How to Use Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Open-world sandbox game Minecraft takes pride in its adaptability. Minecraft provides you with the resources to be successful in just about any endeavor, whether you want to explore the vast realms or build a thriving community. But with the enchanting mechanic, they’ve really upped the ante.

Why play the game as a mere mortal when enchanted items can imbue with characteristics deserving of a superhero? What would you do with an axe that never breaks or boots that make you faster underwater?

Though perhaps not quite a superhero, the right enchantment can help you escape some challenging circumstances.

To find out more about enchantments, how they function, and what you require to begin enchanting your own items, continue reading.

Chest loot

Item Structure Container Quantity Chance
Java Edition
Enchanted Book[A] Jungle temple Chest 1 4.5%
Stronghold Altar chest 1 2.5%
Storeroom chest 1 4%
Library chest 1 67.8%
Bedrock Edition
Enchanted Book[A] Jungle temple Chest 1 5.3%
Stronghold Altar chest 1 2.9%
Storeroom chest 1 3.8%
Library chest 1 72.9%
  • With the exception of Soul Speed and Swift Sneak, enchantment probabilities are the same as a level-30 enchantment on an enchantment table that could apply treasure enchantments, and where the likelihood of receiving multiple enchantments is not diminished.

Random enchantment books

  • All enchantments, including treasure enchantments (aside from Soul Speed and Swift Sneak), are equally likely, and any level of the enchantment is also likely.

Soul Speed books

  • Enchanted with an unpredictable level of soul speed.

Swift Sneak books

  • Enchanted with a random Swift Sneak level.

Fishing with a fishing rod yields “treasure” items like enchanted books, which fall under the “treasure” category. The book has an enchantment that is equal to a level 30 on the enchantment table, but there are treasure enchantments available, and the likelihood of receiving multiple enchantments is unaffected.

In Bedrock Edition, librarian villagers have a 50% chance to sell enchanted books as part of their trades at novice, apprentice, and journeyman-level, and have 1%E2%81%843 chance to sell enchanted books at expert-level as part of their trades, meaning each librarian villager can sell up to four books Depending solely on the level of the enchantment (for instance, Infinity and Protection I both cost 5-19 emeralds), they can be purchased for 1 book and 5-64 emeralds, though treasure enchantments (such as Mending) double the price.

In Java Edition, librarian villagers have a 2%E2%81%843 chance to sell enchanted books as part of their trades at the novice, apprentice, and journeyman level, and have a 50% chance to sell an enchanted book at the expert level, meaning each librarian can sell up to four books Depending solely on the level of the enchantment (for instance, Infinity and Protection I both cost 5-19 emeralds), they can be purchased for 1 book and 5-64 emeralds, though treasure enchantments (such as Mending) double the price.

They may contain any enchantment at any level (aside from Soul Speed and Swift Sneak). See trading notes for more information on enchantments and prices.

Raid-spawned vindicators and pillagers occasionally drop enchanted books with level 30 enchantments, which might be treasure enchantments. ‌[Bedrock Edition only].

By enchanting a book on an enchantment table, players can produce an enchanted book. Books have a lower “enchantability level” than most other items and a decreased chance of receiving multiple enchantments (specifically, if multiple enchantments would be added, then one is removed at random). You cannot use an enchantment table to acquire treasure enchantments like Mending.

Gold ingots can be used to barter with piglins, and there is a 5459 chance that doing so will result in the piglins giving the player an enchanted book with any level of Soul Speed. The only ways to get soul speed enchanted books are through trading, fishing, and finding a chest inside a bastion remnant. They cannot be obtained through enchanting or trading.

UsageSee also:

Enchanted books in Survival are the only way to get some tool enchantments, like Unbreaking on shields. Enchanted books have a shine effect on their sprite.

The player must put an item in the first slot of an anvil and a book in the second slot before using an enchanted book. The player needs to have the necessary amount of experience in order to finish the enchantment. Keep in mind that using an enchanted book results in sizable savings at the anvil. Similar to combining tools or weapons, enchanted books themselves can be combined to produce a single book with more or different enchantments.

