How to build a mountain house in minecraft

How to Build Simple Mountain House In Minecraft

A YouTuber named MAB JUNS (JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial) built this amazing mountain home. This spectacular home is situated on a high mountain. Even though this small, two-story mountain home only has two bedrooms, it still has a striking aesthetic. This Minecraft house is made inside of a giant mountain. Don’t worry; making this is incredibly simple, and you’ll enjoy it a lot. In order to provide you with comprehensive visual instructions, we have also included the full tutorial link. Are you now prepared to build your tiny mountain house in Minecraft?

Step 1: Layout and Materials Needed

Let’s first discuss the fundamental materials you’ll need to build this Minecraft mountain base. The full plan or design for the house we intend to construct is shown below:


If you want to build this Minecraft mountain house survival, gather all the necessary materials in a good amount from the list of materials provided below:


  • Spruce planks
  • Spruce Stairs
  • Grass Blocks
  • Stone Button
  • Ladder
  • Spruce door
  • Glass Pane
  • Oak Leaves
  • Dark Oak Sign
  • Oak Slab
  • Spruce Trapdoor
  • Oak Fence

For interiors and decorations you’ll need:

  • Lantern
  • Bookshelf
  • Crafting Table
  • Chest
  • Black Bed
  • Painting
  • White Carpet

Step 2: Find a Right Mountain


After gathering your materials, it’s time to choose the ideal location for your ideal minecraft mountain house. Decide which mountain you prefer, then begin to construct there.

Therefore, after finding such a location, you can begin the construction process.

Step 3: Build The Frame


Once you’ve located the correct mountain, examine the layout and begin to form a circle or frame. To make two circles, you can use spruce planks and stairs. Carefully finish the whole frame.

After this, extend the frame by one block. Just place another layer of blocks along with the frame. Now, free up some space in the frame. Start fracturing the rocks or mountain inside your frame. Go for only five blocks deep.


The second floor of the house will now be built, so you must construct the second frame. Therefore, carefully examine the layout and begin creating one frame that overlaps the one that is already there, as seen in the photograph.

Step 4: Add the Flooring & Ceiling


Once you’ve finished installing both floors, it’s time to install spruce planks in place of all existing floors, ceilings, and walls. Whether you want to do this while building the floors or after the entire structure is finished is entirely up to you.

Although spruce blocks were used in this example, you can always use other types of blocks. Experience a variety of structures made from different materials, including oak and quartz.

Step 5: Build a Doorway + Add Windows & Doors


First, you have to make way for your main entrance. You must do that on the first floor by breaking some blocks into an L-shape. Just make sure that you’re building this slowly and accurately.


Finally, the time has come to erect your Minecraft mountaintop home’s doors and windows. Although I’ve used fairly basic doors here, you can certainly use more elaborate ones.


There are two windows here, one on each of the first and second floors. Therefore, for the ground level, cover the frame entirely with glass panes, from the floor to the ceiling. But be sure to keep the outside from seeing inside.

Step 6: Design the Minecraft Mountain House Interiors


Now we’ll do the interiors and make our home luxurious and incredible. So are you ready for it? First, we’re doing the ground floor. So let’s start with the lighting and bed, aka the basics.

Ground Floor Minecraft Bedroom:


Place a few lanterns in various locations around your living or sleeping area. Place a double bed on one of the room’s sides after that. You could also create side tables and decorate them with lanterns or oak leaves.


To the right of your bed, position a chest and a bookshelf. Above them, place a safety fence. Create a table with some slabs and trapdoors after that, then place two chests on it.


We’ll be adding some landscaping here to create a beautiful interior. Use sandstones or oak blocks close to the bed area. They’ll also act as a carpet and look really pleasing. You can also add Tv or paintings in your interiors.


Lastly, install a straightforward ladder to access the second floor. Don’t forget to set up the lighting and fence for safety.

First Floor Minecraft Bedroom:


Now let’s create a second bedroom on the first floor. Here, the entrance is visible so that we can access the terrace outside.

Put a side table and a lantern on it. Place a single bed, a bookshelf, and a chest immediately behind it. Additionally, you can hang the oak leaves from your ceiling to add some greenery to your home. Last but not least, add a few sandstone blocks to the side of the bed as a carpet and some paintings.

Step 7: Finish the Outside


The last step is to decorate the outdoors. You can significantly transform your outdoor space by adding some simple lighting and decorations to the outside of the building. Now your house will look more eye-pleasing and luxurious.

Lanterns are used here as the primary source of building lighting, but you can alter it to suit your preferences. We tried to decorate the entire structure with just buttons and trapdoors. And ta-da… Your Minecraft mountain house is ready!.

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Keep Minecrafting!

You now understand how to construct a tiny mountain house in Minecraft. With this technique, you can essentially build any kind of hillside home or structure. Start with the smaller structures first, like this tiny Minecraft Mountain house. Avoid starting with the larger ones because you might end up with a mess. More importantly, your design should look realistic. It should appear like a real house, not like a fictional home from a video game.

I hope this step-by-step tutorial has inspired you to build a mountain house in Minecraft and given you some ideas. In order for other Minecraft enthusiasts to create the ideal Minecraft Mountain House, please share this blog with them if you find it to be useful.

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Minecraft | How to Build a Mountain House


How do you make the best mountain house in Minecraft?

Important momentsMake the plot at least Sor 6 blocks above the ground. Leave two spaces to place the water for the crops. For the windows to be at the proper distance and height, pay attention to the drawing. Now remove +9 layers. Replace the floor with planks. Replace the ceiling too.

How do you make a mountain mansion in Minecraft?

Let’s get building,Step 1: Layout and Materials Needed. Step 2: Find a Right Mountain. Step 3: Build The Frame. Step 4: Add the Flooring & Ceiling. Step 5: Build a Doorway + Add Windows & Doors. Step 6: Design the Minecraft Mountain House Interiors. Step 7: Finish the Outside.

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