Minecraft: 8 Tips For Building An Underwater House

As the gaming community continues to grow, so does the demand for innovative games with unique settings and scenarios. Minecraft is one such game, and with its expansive 3D world, players have the opportunity to build extraordinary structures in unimaginable locations. One such challenge is building underwater – an ambitious task that requires an understanding of the game’s mechanics and a good sense of engineering. In this blog post, we will explore how to build an underwater Minecraft structure, from the basics of identifying the right location to the finishing touches of furnishing the space. Through this detailed guide, we will have you building an effective underwater structure in no time.

8/8 Pick The Right Spot

Players will have different opinions about where a good spot is and where isn’t in any home in Minecraft. You probably want to choose a location for an underwater home that is close to land because it makes the building process easier and has some lovely views.

If you’re looking for pure aesthetics, a coral biome is undoubtedly a great choice, while being close to an island or coastline is a good idea if you want a location that’s simple to set up. You do have a little more freedom when it comes to choosing the ideal location because building an underwater home is probably not something you should attempt right from the start of the game.

7/8 How To Get Rid Of Water

In an ideal world, youd use sponges to remove water. Although the blocks have been in the game for a while, they are very challenging to obtain in contemporary survival Minecraft. To obtain sponges, you must complete an Ocean Monument, or at the very least, kill a few Elder Guardians because they always drop sponges.

You can simply use sand or gravel to get rid of water blocks in the early game. To accomplish this, you must first construct the basic framework of your structure before dropping gravel or sand into each gap. You can then go through and remove all the sand after popping the building’s roof, leaving an empty air block.

The best material for this is sand because you can build a structure with it and let the sand fall from the top to the bottom without having to manually place each block.

We advise breaking this process up into sections because it is laborious. With sections, you only need enough sand for one portion at a time; you do not need to gather sand for the entire project.

Clearing out water[]

You must remove water from a sizable volume in order to create your base as an underwater bubble.

The conventional approach is to dig everything back out after filling the area with a falling block (sand or gravel). When all of the walls have been built, you can use this technique to cap them with solid blocks once the room has been filled. If you have plenty of slime blocks, honey blocks, or TNT available, those are good fillers because they can be instantly mined with just a fist and thus broken even when you are worn out by an elderly guardian.

As an alternative, you could fill it with a combustible material like wood planks, wool, or leaf blocks. After the burn is finished, manual cleanup will probably be required because fire does not burn evenly.

Sponge use is an excellent method for drying out large amounts of water. Sponges can be found inside ocean monuments. While it takes longer than swimming to dry out ocean monuments, you can avoid drowning in the event that you get lost in the monument by using the methods described above until you find some sponges. A sponge will absorb water when it is placed in a 999 volume centered on itself, turning it into a wet sponge. Bring down enough wood and cobble to build a workbench and a furnace to dry the sponges.

Larger areas can be divided into smaller ones with the help of fences, gates, doors, or anything else, and dried out in sections as needed.

A bubble base with glass, fences, or iron bars as its walls and ceiling provides an amazing view from both the inside and the outside of the base. A bubble base will be a beacon glowing beneath the sea for anyone who passes under the right circumstances.

It might be simpler to build a device to clear the water for you if you have a large, flat area to do so (see the Videos section).

How to Build Underwater in Minecraft Survival 2020


How do you build stuff underwater in Minecraft?

Although building underwater can be challenging, the benefits are great. If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, underwater houses are safe from the majority of mobs, can look amazing with stunning ocean views, and are relatively hidden away. But it’s not easy to construct your house underwater in Minecraft.

Can you build under water in Minecraft?

Construction methods for creating underwater structures and buildings already exist thanks to human exploration of underwater construction over a long period of time.

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