How to add data packs in minecraft

First download your favorite datapack to your PC. You can get datapacks e. g. at the following sites:

Make sure you choose the appropriate version of Minecraft for the datapacks. The datapacks are only needed on the server.

You can upload all datapacks to your server if you have them all together as zip files. Open your FTP program and connect to your server. Here is a tutorial on how to use the FTP-connection.

You can find a “datapacks” folder in your world folder, which is the folder with the same name as your world:

Open this folder, then drag your datapacks into it as a zip file. Restart your server and you can use your new datapacks.

Here is how to install a data pack when creating a singleplayer world:
  1. Open Minecraft.
  2. Create a new world and click on “Data Packs”.
  3. Drag the data pack into the Minecraft window. …
  4. Click “Yes” on the confirmation screen.
  5. Move the data pack to the right hand side of the screen by clicking the triangle on its icon.

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How to install a data pack on your Minecraft server is covered in the following video tutorial:

In versions 1 and 2, data packs are a feature accessible for Minecraft worlds. 13 and later. They can modify or replace already-existing innovations, buildings, recipes, and other things.

Both single-player and multiplayer worlds can add data packs, and the installation procedure is the same for both.


  • Download the data pack you would like to use. Your data pack should be a folder or ZIP file.
  • Access your server directory and navigate to the /world directory. Your server’s world directory may have a different name depending on the setup.
  • In the world directory, open the /datapacks folder.
  • Upload the data pack you want to install to your datapacks folder. Typically, the filename of a data pack from Vanilla Tweaks will include UNZIP_ME. The file needs to be first unzipped; to do this, right-click it and choose Extract All.
  • Restart your server to apply the changes.

After installation, you can use the /datapack command to view and manage your data packs. Please get in touch with our support at if you need any additional assistance at:

How to add data packs in minecraft

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How To Install Data Packs In Minecraft | Install Minecraft Data Packs

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