How to Beat Minecraft (with Pictures)

Are you an avid Minecraft player looking for the best strategies to help you defeat the game? Minecraft is an incredibly popular and expansive game and navigating through all the levels and puzzles can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a few key strategies and techniques that you can use to help you beat the game. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top tips to help you win at Minecraft. Discover the best techniques to help you survive and thrive in the game. Learn how to beat the mob bosses, build better structures, craft items faster and more. Read on to find out the best practices to help you win at Minecraft.


Collect wood from nearby trees when starting a game of Survival or Hardcore (recommended for true adventure style, but it’s also very difficult). A crafting table and wooden pickaxe are made of wood. You need the wooden pickaxe to harvest cobblestone so you can make a stone pickaxe and at least one furnace, though later on three are advised. A stone sword is also helpful at the cobblestone level because upgrading to iron is the next step, and since it will probably take some time and night will probably fall before that, some level of protection is advised. Use a stone pickaxe to gather at least three iron ingots and one coal after getting one. To make iron armor, an iron sword, an iron pickaxe, and a water bucket, it is advised to gather 32 iron ingots. You could also gather an additional 6 iron to make 2 buckets, fill one with water, and locate a natural lava pool on the surface at this point if you want to try to go to the nether but are having trouble finding diamonds. Once you’ve located it, you can build a frame by placing the water and lava next to each other around a backboard. The lava must quickly change into obsidian or it will flow down and make it difficult to fill the frame.

Then, before entering the Nether, it is advised that players equip themselves with full diamond gear, preferably all enchanted. A minimum of 31 diamonds, including 24 for full armor, 3 for a pickaxe, 2 for a sword, and 2 for an enchanting table, must be harvested. Diamond mining will be made easier by discovering a naturally occurring cave or fissure that descends to the planet’s lowest 16 levels. Looking around the lava is also advised because you will see more exposed rock at once. The existence of more diamonds near lava pools has never been proven or verified. Always remember to dig around diamonds you find to prevent them from falling into lava and burning. One bucket of water can effectively disperse an entire lake of lava while still holding the bucket, making buckets of water very useful. To advance, you need five diamonds. The first three should be used to purchase a diamond pickaxe for mining obsidian, and the remaining two should be used to purchase an enchanting table. A diamond sword should be made if two more diamonds can be located. Grab any gold (for golden apples), lapis lazuli (for enchanting), and at least some redstone (for potions) that you see as well. It is likely that obsidian may have been discovered if it were still deep within the earth. A diamond pickaxe must be used to gather at least 10 obsidian in order to make the frame for a nether portal and an enchanting table. Return to the surface after cutting at least 10 obsidian, picking up 1 flint from gravel along the way. 1 iron ingot will also be needed. If you’re having trouble finding diamonds, you can also find them in places like villages, buried treasure, pillager outposts, dungeons, jungle temples, desert temples, etc.

Decide whether to gather ender pearls or blaze rods first after regaining fresh air. Be aware that while ender pearls are valuable resources, they can help with navigating the nether terrain. Aim for at least 12 ender pearls if you decide to harvest them, but between 15 and 20 is highly advised. You can find ender pearls 3 ways:

1. The simplest choice but possibly the most dangerous, killing endermen. Endermen are rarely found in the Overworld, but if you have access to the Nether, a warped forest is where you can find them quite frequently.

2. Expert-level clerics have a 2/3 chance of exchanging five emeralds for an ender pearl in a village, which is the safest but possibly most time-consuming method.

3. If you have access to the Nether and a lot of extra gold, you can trade it with piglins. If you give a gold ingot to a piglin, there’s a slim chance that they’ll give you 2-4 ender pearls. If you choose to follow this path, be sure to gather a lot of gold.

Build a nether portal frame and make a flint and steel if you decided to gather blaze rods. For a full portal, 14 blocks of obsidian are required; however, if you are short on obsidian, you can cut corners and the portal will still function. Having a pile of dirt or cobblestone to use as markers is also advised when exploring the Nether. Use the flint and steel to open the portal, then enter the nether. Once you are in the Nether, find a nether fortress, then go find blazes and kill them until you have enough blaze rods to cover half of your current or planned supply of ender pearls. At least ten blaze rods are advised, but more are better. 1 blaze rod will create 2 blaze powder.

Once you’ve acquired the ender pearls and blaze powder, combine them to make eyes of ender. Although most end portals already have one or two eyes of ender in them, bring at least 3 for finding an end portal and 12 for filling it. To get a starting direction, launch an eye of ender and move in that direction. Once in a while, launch another eye of ender to check that the right path is being taken and that the closest portal hasn’t been passed. Ensure that the eyes are recollected at every given chance. An eye indicates the presence of a portal when it sinks into the earth. In order to avoid digging straight down, one can either try to find a cave that leads to the stronghold (in true adventure style) or mine a spiral staircase that leads all the way down. Aim to avoid stepping into the lava pit that is located beneath each portal.

Once the portal has been located physically, activate each frame to reveal the portal to the end. Enter and prepare for a long and somewhat uneventful fight. It is advised that you bring a bow with Power and Infinity, a diamond sword with Sharpness, full diamond armor, several slow-falling potions, or you can simply bring a water bucket.