When combining items, the highest level of any type of enchantment from the book in the second slot is transferred to the item in the first slot. When a higher level is available and two enchantments with the same level are present, they combine to create the higher level. The appropriate spells are transferred and the useless ones are lost if a book is applied to an item that cannot accept all of its spells. Enchanted books are single-use.

Enchanted books do not exhibit their enchantment. A book with the enchantment Sharpness IV, for instance, deals the same amount of damage when used as a weapon as a book without the enchantment or any other non-weapon item. The Fire Aspect book, which can ignite TNT and campfires, and the Mending book, which can be used to mend blocks that can be broken by fist, are exceptions. ‌[Bedrock Edition only].

Available itemsSee also:

Enchanted books can apply the following enchantments to items (the table only shows netherite tools and armor, but any type can be enchanted), in addition to the usual enchantments that can be applied at an enchanting table. However, unlike an enchanting table, they can increase the power of enchantments like Sharpness or Thorns.

Creative mode

In Creative mode, the player can enchant any object with any enchantment, allowing any applied effects to manifest themselves. For instance, a stick can be enchanted with Silk Touch in the Java Edition to enable the user to successfully dig grass blocks. In Survival mode, the enchanted object can still be used without losing its enchantments.

Normal incompatibility between enchantments still exists; for instance, Piercing and Multishot cannot both be applied to the same item while in Creative mode.

Upon being placed in the world, an enchanted block loses its enchantment.

Depending on the quality of the book, disenchanting an enchanted book at a grindstone produces a normal book and some experience.

Chiseled bookshelf

When using the chiseled bookshelf with an enchanted book in the primary hand, the book will be placed inside the bookshelf. ‌[upcoming: JE 1. 20 & BE 1. 20. 0].

  • ↑ a b
  • Can be 1.0, 0.85, or 1.1 for each sound
  • Can be 1.0, 0.8, or 1.1 for each sound
  • Can be 1.0, 0.85, or 1.1 for each sound
  • Can be 1.0, 0.8, or 1.1 for each sound

Data values

Name Identifier Form Translation key
Enchanted Book enchanted_book Item item.minecraft.enchanted_book
Name Identifier Numeric ID Form Translation key
Enchanted Book enchanted_book 521 Item

Item data

The NBT tag StoredEnchantments is used by enchanted books to identify their enchantment. Identical to the format of the Enchantments tag, which is used for enchantments applied to items, the sub-tags id and lvl are permitted.

The following NBT structure is provided to demonstrate the organization of the StoredEnchantments tag; it is not exhaustive above the tag tag. The full NBT for an item can be found here.

  • tag: The tag tag. StoredEnchantments: The list of enchantments on this book. Enchantment ID: The name of the enchantment ID lvl: The degree of the enchantment
Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Enchanter Enchant an item at an Enchantment Table Diamonds! Insert an item in an enchanting table, then apply an enchantment. story/enchant_item

On the bug tracker, problems with “Enchanted Book” are kept up to date. Report issues there.

  • The enchanted book has no attached enchantments when acquired via the /give command and has no stored enchantments, but it still shines as though it is enchanted.
  • Both the tools tab and the combat tab of the Creative inventory have a book in them that has been enchanted with Unbreaking III.
  • First of an enchanted book, released by Dinnerbone.
  • An enchanted book found in a dungeon chest.
  • An animation of an enchanted book.

How to Get and Use Enchanted Books! | Easy Minecraft Enchantment Guide


How do you activate enchantment table?

Place the enchanting table down and interact with it. When you do this, a window with your inventory and two open slots appears above it. The item you wish to enchant goes in the first slot, and lapis lazuli goes in the second. Use the experience orbs leveling system to enchant items.

How do you equip enchants?

Players will press the Options button and select the Armor tab to equip an enchantment. Next, pick one of the armor pieces, press the Square button to access the sockets, then choose an enchantment from the available options.

Can you take an enchantment off a weapon and put it on a book in Minecraft?

Without using cheats, you cannot move an enchantment from a tool to a book in vanilla survival. However, you can use an anvil to combine two books (or any two items of the same type) and their enchantments.

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