34 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft Survival for 2024

We all know that Minecraft is full of infinite possibilities, particularly when it comes to building, so if you’re looking for ideas for things to build, There is really no limit to what can be created with the proper blocks in the right quantities, types, and structures. The trick is figuring out what to build next!.

You’ll find 24 incredible Minecraft building ideas below to get you started, ranging from simple, useful builds like bridges and storage rooms to grand, beautiful endeavors like castles, towns, and skyscrapers. Browse the selections below to see if anything catches your attention.

Please take note that our page dedicated to Minecraft house ideas is a great place to look for inspiration for your next home!

If you find the right mountain, much of the landscaping work will already be done for you – but if you want to create one from scratch, you can do that too! That’s exactly how YouTuber “Shannooty” created the above volcano build, after all. What better way to make an impression on your Minecraft server?

To inspire architects to channel their inner medievalist for their upcoming construction project, check out this magnificent gothic castle constructed by YouTuber “Geet Builds.” A large, imposing, rustic castle is a builder’s dream, offering countless opportunities for design in the battlements, windows, archways, and other features.

It’s always a fun challenge to make a modern-looking build in Minecraft because you have to carefully consider the kinds of blocks you need to use. Why not attempt to build a realistic modern skyscraper like those shown above, made by YouTube user “Alpine,” for those seeking the ultimate challenge? Just be sure to obtain planning permission from nearby neighbors!

Although floating bases aren’t exactly a novel idea in Minecraft, they have endured because of how useful they are. If you prefer, you can enter Creative Mode and use mods like WorldEdit to build enormous floating mountain bases (more on mountain bases below!). Alternatively, you can make a sweet little floating island with a cottage like YouTuber “Rake” did (pictured above).

Ah, the bridge. Exceptionally useful, but also a chance to produce something truly stunning You can be as plain or ostentatious as you like, like many other builds on this list. A bridge might be the ideal mini-project for your most recent world if you don’t want to become bogged down with a large construction project. The bridge shown above, created by YouTuber “Zaypixel,” can be finished in a matter of minutes.

Nothing in Minecraft is more stunning than a magnificent ship on the horizon. The above ship was designed by “IrieGenie,” a YouTube user, and it has definite Pirates of the Caribbean vibes. However, you could use black sails with your ship, so they didn’t even use those. Additionally, it would look fantastic with the realistic water you get by installing one of the top shaders for Minecraft.

There are many things you can do with a nice tall lighthouse if you’re looking for a similarly nautical build. Since a lighthouse’s primary purpose in real life is to serve as a landmark, this is the ideal chance to incorporate your personal aesthetic into a build. You can act however you want as long as the top shines. View YouTube user “Meddi”‘s tutorial on building the aforementioned lighthouse if you need some inspiration.

Note: You should read our guides on the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds and the best Minecraft Bedrock Texture Packs if you want to give your most recent Bedrock world more life.

A cathedral may be even more imposing and opulent than a medieval castle, depending on who you ask. A cathedral is a massive piece of exquisite architecture that offers countless opportunities for creative designs, patterns, and block selections. I’ve walked around Winchester Cathedral a lot and been inside of it once or twice; the cathedral pictured above was recreated from that structure by YouTuber “Lanwan Builds.” It’s an amazing building, and one of these in Minecraft will be worth the effort you put forth in terms of sweat, blood, tears, and diamonds.

Like castles and cathedrals, the largest museums are tourist attractions in the real world, so they’re sure to draw attention on your Minecraft server. What better way to show off everything you’ve collected over the course of your Minecraft journey than to store it in a museum? Watch this YouTube video by the museum’s architect, “MegRae,” to see the interior of the building.

To make a truly amazing statue, you don’t even need to use any of the best Minecraft texture packs because the game’s default blocks already come in so many different types of stone. Building statues in Minecraft is a lot of fun because you can create statues of almost anything and make them as realistic or abstract as you like. For some inspiration, take a look at the dragon statue built by YouTuber “thebigbaron” above. If you wanted to add some extra sleekness, I bet you could create a similarly mesmerizing statue out of netherite.

Compared to when I first started playing, there is a lot more activity in the sea in Minecraft today. Kelp, sponge, fish, and blocks of brilliant and exotic hues Of course, there’s more to it if you want to design a really good-looking aquarium like the one above, built by YouTuber “Blorg The Saint”; just put it all together, house it in some glass, and you’ve got yourself an aquarium.

