How do you tame animals in minecraft

The amount of time that Minecraft leaves between all the mining and crafting

Players have a lot of time and space to explore the world and get to know its various hostile and passive creatures in Minecraft between all the mining and crafting. These monsters include game monsters that can be tamed to serve as mounts, guardians, or just as pets.

However, taming a mob is no simple task. To gain an animal’s trust, players will typically need the appropriate items and a dash of luck. Some Minecraft monsters are also incredibly rare and difficult to locate. Heres how to tame the best mobs in Minecraft.

Updated on November 6, 2022, by Anastasia Maillot: Minecraft 1. Everyone is talking about 20, and anticipation for a huge update is growing. Mojang has recently demonstrated its aptitude for modernizing some of the game’s dated features while also adding fresh, entertaining additions to liven up the sandbox survival game. Players selected one of the most recent mobs to join the game after the mob vote back in 2021: the Allay. The Allay has earned its place on this list even though this mob cannot exactly be “tamed” because the process can be compared to taming. If necessary, more details and updates have also been added in relation to previous tameable mobs. Heres how the best mobs in Minecraft can be tamed.

List of tameable mobs

Mobs that can trust

Allay Axolotl Fox Ocelot

Each animal can be tamed via different mechanics. Wolves can be tamed by giving the animal bones. You can train cats and parrots by feeding them their favorite foods. Once domesticated, these creatures will follow the player unless instructed to sit. Tamed wolves will start fighting alongside their master. Wolves and cats that have been tamed can be bred, and they will stop hunting by themselves. On the player’s shoulder, trained parrots can mimic sounds made by nearby mobsters.

You can tame horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, and trader llamas by repeatedly mounting them until they stop bucking you off. Feeding them their favorite foods makes taming them easier. Once tamed, these animals can be bred and given equipment. Equipped with a saddle, trained horses, donkeys, and mules can be controlled while being ridden. In the Bedrock Edition, controlling skeleton horses while riding does not require a saddle. If the skeleton rider is killed, the player can tame skeleton horses. Zombie horses can be trained using commands even though they are normally impossible to train.

Even though some mobs can never truly be tamed, the player can still win their trust. Mobs that players can trust stop running away from them and do not respawn.

Tempting an axolotl with a bucket of tropical fish can win their trust, and catching them in a bucket stops them from despawning. A loyal axolotl will accompany the player into combat and bestow bonuses if they aid the axolotl in battle.

Although a fox cannot be trusted if it was born naturally, the player can still breed them. Fox kits bred this way will trust players. A dependable fox will protect the player from numerous mobs.

You can win an ocelot’s trust by giving it raw cod or salmon.

You can win an allay’s trust by providing it with any block or object. The player or a recently activated note block will receive the items from the trusting allay after it has looked for and picked them up. Allays can be “untrusted” in contrast to other trustworthy mobs by stealing their item.

Special items

These are the things that are useful for training animals or otherwise winning their trust.

Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
Leader of the Pack Befriend five Wolves. This does not have to be in a single game, so multiple games or reloading old saves does count toward this achievement. 20G Bronze
Lion Hunter Gain the trust of an Ocelot. 15G Bronze
Saddle Up Tame a horse. 20G Bronze
Plethora of Cats Befriend twenty stray cats. Befriend and tame twenty stray cats found in villages. They do not all need to be tamed in a single world. 20G Silver
The Healing Power of Friendship! Team up with an Axolotl and win a fight Team up with an axolotl by killing the hostile aquatic mob [verify] while the axolotl is fighting it (not playing dead). 30G Silver

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  • The player can only tame the skeleton horse, a naturally hostile mob.
  • Three tamed wolves following the player around.
  • Many tamed wolves sitting.
  • A group of begging tamed wolves.
  • A tamed pup sitting.
  • Many tamed cats.
  • A pair of tamed horses.
  • Many tamed skeleton horses with saddle‌s.
  • A player riding a skeleton horse underwater.

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Can you tame animals in Minecraft?

Can be tamed by giving them bones. When a wolf wears a red collar around its neck, you will know it has been domesticated. If you hold dye in your hand and right-click on this collar, you can dye it a different color. Except for creepers, a tamed wolf will attack any mob that its owner attacks.

What is the easiest animal to tame in Minecraft?

Wolves are probably the most prevalent mob, making them simple for players to tame.

How do you pet an animal in Minecraft?

Cats and ocelots, one of the most useful kinds of pets in all of Minecraft, can be quickly domesticated by feeding them raw cod or salmon. Following the player around after being tamed, they will jump and sit on specific blocks while keeping them company.

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