How to Install Mods on Minecraft PE: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

We’ve compiled a list of the top addons for Minecraft PE that are all free to try out in order to give you a fresh gaming experience. We will provide the steps necessary to import them into your game along with the list.

Long-term repetition of the same packs can become monotonous. Thanks to addons, which are merely alterations or modifications to the Minecraft environment, the game’s content and features are constantly changing.

How do I use add-ons? You can download Add-Ons from the internet or create your own: To install new Add-Ons, follow the instructions at Once you’ve installed them, you can apply them to different worlds by navigating to the Behavior Pack or Resource Pack tabs in the World Settings.

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Start by looking for and downloading the MCPE Addons app from the App Store to install mods on Minecraft PE on an iPhone. If youre using an Android, download the BlockLauncher app. Then, go to the MCPEDL website, select a mod you like, and click the “Download” button. Locate the downloaded mod file in the BlockLauncher app, which also launches Minecraft PE, and tap it to choose it. For more advice, continue reading. Create a new world in Minecraft, and your mod will be automatically applied.

How do you add Add-Ons to Minecraft?

You can install the Minecraft Add-Ons you want to use and use them on various game worlds after making your choice. Learn how to install Minecraft Add-Ons and use them when you play by following the installation instructions.

Can you mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Modifying the mobs, blocks, and items in Minecraft is possible with the Resource and Behavior pack Add-Ons. Learn more about how to Get Started with Minecraft Add-Ons.

Add-Ons are ways to customize your Minecraft gaming experience. There are some free Minecraft add-ons you can use, but you can also buy some premium add-ons. You can modify the game’s rules and how you play it with the aid of these Add-Ons. You can modify your world’s appearance and the appearance and behavior of the creatures in it by using add-ons for Minecraft.

How To Apply Addons For MCPE 2021 (1.17 Caves & Cliffs) – Minecraft Pocket Edition


How do I put addons on Minecraft PE?

Select Storage > Explore (at the bottom) in the Settings app. Install a file explorer app like ES File Explorer if you don’t already have one. Select the directory where you saved the file, usually “Download”. Select the file & the Add-On should open in Minecraft.

How do I add addons to my mobile?

Install and use add-ons (English only)
  1. Launch the Google Docs or Sheets app and open a document or spreadsheet.
  2. Tap More .
  3. Tap Add-ons. …
  4. Tap Get add-ons. …
  5. Tap the add-on you want to install.
  6. Tap Install.
  7. Most add-ons will display a message asking for access to particular data that they require in order to function.

Is Addons for Minecraft PE free?

All mods for Minecraft PE are free. Every time there are updates, we add new mods, skins, and update the MCPE mods. You will always be up to date with our app.

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