How to add friends in Minecraft for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

You can work together on a large building project, roleplay epic storylines, or simply display your character’s unique skin when you play with friends.

Fortunately, adding friends is simple if you’re playing “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition” on your PC, phone, or gaming console. Additionally, once a friend is added, you can play with them on any system they use.

Invite a Friend Using Gamertags
  1. In Minecraft, select Play.
  2. Select the Edit button next to the Realm you want to invite your friend to.
  3. Select the Members button.
  4. If you are not already friends, select the Find friends button. …
  5. Select the Invite button next to your friend’s gamertag on your Friends list.

Inviting & Playing With Friends in Minecraft PS4

To do this, you must first make sure you are connected to the internet, and then you must confirm that both you and the friends you want to play with have PS Plus.

Once you’ve checked all of those boxes, launch the game. At the main menu, select Multiplayer. Following that, a selection of options should appear, including LAN, Online Server, Minecraft Realms, and Splitscreen. You should choose either Splitscreen or Online Server for the purposes of this guide.

Splitscreen in Minecraft PS4

The game will start and allow you and a friend to play on the same screen if you choose Splitscreen. It’s your standard split screen experience.

Online Servers in Minecraft PS4

You must choose Online Server in order to play with friends online. This will drop you into a biome that acts as a server, allowing any of your friends to enter the game as long as the server is up and running. e. you are online in the game.

Press the touchpad button on the middle of your PS4 controller once you’re in the game. Press Triangle to view invitations you’ve received after that. You will enter a friend’s world if they send you an invitation to join their server.

You can use the square button to invite friends after pressing the touchpad button. This will bring up a list of your friends, from which you can choose who you want to invite.

They must accept the invitation, and if everything goes smoothly online, they will soon be loaded into your game world.

Inviting & Playing with Friends on Minecraft Xbox, Switch & PC

On Xbox and PC, adding and inviting friends is essentially the same. Choose “Play” from the main menu, then “Friends” from the side menu. ’.

How to add friends on ps4 minecraft

From here, a sizable “Add Friend” button should be visible at the very top of the page. To invite a player to your game, choose this and enter their Gamertag.

When they accept your invitation, they’ll show up in your game, and you can begin playing with them.

Remember that those playing the Java version on a PC can only play against players using their own copy of the software. Additionally, only friends will be able to play on the Bedrock version for those using it.

How to Use Minecraft Realms to Have an Always-Online World with Friends

If you want to be able to play with a bunch of friends, without the world’s creator having to be online at all times, then you’ll want to sign up for a Minecraft Realms subscription.

This enables users to create a personal persistent world that is stored in the cloud and accessible to them and up to ten friends.

Choose “Create New World” and then “Create on Realms” to accomplish this. ’.

On the following screen, choose “Add a 10 Player Realm” and then check the “I Agree” box next to the terms and conditions and privacy statement.

Finally, select the ‘Subscribe Now $7. 99/ Month’ option. You can test Realms for 30 days if you haven’t already done so for free.

Obtaining the “Share Link” will allow you to invite a friend to play on your Minecraft realm. The ‘Edit’ button is located next to your Realm after choosing ‘Play’ from the main menu.

Next, select ‘Members’ and then ‘Share Link. You can either choose the players you want to invite from your PS4 friends list or share this with friends you want to invite to your realm.

Adding Cross-Platform Friends in Minecraft

Now, you can play Minecraft with other players who own the same copy of the game. For instance, gamers on Xbox and PlayStation can collaborate by exchanging “Gamertags” ’.

Open the in-game menu, then choose “Invite to Game” to accomplish this. The ‘Find Cross-Platform Friends’ option can be found at the bottom of the list of online and offline friends for the platform you’re currently using.

Use this and enter your friend’s Gamertag. Regardless of whether you’re playing on the same platform as them or not, once they accept your request, you’ll be able to invite them to your game.

This concludes our explanation of how to invite. Be sure to perform a search on Twinfinite for whatever you’re looking for for more details about Minecraft PS4 There, we cover everything pertaining to Minecraft as well as news, sneak peeks, reviews, tests, features, guides, and more for all of your other favorite games.

How to Add Cross Platform Friends in MINECRAFT Bedrock Edition PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch


How do you add your friends on Minecraft?

Choose Play from the main menu to access a submenu with a few tabs. To connect with allies online, players must use the “Friends” tab. After that, click “Add Friend” to access a search bar where you can enter the Gamertag of the person you want to add.

How do I add friends cross platform on ps4?

You can’t. Your friend must be online, playing Minecraft, and in the world you both want to play in before you can join their game. It is utterly impossible to enter your friends’ world if they are not already there.

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