How much is minecraft dungeons on switch

Utilize the Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate DLC Bundle to experience the story that goes beyond the core title. Now that you’ve played the main story, it’s time to finish it! Fight countless enemies, traverse dimensions, and find countless treasures as you wrap up the tale of the Orb of Dominance. Get all six DLCs—Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths, and Echoing Void—by purchasing the Ultimate DLC Bundle. You can save money compared to buying each DLC separately by purchasing the bundle, which includes all six of them. Complete the story with the Ultimate DLC Bundle!.

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  • Hero Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

Purchase options and add-ons

  • Play an all-action, all-adventure game inspired by dungeon crawlers in the world of Minecraft.
  • Join forces with up to four friends or go it alone and brave the dungeons.
  • Fight using melee swings, ranged attacks, or tanking your way through while protected by thick armour. Create a unique character, then discover unique items and weapon enchantments to equip for devastating special attacks.
  • Explore the action-packed, treasure-filled levels while battling the evil Arch-Illager in an epic quest to save the villagers.
  • gives you access to a hero cape, two player skins, and a chicken pet. It also includes two DLC packs, when they become available .

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How much is minecraft dungeons on switch

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Will Minecraft Dungeons be free?

Minecraft Dungeons – Standard Edition is available for $19. 99 USD. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass is where you can download Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition for Xbox and PC. Minecraft Dungeons – Ultimate Edition is also available for $39. 99 USD.

How much money does Minecraft Dungeons cost?

There are two editions of the game that will be offered: Minecraft Dungeons – Standard Edition ($19). 99 USD.

Is Minecraft Dungeons 2 player on switch?

Co-op mode allows up to four players to cooperate and engage in combat. Power up and discover a ton of special items and enchantments for your weapons for devastating special attacks.

Is Minecraft Dungeons 2 player?

Minecraft Dungeons can be played online with 2-4 players. Depending on how many players are present, the game’s difficulty will change, getting harder as more friends join.

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