How to Build a Wither Boss in Minecraft

You can always create your own wither boss in Minecraft by arranging the blocks in a specific way. When you’re finished, a wither boss will appear in the game and come to life.

The wither is spawned by placing 4 blocks of soul sand and/or soul soil in a T shape (see image on the right in the “Behavior” section), and putting 3 wither skeleton skulls on top of the three upper blocks. The last block placed must be one of the three skulls and can be placed by the player or a dispenser.

Three steps to Make a Wither in Minecraft

To create a wither, you can combine a total of 4 soul sand or soul soil blocks. Most of the biomes in the nether, including soul sand valleys and nether wastes, contain the common block known as soul sand. Try searching the area for a batch of soul sand if you have discovered a nether fortress or bastion remnants.

Another way to get a lot of soul sand is to barter with the piglins. For each gold ingot, you have an 8. 71% to get 2-8 soul sand in return.


Only the soul sand valley biome in the Nether dimension contains soul soil, another type of soul sand block.

#2 Obtain 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls

You must kill the wither skeletons in order to obtain their skulls. They primarily spawn in the nether fortress and are a melee variation of regular skeletons with a stone sword and a black texture.

On death, each wither skeleton drops a 2 and a wither skeleton skull. 5% base chance and up to 5. 5% chance with Looting III enchantment. But beware when farming them since they’re very dangerous!.

#3 Make a Wither

Place four soul sand or soul soil in the shape of a T as shown below, then add three wither skeleton skulls on top of the soul sand to create a wither.

Keep in mind that the bottom row’s two empty blocks must be empty. After you’ve placed your final skull on the soul sand, run away as quickly as you can because the boss is coming, so don’t put any grass, flowers, buttons, pressure plates, slabs, or, well, you get the idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily obtain four soul sand and three skulls in creative mode to create a wither. If you’re that lazy, just type the command /summon minecraft:wither to quickly summon the wither.

Why can’t I spawn the wither?

Check to see if any blocks near where you are building have a solid block in place. You should construct one block and spawn the Wither there for the best results. This will make sure there are no occupied blocks.

What is the point of fighting the wither?

One nether star, an extremely potent end-game item that you can use to craft a beacon, will be dropped by the wither when it dies.

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How to Make The Wither in Minecraft (All Versions)


How do you make a wither boss in Minecraft?

The Wither structure needs an open area to spawn the Wither, so why isn’t it? Check to make sure that it is not blocked on its side or top by any other solid or non-solid blocks.

Why can’t I make a wither in Minecraft?

Three Wither skulls and four soul sand or soul soil blocks are used to construct the Wither. In the Nether, particularly in soul sand valleys, soul sand and soul soil are simple to come by. Build a T-shape with your four soul sand blocks, and then place a wither skull on top of each block to spawn the wither.

How do you make a wither in survival?

You can additionally change the game mode to Creative, summon the Wither, and then return to Survival. Once in-game, open your chat console. Make sure cheats are enabled; otherwise, the following command won’t accomplish what it’s supposed to. Enter the command “/summon minecraft:wither” without quotations.

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