Fighting the dragon is very difficult. With your bow, shoot the crystals that aren’t caged, ascend the caged towers, scale them, and then smash through the cages to free the crystals. If the dragon throws you into the air, take a potion that causes you to fall slowly or drop a bucket of water on the ground just before you hit. Keep an eye out for the dragon’s breath and use arrows to kill it. The dragon occasionally flies down to the end portal, where it develops an immunity to arrows. Melee attack it, but beware of its head attack. The dragon will fly away and become once more vulnerable to arrows if it is not killed at that point. Continue fighting the dragon until its health bar is completely depleted; at that point, it will erupt in a stunning white explosion. A large amount of experience will fall from the sky. At this point, the end portal will open. Enter it now to see the credits and finish the game.

Step 1: Building the nether portal[]

After spending some time playing in a Minecraft world, you should have at least four iron ingots, whether you found them in a chest or smelted them. In order to make obsidian for a nether portal, you must craft three of the ingots into at least one bucket. The only alternative method for creating a nether portal without buckets involves using a diamond pickaxe to mine already-made obsidian. Acquire a piece of flint, as well.

Making a nether portal without a diamond pickaxe is the simplest method:

1) With your iron, craft a bucket. You only need one bucket, but the more you have, the more quickly this job can be done.

2) Fill a bucket with lava. Fill all but one with lava if you have more than one, and the final one with water.

3) Make the shape below using dirt and lava.

4) Place water over the lava blocks. The lava should have turned to obsidian. If it turned into cobblestone, the lava was flowing rather than coming from a single solid source block.

5) Place on the top of the previous blocks following:

6) Place water over the two lava blocks.

7) On top of the current layer, repeat steps 5 and 6 twice more.

8) Give the top a final shape that resembles the bottom.

9) Remove all dirt blocks. From the side, it should look something like this.

10) Use your flint and iron to create a flint and steel to light the portal.

Step 2: The Nether[]

First of all, gear up. With all the lava and the eerie hostile mobs, the nether is dangerous. Pack away anything unrelated to weapons and food. Equip yourself with following items:

  • 2 stacks with cobblestone or other block with blast resistance over 4
  • A full set of diamond armor, with at least Fire Protection IV.
  • A piece of golden armor (boots or helmet are recommended) to defend yourself against piglins
  • An iron or diamond sword
  • A bow and a stack of 64 or more arrows (if your bow is enchanted by Infinity, bring only one arrow)
  • Two pickaxes: a stone pickaxe for mining netherrack and a iron/diamond pickaxe for mining harder materials.
  • A stack of steak or cooked porkchop, or another good food.
  • Golden apples (optional) for emergency healing
  • Shields are recommended to deflect damage.
  • Potions of Fire Resistance to defend fire damage
  • Enter the Nether by standing in your portal. Dont forget to bring a flint and steel!
  • Look around. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Watch out for ghasts and other hostile mobs. Watch out for falling lava and holes in the nether landscape. Attention: If you have just begun this world and you are not familiar with many things of the Nether, do not go on. Head back and do more mining.
  • Explore the nether until you find some blazes. This requires finding a nether fortress as blazes do not spawn elsewhere. Each fortress can have up to two blaze spawners in them. Make sure to mark your trail so you can find your way back. It would be a good idea to use cobblestone, because ghasts cannot destroy it. If you need resistant building blocks and are running out of cobblestone, smelting some netherrack for crafting nether bricks can be a good idea, or if you are near basalt deltas biome, using blackstone or basalt can be good too.
  • Defeat them until you have at least ten blaze rods. The reason for that is that you will need at least 2 of those for finding the End. It is hard. The rest are for fixing the end portal and brewing. This task would be made easier if you had a potion of fire resistance, which requires 2 rods to craft a brewing stand and fuel for it.
  • Craft all the blaze rods except one into blaze powder. The intact blaze rod is used for a brewing stand.
  • Along the way, be sure to try and kill any wither skeletons that you may come across if you plan on later killing the wither.
  • Try to find nether quartz ore and glowstone, if you like to use redstone.
  • Try to get as much netherite as you can later on, as it is a very useful tool and armor material.
  • Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It


    How do you completely beat Minecraft?

    Because it is a sandbox game, Minecraft has no real conclusion. However, it is generally accepted that killing the ender dragon counts as “completing” the game.

    How long does it take to beat Minecraft?

    The average playtime for completionists comes to 328 hours. This may seem like a lot of time on its own, but a completionist run at a slower pace can easily take over 1000 hours on a single world.

    What is the fastest way to beat 2022 in Minecraft?

    Ways to defeat the End in Minecraft Bedrock and Java (2022) In Minecraft Bedrock and Java, defeating the Ender Dragon is the only way to defeat the End. The players cannot peacefully explore any other End islands until they have killed the Ender Dragon.

    Is there a goal in Minecraft?

    There are two primary game modes in Minecraft: Survival and Creative. In Survival mode, the goal…is to survive. Players are given the task of creating a world they want to live in by using its resources to build a home, acquire food, and create tools.

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