A pyramid is a great model for a mind-blowing Minecraft creation. A simple desert pyramid can be transformed into a towering behemoth like the one above by YouTuber “FallenQbuilds” thanks to its shape, which makes it simple to introduce and repeat patterns around the pyramid. There are some commands in Minecraft you can use to make life easier for yourself (or even better, WorldEdit), but there’s nothing stopping you from getting stuck in your survival world and building a huge pyramid instead!

Always look to real-world architecture for inspiration when creating Minecraft creations. The truly amazing creations are frequently the internationally renowned landmarks. locations like the Taj Mahal, which YouTube user “Vexel Design” recreated above Or the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, etc. If you’re in the mood for some landscaping, why not recreate the Grand Canyon or the Library of Alexandria (although that would require a lot of books)?

Why not build a brand-new base somewhere in Minecraft, an outpost from which you can explore uncharted territory? There are all kinds of wonderful ways that you can build into the side of a mountain or cliff, and what better place to make one than to embed it into the side of a mountain, so you can see and scout for miles around. The build shown above is just one of the concepts presented in this YouTube video by “Tentango.”

We’ve all probably built an underground base in Minecraft at some point or another. One of the simplest ways to avoid surface-dwelling mobs on the first night is to dig down and establish a subterranean camp. But why stop at a camp when you could build a vast underground base with everything you could possibly need, like YouTube user “Spudetti” did above?

Aquatic life is now much more interesting in Minecraft, as I previously mentioned, which makes the concept of an underwater base even more appealing. The above build from YouTuber “Zaypixel,” who also made the above bridge build, combines underwater and mountain base ideas by building into the side of an underwater mountain. There’s not much stopping you from creating an underwater base; just make sure you bring some ladders with you so you can stop every so often to catch your breath.

A beautiful farm can be found in any game, including Minecraft. Something about rows and rows of neatly arranged crops is very satisfying. There are many tutorials on how to create compact farms in Minecraft, like the one above made by YouTuber “disruptive builds,” if you’re looking for a more practical build.

Just look at that clock tower. It was created by YouTuber “IrieGenie” (who also created the ship build earlier on this list), and it explains why a clock tower is the ideal structure to construct in Minecraft. You get a clock tower when you cross a skyscraper with a cathedral, and the best part is that you can design it however you like. Who’s stopping you if you want a dark gothic clock tower that would fit in with a Tim Burton movie, or if you want to lean into the steampunk side and fill the tower with gears and pistons?

I dont know, this one looks sus. There is really no build that is less practical than a piece of 2D pixel art when it comes to the issue of practicality. However, there is also nothing quite like logging into your survival server to discover that your friend has “griefed” you by leaving a huge work of pixel art outside your home. The artist of the image above, “RocketZer0,” has published numerous videos on various works of pixel art to inspire you.

Few other builds on this list can manage to combine the grand with the practical in such a way as a good Nether Hub. The fastest way to travel long distances in Minecraft is by Nether, but you’ll quickly learn that it’s also a very dangerous place if you’ve ever tried to find ingredients for crafting potions or the supplies you need to engage in combat with the Wither. There’s no reason a Nether Hub shouldn’t look amazing, like the hub pictured above created by YouTube user “Kemit,” which should give you the confidence to travel for extended periods of time in the Nether.

Creating a storage room is one of the most useful constructions you could ever do. It all comes down to being practical and organizing your belongings so that you always know where to look for what you’re looking for. Check out the lovely storage room build above by YouTuber “TheMythicalSausage” and let yourself be inspired!

A full-size fantasy village or town is one of the most amazing things you can make if you’re a Creative Mode player (or team of players) looking for a truly massive building project. The “Varuna” design team recreated the town of Orario from the DanMachi series in the build shown above. It doesn’t get much more breathtaking as far as constructions go, does it?

Some of my favorite places to visit in the real world are parks and nature preserves, and both locations are fantastic for building in Minecraft. A nature reserve offers the chance to create a truly beautiful area of land and then populate it with foxes, horses, and any other animals you desire if you are tired of making large, blocky structures and prefer to build more landscape-oriented structures. Check out this YouTube video by user “Keralis” for ideas.

