A Guide to Minecraft Server Advertising

As a budding business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the most important tasks to tackle is advertising your business, products, and services. Advertising is the key to success in an increasingly competitive world, and it’s even more important in the world of Minecraft servers. Here at [Insert your Company Name], we understand the importance of Minecraft servers, as they provide a platform for players to interact, explore, and build. In this blog post, we will discuss how to effectively advertise your Minecraft server to potential players and how you can get the most out of your advertising efforts. We will provide some tips and tricks to maximize the reach of your advertisements and ensure that players find your server. Whether you are just starting out or you’re an experienced server owner, this blog post will help you learn the basics of advertising your Minecraft server and how to maximize your efforts for maximum visibility. So read on to find out how to get the most out of your advertising efforts.

Where to Advertise Your Minecraft Server
  1. MinecraftServers.net.
  2. MinecraftServers.org.
  3. Minecraft.ServersList.co.
  4. MinecraftList.org.
  5. Minecraft-MP.com.
  6. PlanetMinecraft.com (servers)
  7. TopG.org.

1. Always make backups of your server regularly AND download copies of them to your computer for long term storage. Griefing is a real thing and can happen at any time. 2. If you will be using plugins on your server, make sure to install and configure a permissions plugin such as PermissionsEX to disallow users from using commands they shouldnt: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/ There are lots of guides and tutorials to PermissionsEx on forums, YouTube, etc, so check up on those to learn how to use it. 3. Be nice to your players and dont abuse them! This is how attacks and griefing start and may ruin your entire world and cause other players to quit playing on your server.

Advertising Your Server on Forums and Social Media

Posting about your server on forums and social media sites dedicated to the game of Minecraft is an excellent additional free marketing strategy. Here are some good places to post.

  • Minecraft Forum: This forum has been around for many years and has a section where you can post your PC server.
  • Planet Minecraft: Another Minecraft-related website that allows you to post your server. Make sure to update your server to bump it back to the top occasionally.
  • r/mcservers: This subreddit allows you to post your server on Reddit.
  • CurseForge Forum: This forum has a section where you can post your PC server as well.
  • It’s generally a good idea to post links to your server on larger social media platforms in addition to the websites related to Minecraft that are displayed above.

  • Discord: Creating a Discord server works great as a community hub to keep your players engaged with the latest server news, giveaways, and server related discussion.
  • Reddit: Create a subreddit for your server community.
  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tiktok
  • Here are some additional strategies for promoting your server, in addition to server directories, appealing server banners, social media, and forums.

    There are times when you can use a fad to draw more players to your server. For instance, some servers have produced minigames based on the well-liked Squid Game Netflix series. Your server might experience an increase in players if you can capitalize on a trend at the right time.

    Word of mouth can be useful when launching your server for the first time. A community can be established by encouraging players to recommend their friends or simply telling people you know to check out your new server.

    Some server owners opt for server promotion from YouTubers and Twitch streamers You can try to work out a deal with a Twitch streamer or a smaller YouTube channel to do a gameplay video of your server.

    Google Ads allows you to advertise on a huge network of websites and reach potential players with targeted ads Many forums offer advertising options that let you display a banner for your server in addition to Google ads. Facebook and Twitter also allow promoted posts.

    We are all aware of how monotonous it can be to play on an empty Minecraft server. The majority of server owners aspire to run the biggest and best Minecraft server, but it’s difficult to build a server that will draw in players. There are many things that go into advertising a server. A great place to start is by adding your server to a list of MC servers, but there is a little more to it than that. The use of server list and advertising websites, voting with voting incentives, excellent server development, and other strategies are some of the most effective ways to promote your server. You must be able to build a Minecraft server you are confident people will want to use. And you must plan the server-type in accordance with the size you want your player base to reach. We will explain how to promote your Minecraft server in this guide.

    We at Apex are fully aware of how challenging it can be to create a Minecraft server. Because of this, we have developed a number of game types that are already set up on your server. You can find a list of our gametypes here. Additionally, you can purchase a number of addons from us for your server that will enable our staff of experts to help you with server development. These add-ons include the add-ons for modpack creation, premium support, and plugin installation.

    You have a lot of options when it comes to developing your server. Each of them has the potential to attract various communities and player counts. You will want to create a Bungeecord network with minigames if you choose a server like Hypixel. There are also game genres like Factions, Survival, Towny, McMMO, and many others that are suitable for a single server with a respectable number of players.

    Voting will be one of the most important aspects of your server if you have added it to a server list. One of the biggest benefits of having a voting plugin for the server is just the user interaction. There is a huge demand for players to vote every day as a result of many server owners offering rewards for doing so. This will ultimately improve your servers ranking on the Minecraft server lists.

    One of the most popular lists available is the Minecraft Server List. On the first day after you upload your server to this website, you will almost always notice a massive influx of players. Remember that the main cause of this influx will be that you are initially placed in the New Servers category for a few days. Setting up voting is absolutely necessary if you want to keep moving up this list.

    How to advertise a Minecraft Server


    How do you attract people to your Minecraft server?

    Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and can cost as little as $1 per day while targeting a very specific audience (for instance, only Minecraft players in a certain age group or country), so what is paid Minecraft server advertising?

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