How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

Imagine that you have already built your starter base in Minecraft but are curious about more. In Minecraft, villages are populated, and you can increase it by breeding villagers. This improves trading in the game and adds some company to the vast world of Minecraft. We can assist you if you’re unsure of how to breed villagers in the game.

In various versions of Minecraft, this guide explains how to breed villagers and how to keep them safe from zombies. Additionally, you’ll find some responses to the most frequently asked questions about game villager and breeding-related queries.

To breed villagers in Minecraft, find two villagers you want to breed and get them in a room alone together in the presence of beds. Then, acquire enough food to give to the villagers. When you throw the food on the ground near the villagers, their “willingness” to breed will increase.

Villagers in Minecraft are very beneficial for your world. Therefore, you need to know how to breed villagers in Minecraft PE.

To increase the number of villagers on your farm, Minecraft players can breed them. They will assist you in creating more iron golem farms and emerald farms for your world. Because of this, you must understand how to breed villagers in Minecraft PE.

How to breed villagers in Minecraft PE?

You can use villagers for many purposes in Minecraft. They are very beneficial to some extent. In order to breed villagers in Minecraft or Minecraft PE, you must find a village, segregate two villagers into a room without a door, construct three beds for them, and then provide food until a baby is born. Then, you must wait for the villager’s child to reach adulthood.

Here is a comprehensive guide on breeding villagers in Minecraft PE.

  • Find A Village

The first step to breed villager is having villagers. As a result, you must locate a village and raise villagers there. You need at least two villagers to breed. In this game, the village is the best location to locate villagers. You can find many villagers in those villages to breed.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

  • Build A Room

After finding two villagers, take them into a room. As a result, you must construct a room for breeding them with a bed. You should construct a house to enclose them, though it is not required. Villagers will then remain in close proximity to one another and won’t go exploring. Leave the two villagers together in a room alone.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

Moreover, you shouldnt make a door or villagers can escape. A fence gate should be constructed to keep them from escaping. In addition, seal all windows with glass to prevent young villagers from slipping through those wide openings. You can build the house from any materials you have.

  • Craft Some Beds

At least three beds must be in the room for the villagers to breed. Create two beds for the two villagers who are breeding and a third crib for their offspring. Three wooden plank blocks and three wool blocks are required to make the baby’s bed. The baby villager will need a soft and small bed. They will have more children if there are more unclaimed beds in the room.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

  • Give Villagers Food

You must provide food for the villagers to eat while breeding inside the room. Collect these foods and throw them in the room. In the village, you can purchase potatoes, carrots, and beets. Farmer villagers often grow those vegetables in their villages.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

You can purchase bread in the game’s shop or find it in chests. You can also make bread using three bushels of wheat. Making bread is simple when using a crafting table. Harvest wheat from the community farm if you don’t have enough of it in your inventory.

  • Wait For The Offspring

All that’s left to do is wait for the baby village after all those steps. Place the villagers in a garden, then construct a house around it if you don’t want to waste time gathering food for them. Then, they can procure food on their own and keep it in their inventory. When the young villagers become adults, you must set up the appropriate workstations to enable them to become farmers, toolsmiths, or whatever else you desire.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

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What to feed villagers to breed them?

To allow villagers to reproduce, you can provide them with one of four types of food: three loaves of bread, twelve potatoes, twelve beets, or twelve carrots. You can either grow those foods and construct a house over the garden, or you can gather those foods and throw them into the trap room. The village gardens offer potatoes, beets, and carrots for purchase.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

Alternately, if you place the room on a garden of breeding foods, the breeders can gather food on their own. Each villager keeps a supply of food and other items in their inventory. They can collect food and do breeding works. Its also a way to breed villagers automatically.

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How long does it take for villagers to breed?

As long as you provide enough baby beds in each villager’s room, they can have more than one child. The length of the breed is determined by the villagers’ willingness and the time of day. The two villagers must be eager to reproduce and have children. Villagers will produce a baby every 20 minutes. Afterward, the young villager will mature and bear more villager offspring.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

How often can villagers breed?

Minecraft villagers can breed autonomously. Two villagers will stop willing to breed after mating successfully. Therefore, you need to make them willing to breed again. There is no set period of time in which villagers can start reproducing. It happens randomly. It can take place every 2 – 5 minutes. The housing situation and food source have an impact on mating as well.

How to breed villagers in minecraft pe

How to get villagers to breed fast in Minecraft?

In this game, you should add more extra beds to the breeding room to make the villagers breed more quickly. Then, the breeder villagers will breed automatically. Additionally, you need to construct a sizable breeding room with additional beds. Additionally, it is advised that you fill the breeding room with a lot of food. Then, breeders wont waste time picking up food by themselves.

Besides, you should breed them in the garden. Once they have consumed all the food you have given them, they can gather more food. Building a breeding structure around a garden is the best way to breed villagers there.

I hope this GuruGamer tutorial will show you how to breed villagers in Minecraft PE quickly and easily. These villagers will greatly improve both your farm and the world.

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How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft (Xbox PC Ps4 Bedrock MCPE)


Can you breed villagers in PE?

In any update that comes after 1 you only need to breed villagers. 14 is a large enough room with three beds, and after providing each villager with enough nutritious food, they produce a baby villager.

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