how to cancel caliber car wash?

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Please note that the manager will need to swipe the new credit card or type in the number if you update onsite. Once the new number has been attached to your account, you will use the last four digits of the updated card to access your account. Please note that Caliber does not store your full credit card number and will not be able to see your full credit card number going forward.

If you have purchased a membership onsite, but not yet signed up, it is easy to do so! Visit this website, click the “Register Here” tab at the top of the page, then enter in the information that is requested. Please note that “product code” is your license plate number. Once you have signed up, you will be logged into your account where you can make any edits.

We’re sorry to hear you were accidentally charged. Please talk to your local manager to get this remedied. Please note that she/he will need to run the credit card that was charged through our system in order to issue a refund. This is because we don’t store credit card numbers onsite in an effort to better secure your information.

Buy a new car or change your license plate? No worries! You can change that information by logging into your online Limitless account, or by stopping by your local Caliber Car Wash. If you choose to change this information, please provide staff with you name and old/new license plate number the next time you visit or let staff know you changed your plate online so they can connect the license plate reader to your vehicle.

Your month of washes starts on the day you sign up for your Limitless plan. That means that you’ll be charged your monthly rate on the same date the following month. We call this your anniversary date. For example, if you sign up on March 3, your next bill will appear on April 3.

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