How many different biomes are there in minecraft

In the game Minecraft, there is a lot of exploration. This is a result of the various items that players must acquire from each biome in order to build farms and other substantial structures and creations.

Due to the vast array of options the game offers, it is simple to not be familiar with all of its biomes.

In Java Edition there are 63 different biome types: 52 for the Overworld, 5 for the Nether, and 5 for the End, plus one used only for a superflat preset. In Bedrock Edition there are 84 biome types: 48 for the Overworld, 5 for the Nether, 1 for the End, and 30 unused.

Minecraft Biomes: A-Z List

Exploring several biomes is a hobby of all Minecraft players. I will give you a complete list of biomes, complete with the biome ID, to spice up your exploration. Locate the biomes you haven’t yet visited using a biome finder.

Here is the list of all biomes available in Minecraft:

Biome Name Biome ID Added on Version (JAVA)
Plains 1 1.2.0
Desert 2 1.2.0
Mountains 3 1.2.0
Forest 4 1.2.0
Taiga 5 1.3.1
Swamp 6 1.7.2
River 7 1.2.0
Nether Wastes 8 1.16
The End 9 1.8
Frozen Ocean 10 1.8
Frozen River 11 1.13
Snowy Tundra 12 1.0.0
Hills, Extreme Hills 13, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28, 31, 33, 156, 161, 169 1.1
Mushroom Fields 14 1.0.0
Mushroom Field Shore 15 1.0.0
Beach 16 1.1
Mountain Edge 20 1.8
Jungle 21 1.2.1
Jungle Edge 23 1.2.1
Deep Ocean Biome 24 1.7.2
Stone Shore 25 1.7.2
Snowy Beach 26 1.0.0
Birch Forest 27 1.7.2
Dark Forest 29 1.7.2
Snowy Taiga 30 1.1
Giant Tree Taiga 32 1.3.1
Wooded Mountains 34 1.7.2
Savanna 35 1.7.2
Plateau 36, 39 1.13
Badlands, Mesa Biome 37 1.7.2
Wooded Badlands Plateau 38 1.13
Small End Islands 40 1.8
End Midlands 41 1.8
End Highlands 42 1.8
End Barrens 43 1.8
Warm Ocean 44 1.13
Lukewarm Ocean 45 1.13
Cold Ocean 46 1.13
Deep Warm Ocean 47 1.13
Deep Lukewarm Ocean 48 1.13
Deep Cold Ocean 49 1.13
Deep Frozen Ocean 50 1.8
Desert Lakes 130 1.2.0
Gravelly Mountains 131 1.1.0
Flower Forest 132 1.1.0
Taiga Mountains 133 1.3.1
Swamp Hills 134 1.7.2
Ice Spikes 140 1.10
Modified Jungle 149 1.2.1
Modified Jungle Edge 151 1.2.1
Tall Birch Forest 155 1.11
Dark Forest Hills 157 1.7.2
Snowy Taiga Mountains 158 1.0.0
Giant Spruce Taiga 160 1.3.1
Gravelly Mountains+ 162 1.7.2
Shattered Savanna 163 1.7.2
Shattered Savanna Plateau 164 1.7.2
Eroded Badlands 165 1.9
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau 166 1.9
Modified Badlands Plateau 167 1.9
Bamboo Jungle 168 1.14
Soul Sand Valley 170 1.16
Crimson Forest 171 1.16
Warped Forest 172 1.16
Basalt Deltas 173 1.16

The common aquatic biome known as the ocean contains water and loots. If you are exploring the ocean, you can descend to a depth of approximately Y=45. The underwater ruins and ocean monuments in the ocean biome are renowned for their amazing appearance.

Here, it’s simple to locate a spawn chunk or a hidden treasure.

The ocean floor consists of gravel, 30 blocks deep. So, underwater adventure is much more challenging in this biome.

Underwater ruins in the Ocean Biome range in size from large villages to isolated ruined huts. They are ordinary and arrive in cold and warm variations. Ocean biomes are the best place for loots. Seeing loots in oceanic ruins is like a miracle.

There are several different ocean biomes, including the lukewarm, warm, deep, deep warm, deep cold, and deep-frozen oceans. Ocean biomes typically extend up to 30,000 blocks. Around 60% of the Overworld Biomes is covered with ocean biomes

Swamp Biome is special for farming slimes. This location has a sizable supply of most resources. You can find several mushrooms here. In Swamp Biomes, pigs and sheep’s are always seen living.

This eerie swamp biome also has a frightening component. You will see tons of Witch Huts. Witches also spawn in this biome. Therefore, if you are in survival mode, use caution at night.