It can be incredibly interesting and satisfying for us game developers and level designers to create a PvP map or arena in Minecraft that is intended for players to fight in. You must consider more than just how everything will appear. You must also consider the balance of the sides, if there are any, the amount of surrounding cover, the presence of traps or drops that are impossible to jump out of, among other things. Additionally, you are free to alter the size and shape. The build shown above was created by YouTuber “Gamarudo,” who chose to use the classic gladiator arena strategy; however, you can create a PvP map out of pretty much anything you want.

This concludes our collection of cool Minecraft building ideas. If you’re looking for the ideal world to house your new creations, take a look at our list of the best Minecraft seeds. Alternatively, if you’d like more textures to experiment with, be sure to take a look at our list of the best Minecraft texture packs. More On Minecraft.

Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

The most well-liked structures to construct in Minecraft are castles. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to call their own castle home?

There are numerous things you can incorporate, including a wooden gate, a lava moat with a stone bridge, fountains, statues, gardens, and more. Additionally, if any mobs approach your base, you can shoot them with a bow from the top of your walls to keep them at bay.

If you want to build a Minecraft castle, I advise starting small and expanding as you need more space. Otherwise, you might give up on the project. There have been numerous occasions when I started out trying to build a huge castle but found it to be too much work and eventually gave up. Personally, I begin by building the castle’s outer walls, then I add a tower, then more towers, then rooms connecting those towers, and so forth.

Remember that castles can be anything from a tiny fort with a few connected towers to a massive walled city with incredible Minecraft fountains. Making a castle smaller in Minecraft Survival is definitely worth trying if you find that it’s too difficult.

How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

One of the best Minecraft building ideas for survival is to construct your own home. Create your own bedroom, closets, hallways, grand staircases, and other features. You can take it a step further and erect a stylish fence to surround your land, or even create an indoor garden inside your home!

Although the Minecraft house in the image is fairly contemporary, we also have other Minecraft house ideas.

How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

A town can keep you occupied if you’re looking for new things to build in Minecraft because there are so many different structures you can include. Although the most common building style in Minecraft is medieval, you could really use any style, including Asian, Viking, and more!

In Minecraft, constructing a town is as easy as assembling a number of similar-looking buildings and connecting them with roads. Placing torches or other lighting will prevent mobs from spawning and attacking town residents.

Consider building walls to keep out bothersome exploding creepers for even more protection (and another Minecraft building idea)!

Here are some additional Minecraft items you could construct for your town:

  • Bank
  • Hospitals (with a beacon for healing)
  • Storage Rooms
  • Underground Bases
  • Hotels
  • Town Halls
  • Court Rooms & Jails
  • Meeting or Trading Squares
  • Statues and Monuments
  • How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    To grow food for eating and cooking in Minecraft, everyone needs a farm. You could start a small farm with the necessities like wheat and trees and later add additional crops like pumpkins, carrots, and other things like that.

    Your own glass-enclosed Minecraft greenhouse, which uses natural light to grow crops, is a fun farm-related project. Animals and mobs would be kept out of the greenhouse, but you should still light it up a bit to prevent nighttime mob spawning.

    Making an indoor or underground farm is an additional option, but it will require more work. You must make sure there is enough light coming from torches, lanterns, or lamps because crops need light to grow. Because of this, setting up indoor and underground farms as automatic farms is frequently simpler.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    In order to create an underground base in Minecraft, search for a sizable underground ravine or use TnT to dig a sizable hole. Install windows in the walls, grow vines, and, if you like, add lava or water columns. Especially if you want to excavate larger areas for farms or tree growth, this one can be very labor-intensive.

    On a Minecraft server I played on a long time ago, there was a very cool underground “vault” city that was dug out by the players. There were lots of hallways with doors to rooms and a massive atrium with trees and a garden. It is possible to make secret Minecraft rooms and hallways as well.

    There are Minecraft modpacks available if you enjoy combining underground exploration with Minecraft modding; Stoneblock 2 is undoubtedly one of my personal favorites.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Find a jungle biome and construct your base there, or construct your own wooden giant tree and construct there. Watch out if fire spread is on though. To completely burn down your build, all it would take is one malicious player or fireplace.

