do you connect on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

    1. On the Minecraft Pocket Edition application, press the Play button.
    2. Navigate to the Servers tab.
    3. On the Servers tab, press the Add Server button.
    4. Enter your Server Name, Server Address, and Port.
    5. Press Play to quickly join the server.

    How do you connect together on Minecraft?

    Join a server
    1. Launch Minecraft and select Multiplayer. Open the multiplayer menu. …
    2. Click Add Server.
    3. Enter the host server’s address in the Server Address box, then click Done. This might be an IP address, or a URL.
    4. Wait for the server to connect, then click Join Server when it appears in the list.

    Why can’t I connect with my friend on Minecraft PE?

    Most likely, one of you is playing on a different version of Minecraft or hasn’t linked their Microsoft account to their MCPE. They might be using Java instead of Bedrock/MCPE, you might be using a previous update, or both of you might be using a previous update.

    How do you play Minecraft PE online with friends?

    Connect to Minecraft: Pocket Edition gaming servers
    1. Play.
    2. New.
    3. Adding an external server is indicated in the top right corner by a plus sign and an arrow.
    4. And enter a name–can be any name.
    5. Enter the address.
    6. Enter port number.
    7. Tap Add server.

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