In this biome, chickens are always available, so you’ll never run out of proteins. Only in this biome do witch huts, Blue Orchids, and lily pads spawn. Swamp biome is always the best-considered source if you need sugar cane. Only in the swamp biome, slimes spawn at night. However, because they drown because they don’t have enough water to swim, you might not be able to see them clearly.

The wettest and muddiest biome you will ever see is the swamp. So forget about camping in this place.

Use the kill command in Minecraft to avoid hostile mobs as well.

The jungle biome is best known for its ocelots, cocoa, melons, and trees that grow in it. This area has a number of jungle temples where you can find a lot of fantastic loot. At night, the area is very dark and difficult to navigate due to the large jungle trees. You can find things like gold ingots, bones, and diamond horse armor. here.

What is a Jungle Temple in Minecraft?

Only found in the Jungle Biome, jungle temples are structured stone structures made of mossy cobblestones. You must locate the Jungle Temple’s entrance in order to enter.

Cocoa Beans are essential stuff to craft recipes of foods. It’s good that you can harvest cocoa beans quickly. The jungle biome is the best location for finding melons. If you’re fortunate, you might even find several melons together.

Because the jungle trees are so closely clustered, this biome is sufficiently dark for hostile mobs to spawn.

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There are numerous desert villages here, as well as some temples. This biome consists of sand dunes and sandstone. You might come across some Sugar cane and Cactus. This Biome has the least rainfall. And there’s lack of water in this place. The Desert Biome is the heart of finding loots. It is because Biomes like this have Desert temples.

What are Desert Temples in Minecraft?

Desert temples are buildings in Minecraft that are teeming with loot and are only present in desert biomes. A Desert Temple and sandstone stairs are made of three different types of sandstone. All the materials have a specified meaning.

The towers you’ll see in front, with their orange terracotta pattern, resemble the Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol. The Desert temple has a blue terracotta block in the center that, when broken, reveals a treasure room with four chests holding the treasure. You can easily find Minecraft saddles here.

One of the hardest to locate biomes in Minecraft is this one. You can find gold ores very quickly in this biome. This biome is somewhat unique compared to others and the only one that appears orange.

What is Mesa Biome in Minecraft?

Mesa is a biome that resembles the desert but is full of canyons, red sand, cacti, dead bushes, and plateaus where the only thick layers are red sands.

If you ever travel to the Desert, you will be able to clearly see the difference. Compared to the typical desert, the Bryce is more red or orange. You will find canyons in this biome, which are unique to this area. Additionally, the Mesa Plateau, which is composed of blocks of honed clay

The Structures are known as Plateaus. The most beautifully decorated canyons in Mesa Biome are Plateau F, Plateau M, and Plateau F M.

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Dark Oak trees abound here, and you can gather a lot of wood from this biome. You can also find mushrooms here. Although many people claim to have found a Woodland Mansions here, I haven’t. This location is ideal for building any kind of secret base.

Due to the numerous large oaks and dense trees that grow in this biome, this forest is also known as Dark Forest. The Roofed biomes resemble the Darkwood Biome. Other than the mushroom island biome, it is the only location where large mushrooms can be found.

  • Ice Plains Spikes Biome

Snowy biomes are also another rare version of Tundra Biome. The majority of the areas are covered in ice, giving them a white appearance. There aren’t many animals here. Polar bears and rabbits can be found in this biome. You can find villagers here living in Igloos. To find this uncommon biome quickly, use the Biome Finder app.

The icy plains biome is the rarest of all the biomes, second only to the Mesa Biome. The key component includes packed ice, which is distinct from regular ice. Cold extreme hills is also included in the cold biomes. In this biome, the number of hostile mobs is somewhat decreased.

This is the best biome plains for you if you love horses. It is the most common biome to find in Minecraft. Due to the vast space, anything can be built. This biome is best for survival mode. In this biome, all of the exploration and survival tests for Minecraft are conducted.

Additionally, you can construct a mansion, breed villagers, and perform exciting tasks using a number of command keys. Use Village finder to locate a village and breed them. Additionally, trade emeralds and other items with local traders.

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You won’t get bored anywhere but on extreme hills. This location has many fountains and is full of secrets. It is in the list of rarest biomes. I like how the high mountains here are erupting with lava and fountains. Also, there are no hostile mobs in this biome.

For a particular reason, the Extreme Hills in Minecraft are incredible. You can find emerald ores only in this biome. With the village traders, exchange the emerald ores for a large sum of money. In addition to Emerald ores, this Biome has a plethora of Spruce trees.

