How do you do commands in minecraft

If you don’t like hard work, there are cheats and console commands available. What better way to conquer the vast sandbox that is a Minecraft world than to open the command bar, type a few words and symbols, and then use magic to summon a prissy clippy pony with diamond armor?

There is much more to a console command than just a series of letters. They have the power to instantly alter your surroundings, kill all of your enemies, and smelt all of the metal in your inventory. Some may view this as cheating, but we see it as simply saving you time so that you can continue working on your incredible Minecraft project.

But how do you enter Minecraft commands? Fortunately, using Minecraft console commands is incredibly easy; it’s just like entering Minecraft seeds. You’ll be given the option to allow or disallow cheats when making a new Minecraft world. You must press the “C” key to bring up the command bar after choosing yes and loading the game’s world in order to enter all of your cheats and commands there.

Any command you enter must be preceded by a forward slash (/); commands entered in multiplayer will not function with this prefix.

Now, all that remains is to type the desired command and press the “Enter” key.

Command guide

Upon attempting to execute the command, various outcomes such as “unparseable,” “failed,” “successful,” “error,” “[Java Edition only],” and “Terminate” are returned. ‌[Java Edition only].

List and summary of commands

The table below summarizes all commands.

Hidden commands

These commands are unavailable in general cases. Most of them can be accessed with a Websocket Server.

Summary of Hidden Commands

Command Description BE EE

BE&EE OP level

MP only
/agent Controls the agent. Yes Yes 0‌[EE only] 1‌[BE only]
/codebuilder Sets Code Builder state for a player. Yes 1
/classroommode Ability to edit restricted blocks. Yes 0
/closechat Closes the chat window of the local player if it is open. Yes 0
/closewebsocket Closes websocket connection if there is one. Yes Yes 0
/code Launches Code Builder. Yes 0
/enableencryption Enable encryption for the current websocket connection. Yes Yes 0
/getchunkdata Gets pixels for a specific chunk. Yes Yes 3
/getchunks Gets list of chunks that are loaded. Yes Yes 3
/geteduclientinfo Shows the information about the client. Yes 0
/geteduserverinfo Shows the information about the server. Yes 0 MP
/getlocalplayername Shows the name of the local player. Yes Yes 0
/getspawnpoint Gets the spawn position of the specified player(s). Yes Yes 3
/gettopsolidblock Gets the position of the top non-air block below the specified position. Yes Yes 0‌[EE only] 1‌[BE only]
/globalpause Sets or gets the paused state of the game for all players. Yes Yes 3
/lesson Handle Educational Lesson reporting. Yes 0


Lists the information about players on the server. Yes Yes 3
/querytarget Gets transform, name, and id information about the given target entity or entities. Yes Yes 0‌[EE only] 2‌[BE only]
/spawnitem Spawns an item entity at position. Yes 0
/takepicture Takes a photo of a player or from a players point of view. Yes Yes 1

Removed commands

Bedrock Edition’s internal development builds are the only places where developer commands are enabled; release versions typically do not have them.

Agent commands

Issues relating to “Commands” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

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What are some cool commands for Minecraft?

Cool Minecraft Commands List1. /help. Use the /help command to learn about other commands. 2. /time. 3. /gamerule. Toggle various rules in the world using the /gamerule command. 4. /tell. Send a chat message only to a particular player or players by using the /tell command. 5. /kill. 6. /give. 7. /clear. 8. /effect.

How do you build a command in Minecraft?

@p. Targets the nearest player from the command’s execution. The player who most recently joined the server is chosen if there are multiple nearest players due to them all being exactly the same distance apart. In Bedrock Edition, @p only targets players who are alive.

What does @P do in Minecraft commands?

One of the parameters in a Diameter Message is the Command Code. You can specify the Command Code values that can be used in Peer Routing Rules and Application Routing Rules in the Command Codes configuration section.

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