    Building wooden bridges connecting various tree houses together is also a cool idea if you’re building up in the trees. However, if you are on a server with other players, this might make your home less private and more obvious.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    In Minecraft, gardens complement almost anything, including a town, a house, or even by themselves. To decorate your garden, consider using flowers, trees, gravel pathways, benches, and water.

    Although they make lovely garden focal points, fountains and lakes can be challenging to get the water to flow in the desired direction. If your garden has a lot of water, you can go fishing there in peace and tranquility in Minecraft.

    You can either grow flowers in your garden using bonemeal on grass or find them naturally all over the world. In Minecraft, some biomes have significantly more flowers than others.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    A large city with skyscrapers, paved roads, lampposts, parks, and sidewalks is typically a very difficult Survival Minecraft challenge, but if you have a lot of time or building helpers, it can be very rewarding.

    If you’re up to the challenge, others have successfully built a big Minecraft city in survival.

    Remember that cities tend to build in a repetitive manner (for instance, by adding numerous floors to one skyscraper). Downloading WorldEdit, one of the best Minecraft server plugins, will be very beneficial if you don’t mind a little “cheating.”

    You can copy and paste the same blocks repeatedly for free using these plugins.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Fountains can be simple or large and complicated. They are suitable as decorations for courtyards, gardens, and even interior spaces.

    Because of the modifications Mojang made to the way water flows, creating fountains is now more difficult and may require some trial and error to get the water flowing perfectly. Consider using glass or glowstone in the water as well as “steps” for the water to flow down.

    Make your fountain more visible at night by lighting it up as a creative minecraft fountain idea. Blocks like glowstone or redstone lamps can be used for this.

    Pretty awesome, huh? If you’re using lamps, you could even connect it to a daylight sensor so the fountain light only comes on at night.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    In Minecraft, creating a library can be extremely easy or extremely difficult.

    If you have a larger library, it is typically decorated with bookcases, wood, carpeting, and stained glass. You could also just decorate a small room in your base to make it an enchanting space. Use pistons to create some secret passages behind the bookcases for added amusement.

    Libraries are the ideal location for your enchanting tables (complete with all the books). For keeping up with the latest Minecraft enchantments, you can still construct a small library close to your storage room even if you don’t want to construct a large one.

    Potion brewing is another activity in Minecraft that is a little more mystical and has a connection to libraries. Consider creating a small basement, a hidden room behind a bookshelf, or simply an office where you can prepare all of your potions.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    It’s a good idea to get some Minecraft storage room ideas first, such as how to build your storage underground or how to use rows of chests, since you usually need to access your storage frequently.

    Storage spaces are crucial for any Minecraft house’s survival. If desired, they can be big, well-organized, and decorated. If you have the means, display your wealth by using pricey stones such as gold, diamonds, and emeralds as building blocks in your storage area.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Look on google for a photo of a famous landmark and use it as a reference for building something amazing in Minecraft. For example, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, and so on. Hint: if you travel a lot, pick the favorite thing you saw on your travels.

    Try to choose something that is a little less detailed or construct a more miniature replica of the landmark if you are playing survival-mode Minecraft. Building on survival might be difficult without the flying and infinite blocks on Creative.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Sandstone or sand is typically used to construct pyramids in desert environments. They can be constructed in other biomes too using a variety of materials, and they make a nice place for your Minecraft beacon (imagine the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, which is the pyramid with the light beam coming out of it).

    Pools, columns, and sphinxes can be used to decorate the exterior if you want to maintain the Egyptian theme.

    Most players find building pyramids in Minecraft to be incredibly simple, even in the survival mode. You simply need to create a really large square, then continue to erect smaller squares vertically until you reach the pyramid’s top.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    The grand entrance to a town, base, or other structure is frequently marked by an arch. They are entertaining to construct in Minecraft and can be made from basic resources like stone or even diamonds extracted during mining.

    On each side of the arch, placing statues from the game Minecraft is a common idea. Some examples are statues of horses, players, or mermaids!.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Building one in Minecraft can be challenging, especially when playing in survival mode, as there are so many beautiful churches and cathedrals around the world. They can, however, provide a busy and fulfilling Minecraft building idea.

    For inspiration, find an of a famous cathedral online for your reference as you build. Don’t forget the stained glass!

