How does minecraft: education edition work

This very well-liked block-based game has an education-focused edition called Minecraft. Students will be drawn to the game anyway, so this also gives teachers the opportunity to instruct them as they engage with this virtual world.

Both in the classroom and remotely, Minecraft: Education Edition (opens in new tab) is a great tool. Give students the opportunity to experience space and time virtually. Or have teams collaborate on a project no matter where they are in the world.

The educational version of Minecraft is suitable for students of all ages and academic levels. Many colleges use Minecraft (opens in new tab) to provide virtual tours, even orientation groups, and to assist new students in virtually integrating during remote learning sessions.

What’s the catch? Minecraft: Education Edition costs money, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Then you can decide if investing in this nearly infinite virtual world is worthwhile.


Minecrafter (plural Minecrafters) (video games) A person who plays the game Minecraft. › Minecrafter


Education is about learning skills and knowledge. It also means helping people to learn how to do things and support them to think about what they learn. It’s also important for educators to teach ways to find and use information. Education needs research to find out how to make it better. › Education

has features built specifically for learning environments to support collaboration, assessment, coding, and more. Browse over 600 standards-aligned lessons to engage students across the curriculum. You can even write and submit your own Minecraft lessons! Learn with Minecraft across the curriculum.

Minecraft: Education Edition Features

Benefit How Minecraft: Education Edition Helps
Immersive Reader This feature allows teachers to attend accommodations such as read-aloud – giving students the option to have content from the game translated through audio.
Chemistry Resource Pack Minecraft Education offers specific science education resources for students, teachers, and educators. Discover a variety of science resources such as; combining elements of matter into useful compounds and conducting virtual experiments.
Classroom Mode An app that comes with a variety of features. The main feature is that of a world map view where teachers can teleport a student avatar. Classroom mode is great for teacher assessment and following students without actually being in the game.
Code Connection Gives students and teachers access to creating their world through writing code. This is a great resource for gaining digital skills and real-world skills.
Easy Classroom Collaboration Depending on the size of the school, collaboration is easy. Collaborative learning is easy when all students in a single class school can join in the same world. Up to 30 students can work together to build a world. Either in pairs, groups, or as an entire group.
Non-Player Characters A great resource is the non-player characters. Set up by educators these characters give students a guide for building their worlds based on teacher expectations.
Cameras, Portfolios and Writable books Tracking student progression is obviously an extremely important aspect of the classroom. With these three special features, teachers are able to easily do just that!
Teacher Permissions As a teacher or educator on Minecraft: Education Edition you are able to set permission levels to other players in any world in which they join.

The benefits of Minecraft Education Edition for educators are fairly obvious. There are many advantages to using this game-based learning platform. With Minecraft: Education Edition, teachers have the freedom to design and adapt lessons that are unique to their curriculum and students for use with classroom learning centers, remote learning toolkits, and any other learning environment.

How does minecraft: education edition work

How does minecraft: education edition work

How Much Does Minecraft: Education Edition Cost?

There is a free trial offered by Minecraft Education and this free trial contains access to ALL FEATURES. With the trial, you are limited to a certain number of logins. Teachers who have an Office 365 Education account will be provided with 25 logins. While teachers without an Office 365 Account with be limited to 10 logins. Once you finish the free trial you will need to purchase a license to continue! Check this out for more information!

Small Single Class School

For a small single-class school, there is a $5. 00 charge per user per year.

Purchase Licenses

Licenses can be purchased for any eligible academic institution. An academic license and a commercial license are the two different kinds of licenses. Depending on the size of the school you are working with, prices will change.

Here you can find a breakdown of all of the information on licensing, purchasing, and the free trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, students may use their copy of Minecraft for educational purposes at home. They must log in with their Minecraft: Education Edition credentials. Students must also be using a platform that is supported.

What is the Difference Between normal Minecraft and Education Edition?

Yes, students may use their copy of Minecraft for educational purposes at home. They must log in with their Minecraft: Education Edition credentials. Students must also be using a platform that is supported.

  • Students are provided with the camera, portfolio, and writable books.
  • Students can also use the in-game coding companion, which teaches them the basics of coding.
  • Teachers are given lesson plans, but they also have the freedom to make their own lesson plans that are in line with the curriculum.

Is Minecraft: Education Edition Educational?

The educational value of the Minecraft Education Edition depends on your creativity. Meaning that it can be very educational if teachers put in the effort to learn and develop specific goals for their students. With enhanced teacher controls and educator resources, this game-based learning platform can now be used to teach.

A Look at Minecraft Education Edition


Is Minecraft: Education Edition for free?

Anyone can try out Minecraft: Education Edition for free!

Is Minecraft: Education Edition the full game?

For ChromeOS devices that work with Google Play, an Education Edition Public Beta was made available on June 26, 2020. On August 7, 2020, the full game was made available on Google Play for ChromeOS-compatible devices. CollapseMinecraft Education. CollapseMinecraftHelpControls Options Tutorials Common myths.

How is Minecraft: Education Edition different from Minecraft?

To promote a better learning environment, the original game’s extra features and resources have been added to Minecraft: Education Edition. Some examples of these characteristics are border blocks, which are obstacles that players cannot cross. This border extends the full range of the Y coordinate.

Does Minecraft: Education Edition work with normal Minecraft?

No. Other versions of Minecraft, such as Java or Bedrock, are not compatible with Minecraft: Education Edition.

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