How do you teleport someone in minecraft

People still can’t get enough of blocks, so Minecraft’s popularity isn’t waning and the long-running game is still a hot topic of conversation.

And one reason it continues to be well-liked is that it frequently gives us fresh motivations to visit it and offers us something new to try.

Before we explain how to teleport in Minecraft, however, we must first explain how to cheat in the game.

When trying to teleport, players should enter “/tp theirusername.” For example, if the other player’s name is Steve, they will type in “/tp<Steve>.” If players would like to type in the coordinates of someone instead, they would type in this “/tp [target player] <x> <y> <z>.” The target player part is optional.

How to teleport in Minecraft

You must enable cheats in your Minecraft world before you can teleport. Depending on whether you’re starting a new world or playing in one you’ve already created, there are two different ways to enable cheats, but they’re both straightforward. For more information, see our article on how to enable cheats.

To access the chat menu once your cheats are active, press T on your keyboard or the right D-pad button on your controller. Then type /tp.

Quick tip: You can also type /teleport instead. The two commands work exactly the same.

At this point, youve got a few different options. Using XYZ coordinates is the quickest and best way to move around via teleportation.

Every single location in Minecraft has unique XYZ coordinates. Press F3 on your keyboard (or Fn F3 if you’re on a laptop) to find them in the Java edition. Pause Bedrock, choose Settings, and then turn on Show Coordinates in the Game Settings menu.

If you know a location’s coordinates, you can teleport there. Type your command in the following format: /tp X Y Z.

For instance, to teleport to location 70, 70, 70, you would type: /tp 70 70 70

Important: The Minecraft world is 64 layers deep. You will enter “The Void” and almost immediately die if you type any number lower than -64 for your Y coordinate.

Use the tilde key () if you know the general direction you want to go in but are unsure of your exact destination. You can warp yourself 70 blocks east, 70 blocks up in the air, and 70 blocks south from your current location by typing /tp 70 70 70. Add the minus sign before the number to move in the opposite direction (west, down, north).

You can teleport other players, too. To teleport a player named JohnDoe, type: /tp JohnDoe 70 70 70. Just type their username before the coordinates.

Additionally, you can simply type: /tp JohnDoe to teleport yourself to JohnDoe (or any other player).

However, be aware that if you’re not careful, you could teleport into a solid object. If you do this, your character will begin to take a lot of damage and will soon pass away. The game will check to see if there are any blocks at the location you’re trying to warp to, and if it finds any, it will cancel the teleport. You can avoid this by adding the word true to the end of your cheat.

Here are some other quick teleport commands:

  • /tp @a @s: Teleports every player to you. Replace @s with some coordinates to teleport them there instead.
  • /tp @e[type=EnemyName] @s teleports all enemies of that type nearby right to you. Replace the EnemyName placeholder with whatever mob you want.
  • /tp 62: This lowers your altitude to sea level while maintaining your cardinal directions. If you want to stay on the same coordinate but change the others, simply replace any coordinate with a tilde using this trick.

How to teleport to The Nether and The End

The Overworld, the dimension where you’ll spend the majority of your time in every game of Minecraft, is where you start each game. The Nether and The End, the two additional game dimensions, typically require special items.

However, you can instantly teleport between dimensions in the Java Edition of Minecraft. To accomplish this, use the new command “/execute” in conjunction with the teleport cheat. “.

Note: Unfortunately, this command doesnt work in Bedrock Edition. To reach the other dimensions in that version, you must create a Nether Portal or End Portal.

Open the chat window and enter the command: /execute in DimensionName run tp PlayerName to teleport yourself to another dimension.

If you want to warp to a different world, choose Overworld, The_Nether, or The_End. If you want to warp another player, leave the PlayerName placeholder blank. Replace the tildes with the coordinates.

It’s easy to teleport straight into lava, a mountain, or a bottomless pit in The Nether and The End because of their vastly different layouts from the Overworld. And unfortunately, the “true” command doesnt work when switching dimensions.

The best course of action is to first transition between dimensions normally, note down a few secure coordinates, and then use those later.

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How do I teleport someone to me in Minecraft?

To teleport a player named JohnDoe, type: /tp JohnDoe 70 70 70. Simply type their username before the coordinates. Additionally, you can simply type: /tp JohnDoe to teleport yourself to JohnDoe (or any other player).

How do you use the teleport command in Minecraft?

In order to teleport in Minecraft, either press the T key on your keyboard or the right D-pad button on your controller. When the command area appears, enter the following: /tp. Use the distinct coordinates that each Minecraft location has going forward.

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