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    There are countless design options and numerous ways to construct a nether portal in Minecraft. Create a space specifically for your nether portal or construct one that is even larger and decorate it (nether portals can be much larger than the typical small size).

    Additionally, keeping your nether portal in a different room will keep any Minecraft monsters from entering it. I suggest using materials from the nether for construction, such as quartz, netherrack, nether brick, or lava. This will ensure that your portal maintains a nether theme.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Floating bases are not just for Skyblock, they can be one of the coolest things to build in Minecraft Survival! Build a large platform for yourself up in the clouds, bring up some construction materials, and start building a base up there. The original builder has a time lapse on YouTube which shows you how to build this particular floating base in Minecraft.

    Building a floating base is among our list of Minecraft survival challenges, but keep in mind that it can be challenging, especially at first.

    Make sure you have a secure way to descend, such as a ladder, a slime block to land on, or a jump to a pool of water.

    A floating base perched above the ground can also help you hide from other players if you’re using a pvp server. If the base isn’t too large, it’s a good way to maintain privacy.

    A fun way to begin a floating build is with Sky Factory (one of the modpacks on our list of the top Minecraft games to play in 2022).

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    To create a Minecraft dock, try creating a village on the water with wooden walkways connecting the buildings. You can quickly construct some anchored boats out of wood to decorate your Minecraft dock.

    Since there is always water nearby, Minecraft fishing from a dock is very simple. Great place to store your fishing supplies!.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Dig tunnels beneath the ground close to your base and fill them with a small amount of water. You can create a sewer system by adding ornamental plants like vines and lily pads or iron fence gates. You could also include minecart tracks for transportation if you want. In Minecraft, a sewer system can be a fun way to connect various areas of an underground base.

    Add hidden passageways with treasure for guests to heighten the sense of adventure. The use of pressure plates, levers, pistons, and other mechanisms could conceal these hallways.

    Even better, keep the sewers dark so that monsters can spawn there. Before entering, be sure to bring the best Minecraft weapon you can find!

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    A truly original and useful Minecraft building concept is a minecart subway system. Imagine how simple it would be to get around your city or between builds after constructing a subway.

    It can be as easy as excavating a lengthy underground hallway and adding “stops” or “stations” along the way with entrances to the surface world.

    To get a really awesome looking subway, you might want to grab one of the best minecraft texture packs! If you want to go more fanciful, you can decorate the stations like in the picture!

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    In a Minecraft garden, mazes made of leaves or hedging are simple to construct. They can also be made underground or inside buildings.

    Consider including traps and surprises with pistons that act as drops, shifting walls, and dispensers that shoot arrows for added fun. Remember to check out the reward crate at the end of the maze.

    To collect leaf blocks from trees while playing survival Minecraft, you must have the Silk Touch Enchantment!

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Building Minecraft statues is an excellent way to fill up empty space in a build that has a hallway. You could create statues honoring your favorite players, animals, mobs, or items.

    Statues, like the one in the picture, are frequently used to adorn grand entrances such as arches.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    Building a bridge is a great Minecraft building idea if there is a river or even a deep canyon close to your base. Decorate the edges and supports for the bridge and add some lighting as well.

    Use materials other than just dirt and cobblestone, such as copper, stone, brick, or wood. Your bridge can be as elaborate as the Golden Gate bridge or as modest as a walkway.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    If your base is near an ocean, a lighthouse in the distance glowing in the night is a cool decoration. Build your lighthouse out of white materials with a few touches of red (like concrete, wool, or glazed terracotta patterns) for a distinctive appearance because a lighthouse does not look very nice in a field or by a river.

    If you’re good with redstone, you can even make a piston-based system to build a revolving Minecraft lighthouse.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    In Minecraft, manually constructed boats made of blocks cannot be sailed. Manually built boats are typically made of wood blocks with woolen sails, though it does make for a cool thing to build. Your boat design can be as straightforward as a sailboat or as complex as a cruise ship with dining and sleeping quarters.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    You could easily keep an eye on your entire Minecraft base from the top of a skyscraper if you’re building a city with skyscrapers, so that’s a cool Minecraft house idea. If you don’t already own a skyscraper, this one might require a little more work.

    Keep your design contemporary and get design ideas from those New York City TV shows with penthouses for an authentic appearance. Consider including spaces that would be found in a real penthouse suite, such as creating a fun Minecraft kitchen for your penthouse.

