How rare is a blue axolotl in minecraft

Axolotls are incredibly unique creatures that exist both inside and outside the Minecraft universe. They make the ideal addition to aquatic builds in the game because they are cute and amiable. But not all Axolotls are equal. There is a type of Axolotl that most players don’t often come across in the game because of its almost zero spawn rate. If you know how to breed Axolotls in Minecraft, you can only obtain this variant. This most uncommon Axolotl variant, however, has less than a 0 percent breeding success rate. 09% chance of spawning in Minecraft. And the story of this axolotl goes much deeper than its rarity. Find out what the rarest Axolotl in Minecraft is to put an end to the mystery once and for all.

Starting The Breeding Process

Once you have a few Axolotls, you should head to a warm or lukewarm ocean biome. If you don’t have access to the F3 screen, the water color serves as a good indicator because warm ocean water is noticeably lighter than normal water.

This location was chosen because it is where tropical fish spawn, making it the best way to guarantee an abundant supply of food for breeding. From 1. From the age of 18, tropical fish can also spawn in lush caves, but oceans are still the best option because they have much more water.

Something worth noting is that in 1. It may be a good idea to build your breeding setup high in the sky with a tank for spawning fish because fish can spawn at any altitude. This will devote as much of the mob cap to fish spawns nearby as possible. From 1. Fish only spawn below sea level starting in year 18, so you’ll have to work on the ground. However, you should still have a good number of fish to work with.

Build a breeding pool, remove your axelotls from their buckets, and begin breeding there. Since they quickly multiply and give you more and more breeding stock, you only need two to begin. Keep water buckets in stock, and whenever you run out, replenish with tropical fish.

There are a few ways to build the pool. A quick fix could be something shallow with a large area that is simple to fill up or even just turn into an ocean. Axolotls will approach you when they see the fish bucket in your hand, so the size is also unimportant.

Alternately, if you’d like a neater solution, pairing up axelotls in their own individual pools and removing the young to move them might be a good choice. This method may take a little longer than the first, but it keeps everything organized and reduces the likelihood that you will overlook the blue Axolotl in a crowd.

Regardless of the shape you decide to give your pool, the fundamental requirements are the same: it should only be one block deep (anything deeper just gives the axelotls more room to swim down and make themselves harder to reach), and it should be made entirely of source blocks.

Make sure there isn’t any flowing water because it will push Axolotls around and make things much more difficult than they need to be. Axolotls don’t like to stay on land, but they will pathfind to other water, like other pools or the ocean, which can result in them escaping. To prevent this, build the walls up a block above the water.

Getting The Blue Axolotl

You’ll be rewarded with your own ultra-rare blue buddy after enough breeding. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix to increase your chances; all you can do is breed Axoltols as quickly and frequently as you can. Patience is really the key because chance events like this could result in you getting it within five axelotls or going over double the average 1,200.

Regardless of how long it takes, getting one is satisfying in the end. In Minecraft, finding something so uncommon is a prized accomplishment, and you can take your new friend with you wherever you go to brag about it. Since axolotls do not despawn if they have ever been in a bucket, you won’t need to worry about it despawning once you pick it up for the first time.

However, if you’re really worried, you can give it a name tag to stop any mobs from respawning. This will also be a lovely way to identify your special new companion.

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What is the easiest way to get a blue Axolotl in Minecraft?

They have a spawn rate of 24. 98%, making them technically as common as the Lucy axolotls but not as immediately recognized by players, for one reason or another What is this? The cyan axolotls can be drawn in, challenged, and bred like any other species.

Is cyan axolotl rare?

Since Blue Axolotls do not naturally spawn in any Lush Caves, they are extremely difficult to come by. Even if players try to spawn blue versions of the mob with eggs in creative mode, they won’t be able to do so because they are so uncommon. As a result, there aren’t many ways to obtain the game’s rare variant of the mob.

Why is the blue axolotl so rare?

There are five colors that axolotls can come in: pink (leucistic), brown, gold, cyan, and blue. When breeding Axolotls, there is a 1⁄1200 (0. 083%) chance of the offspring having the blue mutation, leaving 1199%E2%81%841200 (99 917%) chance of matching one of the parents (including blue parents)

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