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As technology continues to advance, so too do our bartering options. Bartering is a form of trading goods and services, and it can be a great way to get new items or services without spending money. In the popular online game Genshin Impact 2, players are able to barter and trade with one another in order to obtain rare items, such as weapons and characters. But how much should you offer in a barter? This blog post will explore this question and shed light on what goes into crafting the perfect barter deal in Genshin Impact 2. We’ll talk about the importance of knowing the value of the items you’re trying to acquire, as well as how to properly negotiate with your trading partner. We’ll also discuss the best ways to get the most out of your barter and explain why it can be beneficial for both you and your trading partner. So if you’re looking for advice on how to maximize your bar

It might be tempting to go as low as possible, but anything lower than a 15 percent discount is already too low. Many players have reported that 150,000 Mora or higher is the way to go.

Genshin Impact Barter Quest – How Much To Pay Three Workers – Tic, Tac, Toe

Weinlesefest Barter for 65 Cases of Mintberries

If you want to negotiate effectively with Diane, you must keep in mind that your success will depend on both your persistence and Diane’s mood.

Quqings Funds Genshin - Quqing 22,000
Highest Price to Bargain Genshin - Quqing 15,000 (This is Dianes Initial Price)
Lowest Price to Bargain Genshin - Quqing 14,500

Genshin - How to Barter with Diane The lowest price barter above can only work if Diane has four out of five hearts filled up in her mood! If her mood is below four hearts, consider giving her more.

The next time you bargain, you’ll have to keep your demands high if Diane didn’t accept your first offer. She will become more irritable the more you haggle with her, making it impossible for you to negotiate for lower prices!

The catch is that you can haggle with him to get a better deal. There is a need to reduce the payment, and you get to keep any leftover money. This implies that if you are successful in giving them 10,000 for all three, you get to keep the remaining 40,000. It’s up to you how much you want to reduce the payment, but take note of the tiny hearts in the upper left corner. They’ll become irate if he doesn’t like the amount you’re paying them.

He wants 25,000 mora. Ok buddy. I offered him 18,000 and he was happy. After that, go to the northbound street and turn east to locate Tic. I JUST realized theyre called tic-tac-toe hahaha. Anyway, this guy wants 20,000 for his help. Again, I gave him 14,000 and he was happy. Awesome!.

Buyer’s Guide to the Statue of Her Excellency Quest Information

Quest Type World Quest
Chapter Festival Deeds: Part III
Location Inazuma


How much does it cost to barter a Genshin statue?

You can choose to pay 150,000 or 180,000 moras to haggle for the statue. Although he will be apprehended by the authorities after the deal.

How much does it cost to offer Diane Genshin?

Visit Diane at The Cat’s Tail at the Weinlesefest location to haggle. Diane’s lowest price is 12,600.

How much money do you give Dori Genshin?

Hand him 500,000 Mora.

What price should I give Georg?

If negotiation fails, Georg will take the price of 14,000.

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