    How to build awesome stuff in minecraft

    In Minecraft Survival, building clock towers for any town or even a modern city is fun (just think of Big Ben in London). They can be constructed using a variety of different building materials, such as logs, stone, or even the more modern copper blocks, and are typically very simple to construct.

    Even though it can’t tell you the time (unless you’re a redstone wizard), it still makes a lovely decoration.

    Constructing Buildings and Structures

  • Question When I post stuff, I make it look like an exact picture and then people say that I am a liar, that I didnt build it. What do I do? PreuxFox Top Answerer Just try to ignore people who say that. You know that you built it, and thats all that matters. Or you can tell them to give you an instruction to prove it, like replace a certain block with a block of wool, or put a sign post with their usernames on it.
  • Question What are examples of cool things to build in Minecraft? Community Answer Pick a mob or a structure and build it. Like a house built to look like a pig or you could make something like a rainbow sheep farm or pig racing stuff. You could even make a Minecraft village look a whole lot cooler by changing the design a little bit and adding different features to the houses. Or, you could even make a creeper shaped house or something similar.
  • Question How do I build a tree house? Community Answer Plant jungle saplings in a 4×4 square, and it will be a huge tree. Then make a ladder up, make a platform around the trunk of the tree, and you have a tree house!
  • Try not to make a huge build for a base on a factions server, as someone will most definitely raid it and destroy it for the materials while you are offline. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • If you want others to see your builds, you can upload a video and the map on YouTube to allow others to see it and play on it. You might become famous. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • If you are on a server, beware of griefers, and creepers. Both can destroy or damage your awesome build, but if you are the owner, you can use WorldGuard or simply make Mob&Player traps. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
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    Picnic Table

    You’ve got a place to sleep and a place to cook. All you need now is a place to dine out – in style! Once again, Minecraft player and master builder Eystreem has a great tutorial for building a legit picnic table in Minecraft.

    It’s even got a bright red umbrella!

    Seven campfires, a shovel, cobblestone (or any other random block to use as scaffolding), spruce trapdoors, spruce signs, three armor stands, oak fences, pistons, redstone activation devices (either the lever or the block), and four red beds (for the umbrella) are all necessary.

    The table will be made up of the remaining spruce trapdoors and signs, with campfires serving as the table’s seats. Making the umbrella in the center required the use of beds, pistons, and oak fences.

    Remember to extinguish the campfires with the shovel so that you can enjoy a “nice, rustic kind of log seat design that isn’t going to burn your butt,” as Eystreem puts it. ”.

    TOP 10 Redstone Builds of 2021! [Minecraft]


    What is the coolest thing to build in Minecraft?

    Top Things You Can Make in Minecraft (2022)
    • Castle.
    • Extended Nether Portal.
    • Rainbow Beacons.
    • Bee Farm.
    • Entire City.
    • Underwater Base.
    • Automatic Allay Farms.
    • Jungle Village.

    What are some crazy things to build in Minecraft?

    Minecraft: 10 Examples Of Awesome Things You Can Build
    • 10/10 Wizard Tower.
    • 9/10 Castle Gate.
    • 8/10 Underground Base.
    • 7/10 Redstone Secret Entrances.
    • 6/10 Underwater House.
    • 5/10 Giant Underground Farm.
    • 4/10 Hobbit Hole.
    • 3/10 Epic Treehouse.

    What are cool things you can do in Minecraft?

    Minecraft: 25 Things To Do If You’re Bored
    • 25/25 Find Ancient Debris And Make Netherite Gear.
    • 24/25 Build A Home In A Different Dimension.
    • 23/25 Play On Mini-Game Servers.
    • 22/25 Search For Ancient Cities And The Warden.
    • 21/25 Challenge Friends To Minecraft PVP.
    • 20/25 Find Axolotls.
    • 19/25 Hunt For Rare Items.

    How do you make good looking Minecraft builds?

    15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Minecraft Builds
    1. Create a building with a theme for each task you need to complete in 15/15.
    2. 14/15 Building Custom Paths To Connect Your Builds.
    3. 13/15 Add Smaller Features For Atmosphere.
    4. Custom trees are a fantastic way to instantly improve the appearance of a location 12/15
    5. 11/15 Put Some Time Into The Interiors, Too.

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