  • Flower Forest Biome

This biome is one of the most attractive biomes. It is full of trees and flower plants. Oak and birch trees grow in plenty. The flower biome is full of different types of animals. I love it’s uneven land. You can also find caves here.

The newest version of Minecraft recently added this new biome. Flower Forest, Flower Hills, Flower Hills M, and Flower M are the four different types of flower biomes.

The densely aromatic trees and flowers in flower biomes are what make them resemble the birch biome. You can find Tulips only in this Forest Flower Biome. Additionally, there is a sub-biome called the Sunflower plains that is connected to another biome.

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One of the most recent biomes is the mushroom one. Around this area, there are large mushrooms and few hostile mobs. In addition, many tiny mushrooms can be found here. Animals are present, but there aren’t many villagers around.

The most beautiful and inventive biomes in Minecraft are those found on Mushroom Island.

Tundra biomes are snowy, barren terrain biomes with no trees. Despite the fact that this biome is over water and contains ice, it is very different from the icy plains biome. In the tundras, where there is less rainfall, snow is the norm. This biome is home to a few polar bears and a few rabbits.

The flat Taiga biome is covered in spruce trees. Ferns and berry bushes commonly grow in this region. This biome is home to wolf packs, fox packs, and rabbit packs. You can find villages in this biome. The village houses are built of spruce wood.

There are three types of biomes in this area: cold taiga, tree taiga, and mega taiga. The cold taiga can also be added to the section on cold biomes. The taiga biomes are not joined to another biome.

Dark oak and acacia trees, dull, dry grass, and this biome Both horses and llamas spawn naturally here. Additionally, there are broken savanna biomes with excessively steep, high hills. It is impossible to climb this 90 degree angled mountain. In this biome, you might encounter sugar cane and birch trees.

Quick Tip: Use the Command Block to quickly obtain any potions. You can also use it to obtain Composter, a potion of weakness, and a book called the Curse of Vanishing Spell.

Where the mountain biomes cross the ocean, the stone shore biome appears. Depending on the height of the nearby land, stone shores can form small or large cliffs. This biome rarely generates or spawns passive mobs, dark forests, or sandblocks.

This environment resembles a hybrid of a mountain biome and a sea of floating islands. These biomes are usually very small. You can’t find any giant mushrooms in this cliff.

There are five Nether biomes and five End biomes in addition to these other biomes. When you travel to the End cities, you will discover the Ender Dragon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the rarest biome in Minecraft?

Answer: Modified Jungle Edge is the rarest biome. When the edge of the jungle meets the swamp forest, a rare biome is created. These new biomes have a lot of acacia trees.

Question: What are the 5 basic biomes?

Answer: Aquatic, Grassland, Forest, Desert, and Tundra are the five basic major biomes.

Question: What are the 7 ocean biomes in Minecraft?

Answer: Warm ocean, lukewarm ocean, cold ocean, deep warm ocean, deep lukewarm ocean, deep cold, and deep-frozen ocean are the seven ocean biomes.

Final Thoughts

Exploring Minecraft Biomes is a must for all Minecraft players. It provides a tremendous amount of experience for exploring the lovely Minecraft world. In addition to the biomes listed in this article, there are also biomes referred to as Lush Biomes. Lush Biomes are available only in Mods.

We hope that our guide to locating biomes in Minecraft was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more.

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Minecraft 1.19 – All Biomes


What is the 17 biomes in Minecraft?

Plains, Forest, Extreme Hills, Desert, Jungle, Snowy Plains, Snow Jungles, Swamp, Ocean, and Mushroom are just a few of the biomes. To prevent confusion, there are 4 new types of biomes: snowy biomes are blue, cold biomes are green, medium biomes are orange, and dry/warm biomes are red.

What is the Minecraft rarest biome?

The mushroom field is arguably the rarest biome in the game. You can find this remote biome on an island in the middle of nowhere. Except for mushroom cows, it doesn’t spawn any hostile, farm, or even neutral enemies. This biome is entirely covered in mycelium and mushrooms and lacks any trees or grass.

What is the 2 rarest biome in Minecraft?

The second rarest biome in Minecraft is the modified badlands plateau. Modified badland plateaus, which make up about one in five badlands biomes, are characterized by erratic terrain. In this biome, players can find dead bushes, terracotta, cactus, red sand, and mineshafts.

What are the 12 biomes of Minecraft?

Current Biomes in MinecraftForests. Because some of them have a lot of trees that can be harvested for wood, forests are excellent places to start. Jungles. Three types of jungle biomes occur in Minecraft. Mountains. Deserts. Taiga. Snowy tundra. Ice spikes. Swamps.

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